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Event.png Wikileaks/Vault 7 (leak)
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Date 7 March 2017 - Present

Wikileaks' Vault 7 is a series of documents that WikiLeaks began to release on 7 March 2017. It was followed up by Wikileaks/Vault 8 which released source code of some of these exploits.


Vault 7 revealed that CIA malware has been infecting Wi-Fi routers since 2007[1] and that at least since 2012 it has had a simple tool to try to collect data from air gapped computers.[2]

Their abilities to hack into vehicles allow them to carry out “nearly undetectable assassinations”, as Wikileaks put it, re-igniting debate about the fate of Michael Hastings who died in a single vehicle car crash in which he sped up and drive into a tree.[3]


The Register accused Wikileaks of "spinning" some of the data from Vault 7.[4]