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If you are considering becoming a whistleblower,
be warned that the official narrative about "Whistleblower Protection" is basically a lie.
[1] Before proceeding further, you are recommended to read this essay, and the stories of some of the whistleblowers listed below.

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• Courage Foundation
• Georgina Halford-Hall
• International Festival of Whistleblowing Dissent and Accountability
• Brian Martin
• National Security Whistleblowers Coalition
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• US/Office of Special Counsel
• Wikileaks
Whistleblower/Premature death
Someone who exposes wrongdoing which they have witnessed or deduced, typically by being privy to inside information while at work.

A whistleblower has inside knowledge of activities usually concealed from the general public and reveals this out of a concern for the public good, especially in cases of malfeasance. The word "whistleblower" was coined by Ralph Nader. The insider testimony of whistleblowers means that they are invaluable in Wikispooks' mission to shed light on the murky business of deep politics.

Official narrative

The official narrative is that whistleblowers are welcomed as long as they act in the public interest. Many nations and other large organisations have enacted "Whistleblower Protection" measures specifically designed to protect whistleblowers. These encourage whistleblowing by offering statutory protection and/or financial rewards for those who expose wrongdoing.


Full article: Whistleblower protection

Legal vindication for whistleblowers is rare.[2] More often than not, what is called "whistleblower protection" is in practice no such thing[1] and less than 1/10 of those who follow official whistleblowing procedures report any benefit from doing so.[3] Researcher Brian Martin describes them as "trojan horses".[1] Since 9/11 in particular, the official narrative is belied by ever harsher treatment of actual or would be whistleblowers, up to and including the murder of the those who show themselves intent on publicising particularly sensitive information.[4]

Legal compensation

Some jurisdictions award a fixed percentage of money recovered to whistleblowers who expose financial fraud. Although initially jailed, Brad Birkenfeld eventually received over $100 million on this basis.

Support groups

In 2004, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds launched the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition to try to assist other whistleblowers. In December 2013, speaking at the CCC conference, purported MI6 whistleblower, Annie Machon, announced that she would be starting the Courage Foundation to protect whistleblowers.

Fake whistleblowers

Purported "whistleblowers" can still serve deep state interests. Millie Weaver's Statecraft mentions how Eric Ciaramella pretended to be a whistleblower about information actually garnered through illegal mass surveillance.

Premature deaths

Full article: Stub class article Whistleblower/Premature death

Some whistleblowers have experienced premature deaths, whether of bona fide natural causes, suicide, murder or assassination.



