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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (orthographic projection).svg
AbbreviationNATO, OTAN
MottoAnimus in consulendo liber
(In discussion, a free mind)
Formation4 April 1949
HeadquartersSupreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Mons, Belgium
Leaders• Secretary General of NATO
• Supreme Allied Commander Europe
Type• international
• military
Subgroups• North Atlantic Council
• Defence Planning Committee
• Nuclear Planning Group
• Allied Clandestine Committee
• Clandestine Planning Committee
• NATO/Headquarters
• NATO/Permanent Representatives and National Delegations
• NATO/International Staff
• NATO/Support and Procurement Agency
• NATO/Standardization Agency
• NATO/Communications and Information Agency
• NATO/Science and Technology Organization
• NATO/Air Traffic Management Committee
• NATO/Military Committee Meteorological Group
• International Board of Auditors for NATO
• [[..|...]]
InterestsIllegal drug trade, Operation Gladio, Encirclement of Russia, Tripwire force
Interest ofEduard Abrahamyan, Theodore Achilles, Aspen Institute Germany, Atlantic Council, Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom, Brian Berletic, Pierre-Henri Bunel, Geopolitics & Empire, German Atlantic Society, Niels Haagerup, Mats Johansson, Gabrielius Landsbergis, Julian Lindley-French, Sanna Marin, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Netherlands Atlantic Association, Chris Prebensen, Rick Rozoff, Russia/Deep state, James Sherr, Voltaire Network, Karel van Wolferen
Member ofAtlantic Council/Distinguished Leadership Awards
Sponsor ofEuropean Leadership Network, Canadian Global Affairs Institute, European Atlantic Group, Prague Security Studies Institute
Sponsored by2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Answering Russia's Strategic Narratives, European Defence Union
SubpageNATO/ Civil Emergency Planning Committee
NATO/Defense College
NATO/Deputy Secretary General
NATO/Secretary General
NATO/Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence
Membership• Albania
• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Canada
• Croatia
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• France
• Finland
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Italy
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Montenegro
• Netherlands
• North Macedonia
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Spain
• Turkey
• United Kingdom
• United States
The world's largest military alliance. "Take five broken empires, add the sixth one later, and make one big neo-colonial empire out of it all."

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is a military alliance set up after WW2. During the Cold War it was balanced by the Warsaw Pact. In the 2010s, during the new Cold War and despite the Ifs attempts to limit the spread of "Russian propaganda"[1], a 2020 study showed that the population of some NATO member states and especially bordering countries do increasingly look negatively at NATO.[2]

Official narrative

NATO's original justification and cold war official narrative about "defending the free world against communist aggression", while mendacious from the outset, was a lot clearer than the current position. Since 9/11 particularly, the fallback justifications for war have been "humanitarian intervention" (aimed at the political Left) and fighting 'terrorism' and its 'state sponsors' (aimed at the political Right), both of which are wearing increasingly thin. Some NATO activities, such as Operation Gladio in particular, were never intended to come to light, and have incoherent and/or self-contradictory official narratives - indicative of the strong support given by commercially-controlled media.


NATO was set up after World War II. The Soviet Union applied for membership in 1954, but was refused. In 1966 De Gaulle made the decision to downgrade France's membership in NATO and withdrew from the NATO Military Command Structure.[3]

"On 10 March 1966, in a memo addressed to the 14 other NATO nations, the French government announced its intention to withdraw French personnel from the NATO integrated military headquarters, to terminate the assignment of French forces to international commands and to request the removal from French territory of NATO's headquarters, Allied units, and other facilities and bases which were not under French authority."[4]

Officially this was due to souring relations between Washington and Paris because of the refusal to integrate France's nuclear deterrent with other North Atlantic powers, or to accept any collective form of control over its armed forces.[5] Some authors, like Richard Cottrell, connect the decision to the assassination attempts on his life;[6] in Cottrells view, Gladio structures were involved in some of these.

Operation Gladio

Full article: Operation Gladio

In October 1990, Le Cercle member and Italian Prime Minister, Giulio Andreotti, accused NATO of involvement in Operation Gladio. After almost a month of silence on the matter, senior NATO spokesman Jean Marcotta categorically denied Andreotti's allegation, stating at SHAPE headquarters in Mons, Belgium that "NATO has never contemplated guerrilla war or clandestine operations; it has always concerned itself with military affairs and the defence of allied frontiers." The next day a different NATO spokesman retracted NATO's denial.[7] Although established at or very near the start of NATO, it only emerged to become part of the historical record in 1990 after an investigation in the Italian parliament - by which point it had already lead to many violent deaths of civilians in false flag operations in a range of European countries.

