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This property specifies the publication date of a document (or, for leaked documents, the date it was leaked)

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames in the Document: or File: namespace
  • Predicate:  Has publicationDate
  • Object:        Publication dates (type date)

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Page nameHas publicationDate
Secret trial1215
William Pitt1770
Nation state1849
Alexandrina Victoria1870
The Jewish Question1894
J'accuse13 January 1898
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion1 January 1903
File:The Geographical Pivot of History.pdf1 April 1904
The Machine StopsNovember 1909
File:US Money v Corporation Currency.pdf1912
Charles August Lindbergh1913
The War PrayerNovember 1916
Balfour Declaration of 19172 November 1917
The Jewish role in the early Soviet Regime1 January 1921
File:The Jews-Hilaire Belloc.pdf1922
Kellogg–Briand Pact27 August 1928
File:Waters Flowing Eastward.pdf1931
US/Deep state21 November 1933
Bronson Cutting20 May 1934
MacGuire Denies Butler Charges20 November 1934
File:Hitlers Peace Offers 1933-1939.pdf1940
File:Germany Must Perish.pdf1941
Corporate media/Mendacity1943
Woodrow Wilson1943
On the Protocols20 April 1943
George Orwell31 December 1943
America, Roosevelt and the causes of the war1944
Freedom of speech28 April 1944
George Orwell13 October 1944
Mind control1945
UN Charter26 June 1945
File:Hw-80-2.pdf1 November 1945
Politics and the English Language1946
Harry S. Truman1947
National Security Act26 July 1947
Lists1 October 1948
Nineteen Eighty-Four1949
NSC-6814 April 1950
File:The Nameless War.pdf1952
Operation Market Garden1952
Hastings Ismay1952
File:US-biowarfare in Korea.pdfSeptember 1952
Dwight D. Eisenhower16 April 1953
File:Unconditional Hatred.pdf1954
Psychological Warfare for the West: Interdoc and Youth Politics in the 1960s1959
Psychological Warfare for the West: Interdoc and Youth Politics in the 1960s1959
File:A History of The Marranos.pdf1959
File:The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich.pdf1960
Military-industrial-congressional complex17 January 1960
1936February 1960
Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs30 March 1961
Bernard Montgomery30 May 1962
Elie Wiesel1 December 1962
Malcolm X1963
Law16 April 1963
CIA Planned Coup2 September 1963
The Parrott Memo22 November 1963
Roy Kellerman22 November 1963
Nicholas Katzenbach on the importance of reassuring the US public about Oswald25 November 1963
1963 FBI Memo mentioning Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency29 November 1963
Limit CIA Role To Intelligence21 December 1963
Gulf of Tonkin Incident3 August 1964
File:Truth for Germany.pdf1965
The Zap Gun1965
File:Zap Gun.pdf1965
Slaughter in Indonesia 1965-665 October 1965
Slaughter in Indonesia 1965-661 November 1965
File:Pearl Harbor.pdf1966
Alfred Denning1966
Malcolm MuggeridgeMay 1966
File:Report from Iron Mountain.pdf1967
File:Advance to Barbarism.pdf1968
Countering Criticism of the Warren Report19 July 1968
File:Between Two Ages.pdf1970
Pentagon PapersJune 1971
John Lennon/Assassination1972
Electronic Espionage - A MemoirAugust 1972
The Denial Of Death1973
Big Oil8 June 1973
The First 9-11 Sceptic1974
File:Wall St and the Bolshevik Revolution.pdf1974
The Occult Technology of PowerJune 1974
Escape From Evil1975
The American Deep State1975
File:Church Committee - Congo.pdf1975
Mind control/Child Abuse1975
1975 WUBRINY Memo29 November 1975
Covert Action in Chile, 1963-731976
Otis G. Pike1976
File:Wall St and the Rise of Hitler.pdf1976
The CIA Makes the NewsAugust 1976
Old Sarum Secrets4 November 1976
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act1977
The Deep State and 9/111977
Paul Foot1977
Bitter Roots - The Bases of Present Conflicts in the Middle East1977
World Finance Corporation15 December 1977
File:The Controversy of Zion.pdf1978
Brian Michael Jenkins5 December 1978
File:CIA Search for the Manchurian Candidate.pdf1979
Roy Cohn1979
The Rossing File:The Inside Story of Britain's Secret Contract for Namibian Uranium1980
The Spike1980
Memo To Prime Minister - Your Merchants of Death Are Cooking The Books17 October 1980
File:Martin Bormann - Nazi In Exile.pdf1981
William CaseyFebruary 1981
Liberty LobbyApril 1981
Langemann Papers1982
Menachem BeginAugust 1982
Lone nut1983
Permindex - The International Trade in Disinformation1983
Strategy of tension1983
File:America's Secret Establishment.pdf30 July 1983
Their Will Be Done1 August 1983
