Operation Demagnetize

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Event.png Operation Demagnetize (strategy of tension,  subversion) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date1948 - 1980s?
PerpetratorsCIA, Propaganda Due
Description"The institutional hardening of Gladio", an expansion of Gladio in the late 1940s, early 1950s.

Operation Demagnetize strategy of tension that has been described as "the institutional hardening of Gladio".[1]


Operation Demagnetize was a secret project of Central Intelligence Agency in Italy and France. It started in 1948, but the exact end is not known. The aim of the operation was to reduce the growing influence of the Communist Party in both countries, specifically to prevent their electoral success. Given the influence of the communist parties in the Italian and French Governments, it aimed to reduce the influence of labor unions. This seemed particularly urgent as in Italy in 1948, as a victory of the Italian Communist Party loomed.

Modus Operandi

The CIA used among other things its close contacts with the Italian secret services, especially for military intelligence Servizio Informazioni Forze Armate (SIFAR), whose construction took place under the guidance of the CIA and coordination of NATO. Among other things, by the massive financial and logistic help of the CIA favored by their DC (Christian Democrats - Christian Democratic Party of Italy) help it to achieve a dominant position and assisted formation of coalitions.

False flag terror

Demagnetize continued until at least the 1980s, carrying out a range of complex intelligence operations in Italy. The constant core element was the discrediting of the Communist Party and left politics by the claiming that "left extremists" had committed acts of "terrorism". Most (if not all?) of These (see Red Brigades).

Gladio connections

Full article: Propaganda Due

The Propaganda Due masonic lodge was heavily involved, and were other Gladio assets. Collaboration included influential Italian deep state elements, including politicians, spooks, military leaders, businessmen and the corporate media. This Gladio connection means that in contrast to most CIA operations abroad, operation demagnetaize is well documented, since the exposure of Gladio in the 1990s turned up a number of documents and testimony about it.



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