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AbbreviationWHO, OMS
Parent organizationUN
HeadquartersGeneva, Switzerland
LeaderWorld Health Organization/Director-General
TypeSpecialized agency of the United Nations
Member ofGlobal Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact

Official narrative

A specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health.

1964 Declaration of Helsinki

The World Health Organization's Declaration of Helsinki in 1964 gave legal force to the sentiment expressed by the 1946 Nuremberg Code, that to be ethical medical research should not seek to harm its subjects and should seek their informed consent. This was ignored by those in charge of the U.S. Public Health Service's Tuskegee syphilis experiment, finally exposed after 40 years when Peter Buxtun went to the press with details.

Ongoing Depleted Uranium cover up

Project Censored wrote in 2014 that "The World Health Organization continues to suppress evidence uncovered in Iraq that US military use of depleted uranium (DU) and other weapons have not only killed many civilians but are also the cause of an epidemic of birth defects and other public health issues. By refusing to release the report publicly, the WHO effectively protects the US military and its government from accountability for the resulting public health catastrophe."[1]