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Event.png Bilderberg/1954 (meeting)
Bilderberg 1954.png
The 1954 Meeting
Date 29 May 1954 - 31 May 1954
Location Hotel Bilderberg,  Oosterbeek,  Netherlands
Perpetrators Bilderberg/Steering committee
Witnessed by George Barry Bingham,  Hugh Gaitskell,  Alcide de Gasperi,  H. M. Hirschfeld,  Guy Mollet,  Paul H. Nitze,  Etienne de la Vallee Poussin,  David Rockefeller,  J. D. Zellerbach,  Robert Andre,  Ralph Assheton,  G. De Beaumont,  Pierre Bonvoisin,  Robert Boothby,  Max Brauer,  Raffaele Cafiero,  Walker L. Cisler,  Gardner Cowles,  Clement Davies,  Jean Drapier,  R. Duchet,  M. Faure,  John H. Ferguson,  John Foster,  Oliver Franks,  Gerhard P. Th. Geyer,  Colin Gubbins,  Dennis Healey,  H. John Heinz II,  Leif Hoegh,  C. D. Jackson,  Nelson Dean Jay,  P. Kanellopoulos,  V.J. Koningsberger,  Ole Bjørn Kraft,  P. M. A. Leverkuehn,  Giovanni F. Malagodi,  Finn Moe,  H. Montgomery Hyde,  Roger Motz,  Rudolf Mueller,  George C. McGhee,  George Nebolsine,  H. Oosterhuis,  Cola G. Parker,  George W. Perkins,  Harry Pilkington,  Antoine Pinay,  Panagiotis Pipinelis,  Alberto Pirelli,  P. Quaroni,  Ludwig Rosenberg,  Paolo Rossi,  Denis de Rougemont,  Paul Rijkens,  Ernst Georg Schneider,  Joseph P. Spang,  M. P. L. Steenberghe,  P. H. Teitgen,  Terkel Terkelsen,  Herbert L. G. Tingsten,  H. Troeger,  Vittorio Valletta,  Andre Voisin,  M. Waldenstrom,  H. F. van Walsem,  Jean Willems,  Thomas Williamson

The 1954 Bilderberg Meeting was the first Bilderberg meeting. It had participants from European countries and the United States. All were male. It was held at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands.


In August 1956 Józef Retinger completed an account of how the group was set up, in which he tracks the group's origins to 1952. He reportedly approached H.R.H. Prince Bernhard, Dr Paul Rykens and Paul van Zeeland "with the suggestion that we should organize some unofficial and private meetings to discuss the difficulties and dangers which were causing us so much anxiety. To these meetings we would invite influential and reliable people who carried the respect of those working in the field of national and international affairs and whose personal contact with men at the summit of public activity could help to smooth over these difficulties."[1] On their advice, he approached a larger group of his friends, who met in Paris on 25 September 1952 and "discussed what could be done to improve American-European relations and on the initiative of M. van Zeeland we decided to set up a corresponding group in the United States."[1] Retinger went to USA in November that year and organised a US contingent, under John Coleman. Together they organised the list of guests for the 1954 conference.


The invitation of Mr. George C. McGhee

In mid April, 1954, the invited guests were sent personal invitations from Soetdijk Palace to "an unofficial international conference which is to be held in the Netherlands at the end of May" for "a candid exchange of views". They were signed by Prince Bernhard.


The eponymous Hotel De Bilderberg, which hosted the first meeting

The "Hotel De Bilderberg" is located in Oosterbeek, a small town near Arnhem, which was the site of a major World War II battle. Bilderberg researcher Tony Gosling has suggested that this may have been a deliberate choice, a reference to the deceit which deliberately prolonged World War II.


There were morning and afternoon meetings on all 3 days. On Saturday, 29th May, 10:00-13:00 and then 15:00-18:00. On Sunday, 11:00-13:00 and then 15:00-18:00. On Monday, 10:00-13:00 and then 14:30-18:00. "For reasons of convenience only the English and French languages" were used. The conference room was equipped for simultaneous interpretation into English and French. Secretaries were "made available to the participants on request to the Secretariat."[2]

Notes On Discussion Of The Bilderberg Conference

Subsequent Bilderberg meetings issued a formal conference report, but no such is known to exist for the original Bilderberg conference. Instead, a set of typed notes records 21 pages of opinions expressed at the meeting. These notes are exceptional in that they attribute names to the comments they record. Concern about privacy probably caused this policy to be amended, to that subsequent conference reports instead attributed comments instead to "An American", "A German" etc.

The Bilderberg meetings website (which is known to have ommitted certain items)[3] summarised the agenda as follows:

  1. The attitude towards communism and the Soviet Union
  2. The attitude towards dependent areas and peoples overseas
  3. The attitude towards economic policies and problems
  4. The attitude towards European integration and the European Defence Community



Ralph Assheton
Pierre Bonvoisin
Robert Boothby
Max Brauer
Clement Davies
Cola G. Parker
Denis de Rougemont
Dennis Healey
Ernst Georg Schneider
Etienne de la Vallee Poussin
Finn Moe
Oliver Franks
G. De Beaumont
Gardner Cowles
Alcide De Gasperi
George Barry Bingham
Gerhard P. Th. Geyer
Colin GubbinsBilderberg invitee and spook
H. F. van Walsem
H. M. Hirschfeld
H. Oosterhuis
H. Troeger
Hugh Gaitskell
H. Montgomery Hyde
Leif Höegh
H. John Heinz II
C. D. Jackson
Jean Drapier
Jean Willems
John Foster
John H. Ferguson
Ole Bjørn Kraft
Ludwig Rosenberg
M. Faure
M. P. L. Steenberghe
M. Waldenstrom
Giovanni Malagodi
George McGhee
Guy Mollet
Rudolf Mueller
George Nebolsine
Nelson Dean Jay
Paul Nitze
P. H. Teitgen
P. Kanellopoulos
P. M. A. Leverkuehn
Paolo Rossi
George PerkinsUS diplomat who went to the first Bilderberg.
Harry Pilkington
Antoine Pinay
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