Operation Gladio B

Full article: Rated 5/5 Operation Gladio/B

The post 1989 decline of the Soviet empire and consequent lack of a clear enemy caused something of an existential crisis for NATO, which appears to have lead directly to the "war on terrorism" and another round of terror against populations of member states, the Operation Gladio/B plan.

NATO expansion

With the end of the Soviet Union and the cold war, NATO expanded across several countries of the former Warsaw Pact. While it is now much closer to Russian borders, Mikhail Gorbachev as the leader of the SU at the time, received a lot of assurances from western leaders that nothing of the sort would happen; U.S. Secretary of State James Bakers famous “not one inch eastward”.[8][9] Some historians point to later comments by Gorbachev that "The topic of ‘NATO expansion’ was not discussed at all",[10][11] although the memoranda of the 1990/91 period given by heads of state and special envoys seem to indicate agreements were made to limit NATO expansion.[8][12] With the following reign of Yeltsin, the US exploited the circumstances of a drunken president who was not really interested in the fate of his country and moved ahead with their plans, while telling the Russian side that the future European security system would include, not exclude them.[13] Gorbachov himself disagreed in 2014 - along with German historian Ignaz Lozo[14] - that he was lied to, but agrees that NATO was never meant to have expanded in this way, it is not known why Gorbachov refuses to acknowledge the declassified documents from 1991 that do appear to appear him discussing and agreeing to Nato expansion limits.

“Russia behind the Headlines has published an interview with Gorbachev, who was Soviet president during the discussions and treaty negotiations concerning German reunification. The interviewer asked why Gorbachev did not “insist that the promises made to you [Gorbachev]—particularly U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s promise that NATO would not expand into the East—be legally encoded?” Gorbachev replied: “The topic of ‘NATO expansion’ was not discussed at all, and it wasn’t brought up in those years. … Another issue we brought up was discussed: making sure that NATO’s military structures would not advance and that additional armed forces would not be deployed on the territory of the then-GDR after German reunification. Baker’s statement was made in that context… Everything that could have been and needed to be done to solidify that political obligation was done. And fulfilled.” Gorbachev continued that “The agreement on a final settlement with Germany said that no new military structures would be created in the eastern part of the country; no additional troops would be deployed; no weapons of mass destruction would be placed there. It has been obeyed all these years.” To be sure, the former Soviet president criticized NATO enlargement and called it a violation of the spirit of the assurances given Moscow in 1990, but he made clear there was no promise regarding broader enlargement.”
Brookings Institution,  RBTH (November 2014)  [15]

In 2022, Russian president Vladimir Putin tried to halt the expansion of NATO by placing 100.000 troops at their Ukrainian border (which developed into the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine). Putin demanded the US to cease all NATO activity in every country joined since 1997.[16]

Alliance Duty

The 1949 NATO pact, Article 5, states that an armed attack against one or more of them...shall be considered an attack against them all.[17] NATO invoked this article for the first time in its history on September 11th, 2001 when the U.S. claimed to be under military attack and called the other NATO members to assist its self-defence. NATO's treaty requires that the other members investigate the truth of this claim.[18] As of 2016 it is unclear:

  1. Whether this is still the case;
  2. If so, what consequences this has in terms of national sovereignty of NATO members;
  3. Whether any investigation has ever been carried out.

While Article V (collective defense) protections only extend to actual NATO members, the Charter's Article IV allows the umbrella of NATO protection to be extended to those non-NATO members whom the alliance views as an ally - for example the Ukraine. NATO's military interventions against Serbia in 1999, Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq in 2004, and Libya in 2011, were all done under Article IV[19] of the NATO Charter. Seen in this light, the premise that NATO is an exclusively defensive organization, committed to the promise of collective self-defense, is baseless.[20]


NATO has an extensive civilian structure, under the Secretary General of NATO, as distinct from its military structure, commanded by the Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR)

Full article: Supreme Allied Commander Europe

The SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe), NATO's top military executive, is always an American. As of 2022 NATO's SACEUR is Christopher G. Cavoli.[21] Every NATO member has its own ambassador. According to Daniele Ganser "these channels function like this: NATO - and here predominantly the USA - says 'here are the facts and you have to do that'."[22]