Kincora Boys' HomeSeptember 1983
Oliver North9 July 1984
Oliver North9 August 1984
United Nations Convention against Torture10 December 1984
Hale Boggs1985
The Taking Of America, 1-2-31985
File:Acid dreams.pdf1985
Brazil (film)22 February 1985
File:Northumbria-Report.pdf9 May 1985
Oliver North12 July 1985
Arms for Libya1986
The Confessions of Rudolf Hoss1986
Genesis of the Morgenthau Plan1986
Le Cercle/Exposure1986
Transnationalised Repression Parafascism and the USSeptember 1986
The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds1987
Elie Wiesel - A Prominent False Witness1987
Extract from 'Written in Flames'1987
File:Secret Agenda.pdf1987
File:Critical Technology Assessment.pdfApril 1987
File:LetterStephanKock160689.pdf28 April 1987
File:LetterKockGeorgeYounger280487.pdf28 April 1987
MI5 and the Christmas Tree Files1988
Katharine Graham1988
How CIA Money Took the Teeth Out of SocialismMay 1988
Research Foundation for the Study of TerrorismNovember 1988
United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances20 December 1988
New York Accords22 December 1988
The Government Sector extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1989
Yonah Alexander, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1989
The Damage Was Done1989
The Pinay Circle1989
The Experts extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1989
The Security Industry extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1989
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1989
File:Damage.pdfApril 1989
File:LetterGeraldBull-PhilippeGlibert311089.pdf31 October 1989
File:LetterGeraldBull-PhilippeGlibert311089(2).pdf31 October 1989
File:LetterStephanKock131289.pdf13 December 1989
International Security Council, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
In Eisenhower's Death Camps1990
Ariel Merari, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Institute for Studies in International Terrorism, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Terrorism Research Centre, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
American Security Council, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Robert Moss, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Mackenzie Institute for the Study of Terrorism, Revolution and Propaganda, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
United States Global Strategy Council, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
The Private Sector, Institutes, Think Tanks and Lobbying Organisations extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Institute for the Study of Conflict, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Neil Livingstone, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Michael Ledeen, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Robert Kupperman, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Claire Sterling, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Rand Corporation, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Centre for Conflict Studies, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Nathan Hale Institute, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Institute for the Study of Terrorism, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Center for Strategic and International Studies, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Heritage Foundation, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Brian Jenkins, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Jonathan Institute, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry1990
Maurice Tugwell, extract from The "Terrorism" IndustryMarch 1990
National Forum Foundation, extract from The "Terrorism" IndustryMarch 1990
Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, extract from The "Terrorism" IndustryMarch 1990
File:TheBrusselsTrip.pdf6 March 1990
Daniel PipesApril 1990
File:LetterStephanKock160490.pdf16 April 1990
Walter Laqueur, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry12 May 1990
The "Terrorism" Industry12 May 1990
Paul Wilkinson, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry12 May 1990
Tiny Rowland – portrait of the bastard as a rebelAugust 1990
File:NYT Man Behind Iraq's Supergun.pdf26 August 1990
CIA Research Paper SW91-10076X - Intelligence SummaryNovember 1991
File:CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X un-redacted.pdfNovember 1991
File:CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X Redacted.pdfNovember 1991
File:CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X summary.pdfNovember 1991
