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(spook, deep politician)
William Colby.jpg
Born William Egan Colby
St. Paul, Minnesota
Died 1996-04-27 (Age 76)
Rock Point, Maryland
Alma mater Princeton University, Columbia Law School
Religion Roman Catholic
Children 5 children w/Heinzen
Spouse Barbara Heinzen
Member of Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Knights of Malta, Le Cercle

CIA.svg Director of Central Intelligence Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
September 4, 1973 - January 30, 1976
Preceded by James R. SchlesingerVernon A. Walters
Succeeded by George H. W. Bush
The 10th DCI, who died in a suspicious boating accident. Appointed as "a professional who would not make waves."

Employment.png Head of Clandestine Branch?

In office
1973 - September 1973
Appointed by James Schlesinger

Employment.png Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Plans

In office
March 2, 1973 - August 24, 1973


William Colby who was the CIA station chief in Saigon during the Vietnam war. He was the de facto architect of the Phoenix Program that accounted for perhaps 20,000 deaths between 1968 and 1971.[1]


On Saturday, April 27, 1996, Colby died in what Wikipedia says "appears to be a boating accident" near his home in Rock Point, Maryland.

Official narrative

The Maryland state coroner ruled that Colby had suffered either a heart attack or a stroke and then fallen into the water and drowned.[2] Most of Colby's family and his biographer viewed a suicide as completely inconsistent with his character. However, in a biographical documentary developed by his son Carl Colby, he speculated that Colby had simply "...had enough of this life."[3][4]

Foul play

Some have suggested that since Colby was revealing information which was damaging to the CIA, his death may have been a CIA damage limitation exercise.[5]. The boating accident story has been termed a "highly suspicious death",[6] even "laughable".[7]


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