Page nameExposedDescription
9-11/Whistleblowers9-11Many people have sought to share important evidence about 9/11, using inside knowledge from a professional capacity.
Bo AbbottCIA/Drug traffickingA drug trafficking pilot who attempted to blow the whistle on the CIA's illegal drug trafficking but who disappeared - i.e. was probably murdered by the cabal
Stanley AdamsHoffmann-LaRoche whistleblower who was jailed for industrial espionage when found out.
Philip AgeeCIA
US/Deep state
Spent twelve years in the CIA from 1957 to 1969 before becoming the most important CIA whistle blower ever.
Gary AguirreAn SEC whistleblower
Herbert AmryDiplomat whistleblower who was killed in Iran/Contra affair
Kevin AnnettCanada/GenocideWhen he reported that the church of which he was a minister had been involved in genocide, Rev. Kevin Annett was told to shut up. He didn't. He researched the topic and wrote books and made a movie about it. His Wikipedia page has been deleted at least 4 times as "non-notable" because he has been blacklisted with dynamic silence by corporate media. He continues to expose institutional corruption and child abuse.
John BarnettEmployee and whistleblower on Boeing found death, ruled a suicide.
Dr. David BellUK/Deep stateA British whistleblower
Scott BennettBooz Allen Hamilton
Spent 2 years in jail as a result of speaking his mind and attempting to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption inside the US war machine.
Patrick BerghyShadowNetIT security specialist who appears prominently in Millie Weaver's 2020 film Shadowgate.
Ronald BernardAlleged Dutch whistleblower who in 2017 had an interview released in which he said that he was recruited by an organised crime network, initially to launder money, but later was asked if he wanted to participate in human sacrifice.
John Ashley BerryGCHQ
Mass surveillance
Whistleblower from GCHQ arrested with two journalists, Crispin Aubrey and Duncan Campbell, and charged with "communicating classified information to unauthorised persons"
Steve BigelowUS Air Force whistleblower who exposed MICC corruption.
William BinneyNSA/Waste
Former senior technical director of the NSA, in charge of thousands of employees, William Binney resigned after 9-11 to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption.
Brad BirkenfeldUBSA banker who exposed massive tax fraud at UBS, and after 2½ years in jail was eventually paid $104M for his pains.
Thomas BittlerTSA whistleblower, dismissed along with Ray Guagliardi.
Svein BlindheimNorway/Stay BehindResistance hero who later revealed Stay Behind activities, and was convicted to prison for it.
Tony BobulinskiHunter Biden
Andrew BogutCOVID-19/LockdownA basketball player who stated in 2020 that he was offered money if he would promote the COVID-19 Lockdown
Abraham BoldenSecret Service agent convicted on bogus charges when he blew the whistle to the Warren Commission.
Christopher BoyceAustralia/1975 coup d'étatA code clerk turned counter spook who also tried to see secret to the USSR, got caught, escaped and caught again. He revealed how the CIA was involved in the 1975 Australian coup.
Gordon Douglas BrownDe BeersExposed massive corruption by De Beers
Peter van BurenForeign Service official who exposed the extremely wasteful and ineffective spending during the reconstruction effort after the 2003 Iraq War.
Chris BusbyChris Busby/Research on The Health Risks of RadiationAn independent scientist whose work demonstrates that inadequate risk models are used by the establishment in its estimation of the health impact of low dose exposure to radiation. A concerted campaign has tried to undermine his credibility because his message challenges the status quo.
John BuseWhen he warned of risks with GlaxoSmithKline diabetes drug Avandia, the company forced him to retract by threatening to destroy his academic career and a huge lawsuit for loss in stock value.
Smedley ButlerWar profiteering
US/Marine Corps
The Business Plot
A US general who exposed the coup that financiers had planned for USA.
Peter BuxtunTuskegee syphilis experimentBlew the whistle on the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.
Ronald Bye
Jane BürgermeisterAgainst the concerted opposition of Big Pharma, Jane Bürgermeister has attempted to highlight risks and malfeasance associated with vaccines and emerging diseases.
John CarmanUS/Customs and Border ProtectionSet up a website about his experience of corruption in the US/Customs and Border Protection
Celerino CastilloCIA/Drug trafficking
Operation Fast and Furious
A former DEA agent who exposed deep state involvement in drug trafficking.
William ChaseyCIA plans to assassinate the Libyan Lockerbie suspects
David ChristensenJFK/AssassinationA member of the USAF who had foreknowledge of the JFK assassination which was presented to the HSCA
Helen ChuCOVID-19/PandemicAn expert in infectious diseases whom the CDC told to stop her tests for COVID-19 in January 2020.
Eric CiaramellaNot all whistleblowers are as genuine.
Wesley ClarkUS/Foreign policy“In 2001, in the Pentagon, a general told me : ‘I just received a classified memo from the Secretary of Defense: we will take seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally, Iran.’”
Jessica CollinsA woman that accused Epstein, Deborah Palfrey and Joe Biden of sexual abuse.
Greg CoppolaGoogleGoogle employee for 5 years before exposing their political bias in 2019.
Clint CurtisElection/Fraud
Yang Enterprises
Programmer, vote rigging whistleblower, politician, and election integrity activist.
Edward CutoloOperation WatchtowerA drug smuggler who named a lot of names about the CIA's drug trafficking, and who then died a sudden death, as did many of those he named.
Matt DeHart2001 Anthrax attacksUS hacker who claimed to have received documents about the CIA's role in the 2001 Anthrax attacks. Later arrested for child pornography.
Eugene DinkinJFK/AssassinationAN "unsung hero" spook who intercepted a communication about the JFK assassination. Shared this with journalists in the press room of the United Nations office in Geneva. Smeared as having poor mental health
Document:Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trialWhistleblowers from a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial say never experienced such a “helter skelter" work environment, saying speed may have come at the cost of data integrity and patient safety.
Document:Shell Game, A Whistleblowing Report to the United States CongressA report to congress
Tom DrakeNSA/Trailblazer
NSA employee who blew the whistle on their illegal surveillance.
Jacques DuchesneauFormer president and chief executive officer of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.
Sibel EdmondsOperation Gladio/B
Peter Hoekstra
Fethullah Gülen
US/Deep state
Sibel Edmonds was recruited by the FBI as a translator in the wake of 9/11. She quickly turned whistleblower when she discovered security breaches, cover-ups and malpractice at numerous levels. The US government has made her "the most gagged person in the history of the United States".
John Ehrlichman"War on Drugs"Nixon insider who blew in 1994 the whistle on the "War on Drugs"
Tomer EigesAttempted whistleblower at the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate who died in military prison
... further results