Secretary General of NATO

Full article: Secretary General of NATO

The Secretary General of NATO has no power in the military command structure, but chairs several of the senior decision-making bodies of NATO, including the North Atlantic Council, the Defence Planning Committee and the Nuclear Planning Committee, the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, the Mediterranean Cooperation Group and serves as co-chair of the Permanent Joint Council and the NATO-Ukraine Commission. No publicly acknowledged selection procedure exists for this position; since the Bilderberg group arranged to reorganise NATO in 1966[23], all permanent holders of this position have been prior attendees of this conference.[24]

Nuclear weapons

Full article: Nuclear weapons

On 6 October 2017, when it was announced that the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) had won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg denounced the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty, the accord promoted by ICAN aimed at eliminating all nuclear weapons:

"NATO is committed to preserving peace and creating the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons,” Stoltenberg said. “We share this goal with ICAN and I welcome the attention given to this issue by the Nobel Committee. However, the NWBT does not move us closer to the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. In fact, it risks undermining the progress we have made over the years in disarmament and non-proliferation.”
"What we need is verifiable and balanced reduction of nuclear weapons,” Stoltenberg said. “The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which all NATO Allies have signed, remains the cornerstone of international efforts to do so. Since the end of the Cold War, NATO Allies have dramatically reduced the number of their nuclear weapons. But as long as nuclear weapons exist, NATO will remain a nuclear alliance.”[25]



NATOs military activities provide not only huge profits for the military industrial complex but also provide a cover for other business such as the organising of deep events.

Operation Gladio

Full articles: Operation Gladio, Operation Gladio/B

Since just after World War II, NATO established a network of terrorist cells. Officially for use in case of a communist invasion, this has increasingly been used for a range of purposes, such as promoting the strategy of tension through false flag attacks, possibly also for political assassinations, and in the 21st century especially, for promoting the "War on Terror".

Illegal Drug Trade

Full article: Illegal Drug Trade

It is possible that senior figures in NATO are involved in the global drug trade. Circumstantial evidence surfaced in 2003 with the arrest of Willem Matser,[26] a senior advisor to the NATO Secretary General, George Robertson, whom he saw on a daily basis. Matser was charged with money laundering, along with Pietro Fedino, an Italian crime boss connected to the Columbian Cali cartel. The failure of the commercially-controlled media to report any follow ups on this story supports the conjecture that this was no isolated enterprise, but part of a plan under deep state control.


The argument that NATO is merely for defence has drawn criticism, in particular in their role in the encirclement of Russia.

“We had a moment in history, between 1988 and 1991, where we could have worked with Mikhail Gorbachev to make his vision of perestroika succeed. Instead, we allowed him to fail, without any real plan on how we would live with what emerged from the ruins of the Soviet Union. Save for a short period of time during the Second World War where we needed the Soviet Union to defeat Germany and Japan, we have been in a continual state of political conflict with the Soviet Union. Even after the Soviet Union collapsed, we viewed the Russian Federation more as a defeated enemy that we needed to keep down, than a friend in need of a helping hand up.”
Scott Ritter (2021)  What Are The Prospects For Peace? [27]

'NATO is the Greatest Threat to Peace on the Planet' - a video by James Corbett.[28] (archive)

The wisdom of NATO's leaders may be questioned by Western commercially-controlled media, but their good intentions are not. Following the "humanitarian intervention" in Libya. One critic asked the rhetorical question "When was the last time that any war, anywhere, amounted to anything more than a swindle for the benefit of the bankers and the war industry, or anything less than a bloodbath for the average man or woman in the target country?"[29]

In 2019, Emmanuel Macron was quoted as saying that "What we are currently experiencing is the brain death of NATO".[30]


Events carried out

Afghanistan/2001 InvasionAfghanistanThe war in Afghanistan, instigated within a month of 9/11, supposedly in retaliation, with the claimed justification - for which no evidence has been presented - that the attacks were planned by Ossama bin Laden, and that he was based in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan/2021 withdrawalAfghanistanThe end of the US–led NATO occupation of Afghanistan
Evacuation from AfghanistanAfghanistanThe evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history
The secret war against SwedenSweden
Baltic Sea
A large number of "Soviet" submarine intrusions in Swedish waters in the 1980s, in reality committed by NATO under false flag. The intrusions were about deception and PSYOPs, to change the mindset of the Swedes, to make them adapt to US interests.


