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(filmmaker, activist)
A maker of top notch films.

Scott Noble describes himself as a "writer, filmmaker and wage slave". Since 2010 he has making a range of films which ask tough questions dodged by commercially-controlled media.[1]


Scott Noble's aunt, Nancy Noble, was a victim of CIA-sponsored mind control research as a teenager. She never recovered.[2]

Critical reception

John Stauber stated that Scott Noble was "brilliantly pioneering the new filmmaking."[3]


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Scott Noble's films are made available for free on the internet from Although he has not released a film since 2013, he is still very much active. He explains the hiatus by an upgrade to film quality; all future films will be produced in HD, so he has had to re-interview people and establish a library of higher quality film cuts.

In Production

  • Plutocracy: Political repression in the USA






A Document by Scott Noble

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
Document:Counter-Intelligence: Spying Deters Democracyinterview7 July 2014Deep state
Intelligence agency


Quotes by Scott Noble

Adam Curtis“Curtis is an extremely talented filmmaker with an immense repository of archival footage at his disposal (some of which I utilized in Psywar), and he puts out a great product. But I also find that he tends to exaggerate the importance of particular individuals, groups and fanciful ideas in lieu of basic class analysis; he also appears to self-censor, often at critical junctures. I don’t recall seeing the slightest hint of skepticism about the official story of September 11th in The Power of Nightmares.”28 July 2011
Plausible deniability“Everyone is trying to create a disjuncture between the initial order and the operation”7 July 2014Document:Counter-Intelligence: Spying Deters Democracy
Plausible deniability“Intelligence officers try very hard not to get their hands dirty.”7 July 2014Document:Counter-Intelligence: Spying Deters Democracy
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