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Group.png The Enterprise
Founder George H. W. Bush
Type • secret
• criminal
Interest of Christic Institute
Membership Oliver North
George H. W. Bush's sprawling criminal network of thousands of people in key positions across USA.

The Enterprise was, writes Mark Gorton "a massive 5000 person large hierarchical criminal organization with George H. W. Bush as its CEO."[1]


The title of this group comes from the lips of Oliver North.


Drug Trafficking

Full article: Rated 4/5 CIA/Drug trafficking

The cover-up of "Iran-Contra" involved a purge of hundreds of mid level deep state operatives as described by Al Martin in Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider.[citation needed]

Savings and loan fraud

Full article: Savings and loan fraud

Insider trading

Insurance fraud

Money laundering


The most lasting legacy of The Enterprise is the wholesale corruption of large swathes of US Congress.[1]


An event carried out

Operation Watchtower

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TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Collateral Damage 911report1 September 2010E. P. HeidnerHow 9/11 buried "the biggest financial crimes in history". An analysis of the highly complex web of US/UK covert operations and criminal banking activities going back to WW2, suggesting Western complicity in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent looting of Soviet industry. The ostensible settlement/roll-over for these instruments were dated through September 2001 and would have clinched several high-level criminal investigations had they been allowed to settle normally.

Related Quotation

George H. W. Bush“The Enterprise was a massive 5000 person large hierarchical criminal organization with George H. W. Bush as its CEO. The Enterprise was a multifaceted criminal conglomerate that ran a large number of criminal activities including: drug trafficking, arms trafficking, savings and loan fraud, securities fraud, oil and gas fraud, insurance fraud, and real estate fraud. Embedded within the national security infrastructure and protected from prosecution by corrupted enforcement agencies like the SEC, FBI, DEA, ATF, etc., The Enterprise embarked on a massive criminal romp.”George H. W. Bush
Mark Gorton


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