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Canada (orthographic projection).svg
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg
Type nation state
Capital city Ottawa
Location North America
Leader Prime Minister of Canada
Justin Trudeau.jpg
Incumbent: Justin Trudeau
Since 4 November 2015
Subgroups Communications Security Establishment
Member of Global Counter Terrorism Forum, NATO, UKUSA
If tar sands are counted, Canada possesses the 3rd largest oil reserves of any nation state.

Canada is nation state in North America. It is the world's 4th-largest country by land area.

September 11th, 2001

A survey by polling firm YouGov of the Canadian population revealed 33% in favor of a Parliamentary review of the 9/11 Commission Report, with 26% neither for nor against, and 19% opposed.[1] Notwithstanding this, when such a petition was delivered by ReThink911 Canada, the Canadian government did not address this point, declaring curtly that it would "not tolerate the waste of taxpayer dollars by studying conspiracy theories".[2]


Canada has large tar sands, giving it the 3rd largest oil reserves[3]. In 2015, it produced 15% of the world's Uranium.

Canadian Genocide

Full article: Stub class article Canada/Genocide

A little known chapter of Canada's history was exposed by the Rev. Kevin Annett. He estimates that a systematic campaign of genocide, involving child abuse, deliberate infection with smallpox or TB, sterilisation and murder claimed the lives of over 50,000 native Canadians.

War On Drugs

25% of Canada's prison population is indigenous Canadians, an ethnic group which makes up around 2% of the Nation's population.  

Events carried out

2011 Attacks on Libya15 February 2011 - 23 October 2011Libya
Manhattan Project1942 - 1946


Bilderberg/196121 April 1961 - 23 April 1961
Bilderberg/196221 April 1962 - 23 April 1962
Bilderberg/196826 April 1968 - 28 April 1968
Bilderberg/198313 May 1983 - 15 May 1983
Bilderberg/199630 May 1996 - 2 June 1996
Bilderberg/20068 June 2006 - 11 June 2006
TWA Croatian Hijacking10 September 1976


Bank of Canada
Barrick Gold
Canada-Israel Committee- 2011
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Communications Security Establishment