Related Quotations

Tom Lloyd“Helping people who are being persecuted for doing the right thing needs experience, specialist knowledge, attention to detail and perseverance. At WhistleblowersUK we use our expertise and commitment to ensure that whistleblowers have the support they need when they need it most.”Tom Lloyd
US/Deep state“The apparatus of the American deep state is a vast system of institutions in which the proverbial right arm does not know what the left one is doing. The CIA, FBI, NSA and the military services are compartmentalized to a point where very few of the bureaucrats in their employ can put their finger precisely on what is going on. Best known examples of that kind of entity are the resistance movements in German occupied Europe of World War II, and the cell system of an expansionist communist movement in the early stages of its development. Movie goers are familiar with the ‘need to know’ limitations on the information given to participants in an operation. The numerous levels of ‘security clearance’ make that clear. They have created labyrinths of hidden policy making over which no effective political control can exist. This applies to internal control as well. The institutions of the American deep state are riven by turf battles, schisms, something quite noticeable in their conflict with President Trump and, indeed, eruptions from officials with a conscience. This produces leaks and whistleblowing. These may be seen as emergency actions in the absence of functioning accountability structures.”Karel van Wolferen4 April 2017


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:How to identify CIA limited hangout operationarticle18 June 2013Webster TarpleyCiting the Pentagon Papers as an example, Tarpley suggests that both Wikileaks and the Snowden affair are limited hangout operations by the CIA.
Document:NSA GCHQ and the Death of Gareth Williamsarticle14 November 2011Trowbridge FordA speculative article connecting the NSA with the death of Gareth Williams
Document:Whistleblowers - Risks and skillsbook chapter2007Brian MartinA sound set of advice for would be whistleblowers, and a strong discouragement from trusting the official channels. As a whistleblower, you need to be aware that a wide set of options is available, and your success in blowing the whistle will depend only in part upon the injustice you expose. Another crucial aspect is your skill set and support network. This essay provides sound advice from an establishment-sceptic researcher who has reviewed a lot of whistleblowing cases.
Document:Wikileaks - Open Letter to the US Governmentopen letter14 July 2011RevolutionTruth


Official examples

Julian AssangeA "hacktivist" of mysterious background, whose website, Wikileaks, has been the conduit for a lot of whistleblowing. His pronounced disinterest in 9/11 is particularly notable.
Dr. David BellUK/Deep stateA British whistleblower
Mark FeltThe supposed true identity of 'deep throat', who played a part in the Watergate Coup.
Frances HaugenFacebook whistleblower?
Edward SnowdenMass surveillance
NSA/Boundless Informant
IT specialist and former contractor for the NSA, Edward Snowden's 2013 leaks about their mass surveillance programs were widely reported by the corporate media, an interesting contrast to the leaks of earlier whistleblowers that were roundly ignored.
Jack TeixeiraSpooky "whistleblower" from the Massachusetts National Guard intelligence wing who reportedly leaked documents online, aged 21.
WhistleblowersUKUK group chaired since November 2015 by the former Institute for Statecraft head of security, Tom Lloyd.
Reality Winner


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