Documents by NATO

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:NATO-PSYOPS.pdfguidelineOctober 2007PsyopNATO’s standard doctrine for psychological operations. Though unclassified, NATO doctrine documents are not released to the public.
File:Nato-master-narrative-2008.pdfhandbook6 October 2008International Security Assistance Force
Afghanistan/2001 Invasion


Related Quotations

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine“I asked them – are you with us?” Zelensky said. “They answered that they are with us, but they don’t want to take us into the alliance. I’ve asked 27 leaders of Europe, if Ukraine will be in NATO, I’ve asked them directly — all are afraid and did not respond We were left by ourselves. Who is ready to go to war for us? Honestly, I don’t see anybody. Who is ready to give Ukraine guarantees of NATO membership? Honestly, everybody is afraid”Russia Today
Volodymyr Zelensky
24 February 2022
2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine/Preparation“Russia behind the Headlines has published an interview with Gorbachev, who was Soviet president during the discussions and treaty negotiations concerning German reunification. The interviewer asked why Gorbachev did not “insist that the promises made to you [Gorbachev]—particularly U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s promise that NATO would not expand into the East—be legally encoded?” Gorbachev replied: “The topic of ‘NATO expansion’ was not discussed at all, and it wasn’t brought up in those years. … Another issue we brought up was discussed: making sure that NATO’s military structures would not advance and that additional armed forces would not be deployed on the territory of the then-GDR after German reunification. Baker’s statement was made in that context… Everything that could have been and needed to be done to solidify that political obligation was done. And fulfilled.” Gorbachev continued that “The agreement on a final settlement with Germany said that no new military structures would be created in the eastern part of the country; no additional troops would be deployed; no weapons of mass destruction would be placed there. It has been obeyed all these years.” To be sure, the former Soviet president criticized NATO enlargement and called it a violation of the spirit of the assurances given Moscow in 1990, but he made clear there was no promise regarding broader enlargement.”Brookings Institution
Russia Beyond
November 2014
Theodore Achilles“I don't think there has ever been any serious danger of an all out Soviet armed attack west of the East German-West German frontier. The danger has been, and still is, that the Russians can resort to the same tactics they were using after the war, subversion and political blackmail backed by the threat of force--intimidating European Governments with the fear of Soviet force.”Theodore Achilles
Afghanistan/2001 Invasion“From a strictly economic perspective, if America's goal was to provide a quality education to Afghan children, it would have achieved far better social impact, at lower cost, with no suffering if the military followed these steps; Buy a used Gulfstream IV (~$4m), pack it full of Afghan children, fly them across the world to Andover, Groton, Eton, or some Swiss boarding school, and pay for their entire education (~$4.7m for 24 students, all four years, with boarding). And after everyone is off the private jet, fill two briefcases with money - $1 million, each; $2 million, in total, in brick of $100 bills - place them on the jet while it's still on the tarmac, and proceed to blow up the jet with high explosives. This is the effective cost of building a mud and cinder block shanty school in Afghanistan.”Erik Edstrom2020
Mario BorghezioGaddafi was a great leader, a true revolutionary who should not be confused with the new Libyan leadership swept into power by NATO's bayonets and by oil multinationalsMario Borghezio2011
Johan Galtung“One basic formula for understanding the Community is this: 'Take five broken empires, add the sixth one later, and make one big neo-colonial empire out of it all.”Johan Galtung
Nigel Gould-Davies“For Azerbaijan, [the reconquest of Nagorno-Karabakh] is a total victory won by the cruel, hard methods of military force and economic blockade, together with training and equipment from Turkey....But the key question is how relations between the west and Azerbaijan will develop. The west's energy ties with the oil and gas-rich country are more important than ever as it weans itself off Russian supplies. Now there are new security possibilities, especially in light of the war in Ukraine. Azerbaijan is the only country that borders both Russia and Iran, two western adversaries whose ever-closer relations evoke growing alarm. Azerbaijan’s ties with Turkey, a Nato member that also provides weapons support to Ukraine, means that it is receiving military training according to the alliance's standards. All this offers the potential for a deeper relationship, if the west has the strategic imagination to grasp it.”Nigel Gould-Davies5 October 2023
Douglas HurdNATO is one of the principal props which have allowed Britain to punch above its weight in the world.”Douglas Hurd1993
Hastings Ismay“[NATO was created to] keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.”Hastings Ismay1952
NATO/Defense College“There is a high priority requirement to develop individuals, both on the military and on the civilian side, who will have a thorough grasp of the many complicated factors which are involved in the problem of creating an adequate defense posture for the North Atlantic Treaty area. These considerations have brought me to the conclusion that it is highly desirable to establish in the near future a NATO Defense College for the training of individuals who will be needed to serve in key capacities in NATO Organizations.”Dwight Eisenhower1951
