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Person.png Danny Casolaro   ISGPRdf-icon.png
(magazine owner, writer, researcher)
Danny Casolaro.jpg
Born Joseph Daniel Casolaro
Died 1991-08-10 (Age 44)
Room 517, Sheraton Hotel, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Nationality American
Alma mater Providence College
Children Trey Casolaro
Spouse Terrill Pace
Victim of premature death
Interests • The Cabal
• Deep Politics
• Inslaw
• October Surprise Conspiracy

Danny Casolaro was a researcher and journalist who, prefiguring the fate of Sunny Sheu, suffered a very bloody end very soon after announcing that he was about to implicate powerful people.


Casolaro was found dead in a hotel bathtub, seemingly having slit his wrists and bled to death. The New York Times reported that this was "tentatively ruled a suicide".[1] However, friends, family and some investigators immediately doubted this verdict. The large accordion file with Casolaro’s notes and evidence was missing. Casolaro had also been complaining to friends about anonymous death threats he had been receiving. On one occasion, his housekeeper fielded multiple calls in the space of a few hours, one in which a voice said he was going to cut Casolaro’s body up and “throw it to the sharks”.[2]

A video by James Corbett

Medical concerns

Paramedics and medical professionals found problematic details in the "suicide". One pathologist who studied the autopsy noted the lack of hesitance marks and the savage, deep nature of the cuts to Casolaro’s wrists as been highly unusual. This was echoed by an attending paramedic who told investigators — “I’ve never seen such deep incisions on a suicide… I don't know how he didn't pass out from the pain after the first two slashes.” The toxicology report also came under scrutiny. Antidepressants were found in Casolaro’s blood, yet he had no history of depression and had never been prescribed the drugs.[2]


A 6 actor play, Danny Casolaro Died For You was based on his life story.[3][4]


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