October Surprise Memo4 November 1991
File:The Franklin Cover-Up.pdf1992
Mind control/Child Abuse1992
Fletcher Prouty1992
George Bush and the CIA In the Company of Friends1992
Mind Control and the US Government1992
Scientific fraud and the power structure of scienceJune 1992
Operation Gladio (film)10 June 1992
File:Did 6 Million Really Die.pdfAugust 1992
Douglas Hurd1993
Mind control1993
In the Name of the Father17 December 1993
John Ehrlichman1994
Don't Mention the War1994
Real Lives - Extract from Don't Mention the War1994
Northern Ireland Information Service - Using other people1994
Northern Ireland Information Service - Planting Stories1994
The British Media and Gibraltar1994
Northern Ireland Information Service - Background Briefing Documents1994
The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet RegimeJanuary 1994
The Committee1994
Cabinet Publicity Committee1994
The Maltese Double Cross - Lockerbie1994
Northern Ireland Information Service - Visits1994
Northern Ireland Information Service - Targeting Audiences1994
Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA1 February 1994
Stephan Adolphus Kock24 May 1994
Aerial combat18 November 1994
Stephan Kock - SpookDecember 1994
Jesse Katz20 December 1994
File:Final Judgment.pdf1 January 1995
The Mena Connection1995
Mind control15 March 1995
Whistler against the wind - Gerald James18 June 1995
File:A Relative Advantage - Sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club.pdf1996
File:Not Guilty at Nuremberg.pdf1996
Bill McCollum1996
The JFK Assassination - Conspiracy Phobia on the Left1996
File:Secret Power.pdf1996
The Atomic Victims as Human Guinea Pigs1996
Yvonne Fletcher - Death in St James15 January 1996
Yvonne Fletcher - Death in St James-215 January 1996
Gladio - The Secret U.S. War To Subvert Italian Democracy23 February 1996
Armed and Dangerous1 March 1996
My Millbank18 April 1996
Estonia: Sunk due to n-cargo?17 May 1996
United States, Canada, Britain: Partners in mind-control operationsJuly 1996
File:Owning the Weather.pdfAugust 1996
Michael Levine8 October 1996
Michael Levine8 October 1996
Jesse Katz20 October 1996
The Franklin Cover-up1 December 1996
Lockerbie - The Syrian Connection1997
Hong Kong and the Sassoon Opium Wars1997
Terminal Velocity1997
In Defence of the Indefensible1997
Reinstatement in HM Diplomatic Service6 January 1997
Lockerbie Bombing and my Reinstatement in HM Diplomatic Service29 January 1997
Allan Francovich Obituary28 April 1997
USS Liberty Incident8 June 1997
Le Cercle28 June 1997
File:Proof the Investigation is Politically Directed TWA Flight 800.pdf21 July 1997
The Long Secret AllianceSeptember 1997
Dark Alliance1998
File:Gestapo-Chief - The CIA & Heinrich Muller (1998).pdf1998
Social Psychology, Religious Belief, Censorship and the Holocaust1 January 1998
Meir Dagan1998
Our Secret Servants - The Shayler Affair1 January 1998
The Pedophocracy1998
Peteano bombing11 February 1998
The Canadian Connection To Lockerbie & Pan Am 10314 February 1998
TWA Flight 80027 May 1998
Colin Powell11 August 1998
The Octopus1999
Human rights1999
Group 131999
Operation Gladio1999
Circle of Power1999
Suppression of dissent in science1999
Princes of Plunder1999
File:Tranceformation america.pdf1999
Project Monarch1 January 1999
Thanks For The Memories1999
John Weir Affidavit3 January 1999
Midnight in the Congo30 March 1999
AfricaApril 1999
Democratic Republic of the CongoApril 1999
Streisand effect16 May 1999
File:USDOJ - Eyewitness Evidence - A Guide For Law Enforcement.pdfOctober 1999
File:King Family File Transcript.pdfDecember 1999
Bruce Schneier2000
Holy Smoke and Mirrors2000
Federal Emergency Management Agency2000
Operation Black Dog2000
Walter Pincus2000
Ed Wilson's RevengeJanuary 2000
David McGowan2000
Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower2000
Hakluyt22 March 2000
Hakluyt & Company Ltd22 March 2000
Echelon News April 200030 March 2000
Paddies Join Global Spy Network5 May 2000
Finders Keepers1 June 2000
File:The Holocaust Industry.pdf20 July 2000
Pity the ChildrenOctober 2000
God's Gun Speaks in Palestine20 October 2000
The linked deaths of Robert Maxwell and Georgi Markov - 29 December 2000
The linked deaths of Robert Maxwell and Georgi Markov9 December 2000
During the Revolution of 19052001
Before the 19th century2001
Alongside the Bolsheviks2001
In the 1930s2001
During the reign of Alexander I2001
During the Civil War2001
During the war with Germany2001
During the period of Duma2001
In the camps of GULag2001
