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Internationally famous leaks site that has published millions of classified and other documents.

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"We open governments."

Started: 4 October 2006
Wikipedia: Wikileaks (Protected)
Founder: Julian Assange
Owner: Sunshine Press
In its own words:
"WikiLeaks is a multi-jurisdictional public service designed to protect whistleblowers, journalists and activists who have sensitive materials to communicate to the public. Since July 2007, we have worked across the globe to obtain, publish and defend such materials, and, also, to fight in the legal and political spheres for the broader principles on which our work is based: the integrity of our common historical record and the rights of all peoples to create new history. [1]"
Constitutes: :Leak website, :Limited Hangout

Main focus: whistleblowers

Wikispooks Comment

WikiLeaks has released millions of secret documents from countries around the world. Most are easily available on the Wikileaks site, [2] and make it a gold-mine of information for journalists working on stories that are crying out for public scrutiny. It is a sad reflection on the Western commercially-controlled media - subservient as it is by its very nature to the official narrative - that to date (August 2010) their efforts can be summarised as something close to "tut-tut, this is dangerous and must be brought under control - or stopped".

That said, it should be born in mind that ANY web site seen as potentially subversive to established authority and the official narrative, will quickly attract the attention of the SIS's once its readership and apparent influence reaches a certain threshold. Such attention can take many forms but will likely start with simple monitoring, before progressing through attempts at infiltration and/or co-option and the planting of information, to other less subtle forms of the spy's tradecraft, should they become necessary in pursuit of Establishment hidden agendas.

Articles and other information about the Wikileaks Afghan War Diaries

Broadly supportive

There is an extended series of articles by Arthur Silber on his "Once Upon a Time" blog [3] in ardent support of Wikileaks which repay careful study. They also contain copius links to further information.

Wikileaks as a 'Limited Hangout' or 'is being used by Shhh you know who'

Webster Tarpley has put forward a solid argument that Wikileaks is a limited hangout.[5]

Puffed up outrage clearly in service to the official narrative

On the face of it the organisations listed here are bona-fide Establishment critics/dissidents. The problem is that they are large NGO's which, like Wikileaks itself, wiil ALWAYS be targets of the SIS's. The longer they are established, the more likely and thorough the penetration. In the case of Reporters Without Borders there is ample evidence of their complicity in furthering covert Western agendas in third world countries - especially Cuba and Venezuela

Deep Background Information on Wikileaks

  • This is a Google search of the Cryptome site. Cryptome has the most detailed and insightful inside track on Wikileaks of pretty well any other source. John Young, its operator, was the original registrant of the Wikileaks domain name. He resigned from further involvement with Wikileaks over its fund-raising ambitions and the full story of those early days is available from the links produced by this search.

WikiSpooks Acknowledgement

WikiLeaks was a major source of content and inspiration when setting up the WikiSpooks site. It remains a recommended site when researching WikiSpooks articles.

Some high-profile WikiLeaks leaks

CIA project to bolster European support for the Afghan War

On 26 March 2010, Wikileaks posted a classified CIA analysis of possible PR-strategies to shore up public support in Germany and France for continued war in Afghanistan. After the Dutch government fell on the issue of dutch troops in Afghanistan in April 2010, the CIA became worried that similar events could happen in the countries that post the third and fourth largest troop contingents to the ISAF-mission. The proposed PR strategies focus on pressure points that have been identified within these countries. For France it is the sympathy of the public for Afghan refugees and women. For Germany it is the fear of the consequences of defeat (drugs, more refugees, terrorism) as well as for Germany’s standing in NATO. The memo is a recipe for the targeted manipulation of public opinion in two NATO ally countries, written by the CIA. It is classified as Confidential / No Foreign Nationals.

The document provides detailed insights into the covert world of intelligence sponsored propaganda [6]

The 'Collateral Murder' video

On 5th April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks released a classified US military video depicting three airstrikes from a US Apache helicopter on July 12, 2007 in New Baghdad, Iraq. At least eighteen people were killed in the airstrikes, including two journalists working for Reuters, Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen. [7]

The video was recorded by the gunsight camera on an Apache helicopter, identified as Crazyhorse 18, and is accompanied by the radio communications of the helicopter gunmen as they communicate with their commanders and troops on the ground.

This video was amongst 1/4 million classified US Diplomatic cables leaked by 22 year old Bradley Manning.

The 'Afghan War Diary' reports

25th July 2010 5:00 PM EST WikiLeaks has released a document set called the Afghan War Diary, an extraordinary compendium of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010. [8]

The reports, while written by soldiers and intelligence officers, and mainly describing lethal military actions involving the United States military, also include intelligence information, reports of meetings with political figures, and related details.

The reports cover most units from the US Army with the exception of most US Special Forces' activities. The reports do not generally cover top secret operations or European and other ISAF Forces operations.

  • Detailed data-searching and reading guides together with a map pinpointing each reported incident is available on a separate page [9]
  • Diary Dig is a separate, non-Wikileaks, site with comprehensive facilities to search and browse the entire database by any of the fields (categories) in the original data files [10]: is an independently produced website which provides an easy way to search through the Afghan War Diaries, which were made public by Wikileaks on 25th July 2010. The documents are a set of over 76,000 reports (with more coming in the future) which cover the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2009. [10]

You can browse through all of the documents that have been released, organized by type, category, date, number of casualties, and many other properties. From any document page, clicking on the green underlined text will open a popup that links to other documents that contain those phrases, making it possible to see important search terms and connections that you might not otherwise notice.

Our hope is that this tool will be helpful to reporters and researchers who are interested in learning more about the US's war in Afghanistan and making sense of this important database. If you wish to support this work, we encourage you to make a donation to wikileaks or the Bradley Manning legal defense fund. [11]

  • Afghanistan and Pakistan Violent Event Analysis using ACLED and Wikileaks Data [12]. This site contains pdf's of two thorough statistical analyses of the data contained in the 'Afghan War Diaries' leaked data.

'Afghan War Diaries' site mirror

From Cryptome :-

The Wikileaks Afghan War Diary files deserve very close study. The contaminating news reports, condemnations and 'blogwash' need to be surpassed. The WikiLeaks site is heavily loaded and slow. To ease the load and for a quicker download, Cryptome offers mirrors of the now digitally-hashed compressed file packages which were downloaded 27 July 2010, at about 4:40PM. [13]


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Documents sourced from Wikileaks

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Guantanamo SOP Confirms Psychological TorturearticleGuantanamo Bay detention camp
17 November 2007Stephen Soldz
Julian Assange
Standard operating procedures for military personnel running the Guatanamo Bay military prison confirm that the rules governing the treatment of its inmates amounts to systematic torture
Nyet means Nyetdiplomatic communicationUkraine
The Great Game
Ukraine coup 2014
1 February 2008William Joseph BurnsFebruary 2008 classified diplomatic cable from US ambassador to Russia William J Burns to the State Department about how Russia views NATO involvement in Ukraine
Rudolf Elmer files against Swiss banking secrecy at ECHRlegal documentBanking14 May 2008Rudolf Elmer
File:TPP-Investment-Chapter.pdfdraft chapterTrans-Pacific Partnership26 March 2015Official bureacracyThe investment chapter draft of the proposed TPP Treaty
File:WikiLeaks-Australian-suppression-order.pdflegal documentAustralia
National security
19 June 2014Australia Supreme CourtAustralian Supreme Court secret super-injunction preventing the publication of information about a corruption case involving 17 named individuals including senior Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese politicians and Reserve Bank of Australia directors


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