Breaking Away From the Bolshevism2001
During the 1920s2001
In the Russian revolutionary movement2001
Emigration between the two World Wars2001
From the End of the War to Stalin’s Death2001
Jews and Russians before the First World War - The Growing Awareness2001
Massacres Against Palestinians2001
File:Israeli Embassy Bomb Appeal book.pdfJanuary 2001
File:The Big Breach.pdf2001
The birth of Zionism2001
Before the Six-Day War2001
In the Age of Reforms2001
During WWI (1914-1916)2001
The February Revolution2001
Accusing Russia2001
At the turn of the 20th century2001
The Exodus Begins2001
About the Assimilation. Author’s afterword2001
Financial system2001
During the reign of Nicholas I2001
After the murder of Alexander II2001
During 19172001
Israel simply has no right to exist3 January 2001
Tasmanian Minister Misleads Canberra about Fresh Evidence on Port ArthurFebruary 2001
HeroinFebruary 2001
Enrique Gomez-HurtadoFebruary 2001
The Killing Years in Ireland3 February 2001
A Brief History of Forensic Examinations of AuschwitzMarch 2001
US Role in Nkrumah Overthrow7 March 2001
File:MaleRapeInUSPrisons.pdfApril 2001
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Uncensored1 April 2001
William Cooper28 June 2001
Understanding the Moscow Coup of August 199124 August 2001
File:Containment of Soviet underground nuclear explosions.pdfSeptember 2001
U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army study10 September 2001
9-11/Israel did it12 September 2001
The First 9-11 Sceptic12 September 2001
Interview with Osama bin Laden28 September 2001
File:Israel and CB Weapons.pdfOctober 2001
Ariel Sharon3 October 2001
The So-Called Evidence Is a Farce10 October 2001
2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack12 October 2001
2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack13 October 2001
Zionist Terrorists Released by Mexican Attorney General15 October 2001
American Anthrax1 November 2001
General Hamid Gul - Interview26 November 2001
File:The War on Freedom.pdf2002
Voting fraud2002
Chabad Lubavitch2002
The Spoils of War2002
1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crash2002
Official narrative2002
Putin the Good Goy2002
Skull and Bones2002
Korea and the "Axis of Evil"2002
American Historical Association2002
Andreas von Buelow - Interview13 January 2002
Pulsed Strobe LTL Weapon at the London Ritz Hotel12 February 2002
File:Hasbara Handbook.pdfMarch 2002
Iraq Options 8 March 20028 March 2002
Manning Memo 14 March 200214 March 2002
Meyer Memo 18 March 200218 March 2002
Wilmshurst Resignation Letter18 March 2002
Peter Ricketts Memo 22 March 200222 March 2002
Jack Straw Memo 25 March 200225 March 2002
File:Koechler-lockerbie-appeal report.pdf26 March 2002
Robert CooperApril 2002
File:Traces of Tritium at WTC.pdf7 April 2002
Israel; Dark thoughts and Desperation7 April 2002
The Bomb Trigger on Pam Am 103May 2002
Coleen Rowley Memo21 May 2002
Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave Trade1 June 2002
Tactics of Organized Jewry in Suppressing Free SpeechJune 2002
Downing Street MemoJuly 2002
File:InfiniteInjustice.pdfJuly 2002
What Caused the WTC 6 Crater10 July 2002
Downing Street Minutes 23 July 200223 July 2002
Downing Street memo23 July 2002
Who Really Murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman?24 August 2002
The Israel lobbySeptember 2002
Pilgrims Society Address 200228 November 2002
Guatemala 1962 to 1980's2003
The Expulsion of the Germans2003
John Urquhart Cameron/Lockerbie Forensic Evidence Report2003
Bulgaria 1990-Albania 19912003
Italy 1947-19482003
Angola 1975 to 1980's2003
File:Ben-Gurions Scandals.pdf2003
Haiti 1986-942003
Ames and Hanssen Driven to Spy by Reckless Double Agent Operations2003
Understanding Jewish Influence 12003
Killing Hope Introduction2003
Uruguay 1964 to 19702003
Cuba 1959 to 1980's2003
Killing Hope2003
Iraq 1990-912003
Indonesia 1957-582003
Ecuador 1960 to 19632003
Afghanistan 1979-19922003
Determined on war - questions neither Bush nor Blair would answer24 January 2003
The Balkan Wars21 February 2003
The MI6 Bombings in Saudi Arabia1 March 2003
Ford-Zelikow email7 March 2003
British double agent who murdered for the IRA11 May 2003
UK Intelligence And Security Report, 2003June 2003
David Kelly Post-Mortem Report25 July 2003
This war on terrorism is bogus6 September 2003
File:CoryBreenBuchanan.pdf7 October 2003
File:CoryGibson.pdf7 October 2003
Alice in Wonderland1 November 2003
9-11/Compensation fund19 December 2003
The Power of Nightmares2004
File:Eavesdropping on Hell.pdf2004
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man2004
Global Strategies GroupMarch 2004
File:SECRET-KFOR Dossier on Xhavit Haliti.pdf10 March 2004
File:CoryNelson.pdf1 April 2004
File:CoryFinucane.pdf1 April 2004
File:CoryWright.pdf1 April 2004
File:CoryHamill.pdf1 April 2004
A young Russian boy28 April 2004
Is Martin McGuinness a British Agent?5 May 2004
Midge Decter21 May 2004
File:Understanding 911 and 911 wars.pdf30 May 2004
File:UNMIK Forensic Report Organ Trafficking Kosovo.pdf18 June 2004
Invasion of Saudi Arabia9 July 2004
9-11/Commission/Report22 July 2004
File:The Use of Terrorism to Construct World Order.pdf9 September 2004
The use of terrorism to construct world order10 September 2004
Shea Memorandum15 September 2004
"Setting Up" Libya For The Lockerbie Bombing - Part 215 September 2004
Setting Up" Libya For The Lockerbie Bombing - Part 115 September 2004
Karl Rove17 October 2004
E-mail from Kevin Ryan to Frank Gayle11 November 2004
File:Pilgrims.pdfDecember 2004
Secret Warfare - Gladio17 December 2004
Conjuring Hitler - Preface2005
Nato's Secret Armies2005
File:Stalin's willing executioners.pdf2005
File:FBI Report - Terrorism 1980-2005.pdf2005
Sins of Statecraft - The War on Terror Exposed2005
Masters of Persuasion2005
File:Harold Pinter Nobel Prize address 2005.pdf2005
Mind control2005
Impact and Future of Holocaust Revisionism1 January 2005
File:Israeli embassy case.pdf1 January 2005
The Kiss of Death2005
Conjuring Hitler - Chapter 62005
Irish government shocked at shooting by British Army3 January 2005
Streisand effect5 January 2005
Three Shattered Myths26 January 2005
That's Outrageous1 March 2005
File:2005 03 01 PUB Intelligence and Security Committee Report.pdf1 March 2005
Medical Challenge to the David Kelly Suicide Verdict14 March 2005
File:US Nuclear weapons in Europe.pdf15 March 2005
File:ZFacts 2005 03 15 Joint Nuclear Operations.pdf15 March 2005
Re-living the war in an Irish Town17 April 2005
Due process and the Kelly inquest30 April 2005
Conjuring Hitler20 May 2005
File:Affaire Williamson.pdf22 May 2005
Cabinet Office Briefing Paper 21 July 200212 June 2005
Iraq-Legal Background19 June 2005
File:Security Terrorism and the UK.pdf1 July 2005
Why the CIA went astray over Abu Omar6 July 2005
1980 Massacre in Bologna6 July 2005
Peter Power7 July 2005
Peter Power7 July 2005
Robin Cook8 July 2005
The struggle against terrorism cannot be won by military means8 July 2005
A Perfect Conspiracy22 July 2005
Inteview with Michael Smith27 July 2005
An Inconvenient Patriot15 August 2005
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"Security Arc" forms amidst Mideast terror +21 December 2013  +


02 08 07 ipcc stockwell.pdf +July 2007  +


10 Ways We Are Being Tracked Traced and Databased +10 July 2010  +
15 times when Jeremy Corbyn was on the right side of history +29 July 2015  +
1936 +February 1960  +
1963 FBI Memo mentioning Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency +29 November 1963  +
1975 WUBRINY Memo +29 November 1975  +
1980 Massacre in Bologna +6 July 2005  +
1984.pdf +1949  +
1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crash +2002  +


2001 Anthrax attacks +September 2008  +
2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack +12 October 2001  +
2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack +13 October 2001  +
2005 03 01 PUB Intelligence and Security Committee Report.pdf +1 March 2005  +
2010 07 06 PUB David Cameron letter to Peter Gibbs re Torture Inquiry .pdf +6 July 2010  +
2010 07 06 PUB New Government Guidelines on Torture - additional information .pdf +6 July 2010  +
2010 07 06 PUB New Government Guidelines on Torture .pdf +6 July 2010  +
2010 07 09 Reprieve letter to Prime Minister Cameron re Torture Inquiry.pdf +9 July 2010  +
2010 07 14 PUB Binyam Mohamed Civil Case - Claimaints Skeleton Argument 2.pdf +14 July 2010  +
2010 07 14 PUB Binyam Mohamed Civil Case - Claimaints Skeleton Argument.pdf +14 July 2010  +
2010 07 14 PUB Binyam Mohamed Civil Case - Fourth Witness Statement of Sapna Malik.pdf +14 July 2010  +
2010 07 14 PUB Binyam Mohamed Civil Case - Secret Services Memos Exhibit 19.pdf +14 July 2010  +
2010 07 14 PUB Binyam Mohamed Civil Case - Secret Services Memos Exhibit 20.pdf +14 July 2010  +
2010 07 14 PUB Binyam Mohamed Civil Case - Secret Services Memos Exhibit 21.pdf +14 July 2010  +
2010 07 14 PUB Binyam Mohamed Civil Case - Secret Services Memos Exhibit 22.pdf +14 July 2010  +
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