Ben Nimmo“Ben Nimmo works for the Atlantic Council, funded inter alia by NATO. He is also on a retainer of £2,500 per month from the Integrity Initiative, in addition to payments for individual pieces of work. For his attack on Scottish Nationalists Nimmo was therefore paid by the Atlantic Council (your taxes through NATO), by the Integrity Initiative (your taxes) and by the Herald (thankfully shortly going bankrupt)... Nimmo’s role as witchfinder-general for Russian Bots appears very remunerative. His August 2016 invoice to The Institute for Statecraft, apparently the 71st invoice he had issued to various neo-con bodies that year, was for £5,000.”Craig Murray
Ben Nimmo
22 December 2018
Vladimir Putin“Whoever would try to stop us and further create threats to our country, to our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and lead you to such consequences that you have never faced in your history. We are ready for any outcome.”Vladimir Putin
21 February 2022
Russia/Encirclement“We have made it clear that Nato’s move to the east is unacceptable (...) The United States is standing with missiles on our doorstep. Is it an excessive requirement not to install shock systems at our house? How would the Americans react if missiles were placed at the border with Canada or Mexico”The Guardian
Vladimir Putin
Russophobia“A superpower is a cold war term. When people today say that Russia aspires to have this status, I interpret it in the following way: they want to undermine trust in Russia, to portray Russia as frightening, and create some kind of image of an enemy. … Russia is in favor of a multipolar world, a democratic world order, strengthening the system of international law, and for developing a legal system in which any small country, even a very small country, can feel itself secure, as if behind a stone wall. … Russia is ready to become part of this multipolar world and guarantee that the international community observes these rules. And not as a superpower with special rights, but rather as an equal among equals.”Vladimir Putin
Richard SakwaNATO exists to manage the risks created by its existence.”Richard Sakwa2015
Kori Schake“And in addition, even in shrewdly strategic terms, for 5 percent of U.S. Defense spending last year and zero American military casualties, the Ukrainians are destroying the Russian army and that is absolutely in America's interests.”Kori Schake21 May 2023
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer“It is not likely. But he is unpredictable and consumed by resentment and rancour. So, you should not exclude the possibility that he'll be creating a problem between Kaliningrad and Belarus. That area is the gateway from Western Europe to the Baltic countries. If he closes that passage, it would be a reason for war for NATO.”Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
24 February 2022
James R. Schlesinger“[Former United States Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger] said 'The [Swedish] Military was planning for us to come as soon as possible'. He obviously did not speak about all Swedish politicians or all Swedish military officers, but rather about a fundamental divide between a few relevant political leaders with the ambition of keeping Swedish neutrality, and some senior military officers that were directly linked up to the U.S. agencies, officers that identified themselves with the United States and with U.S. military priorities: They planned for the U.S. military forces to come to Sweden 'as soon as possible'”Ola Tunander
James R. Schlesinger
Jamie Shea“The fact that 70% of the country's territory is left without electricity shows that we are keeping our finger on the switch. We can turn the electricity on and off where we need it and where we want it.”Jamie Shea4 May 1999
Jens Stoltenberg“Two World Wars and the Cold War has taught us that there is no real security in Europe without a strong transatlantic bond.

Standing together in NATO, Europe and America will continue to keep the peace and protect our democratic way of life. As we have done for more than 70 years.

NATO is a defensive Alliance. We are not threatening Russia or anyone else.

But we will take all necessary measures to protect and defend all Allies.

This is why in response to Russia’s pattern of aggressive actions, we have been strengthening our deterrence and defence across the Alliance.

To avoid any miscalculation or misunderstanding about our ironclad commitment to defend each other.

So if Kremlin’s aim is to have less NATO on Russia’s borders, it will only get more NATO.”
Jens Stoltenberg19 February 2022
Matthijs Veenendaal“Trust is a key foundation of a well-functioning society. Without reliable communication, organizations cannot operate effciently, be they corporations or government institutions. Malicious actors are aiming to exploit vulnerabilities in communication flows. With the advent

of new technology, it is possible for adversaries to impersonate leaders and create false impressions among population.

The Tallinn based NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence will organize a session focusing on questions including: What is at stake? What can nations do to enhance and protect trust in democratic institutions? Or is it already too late?”
Matthijs Veenendaal
Henk Vredeling“I'm also a little bit against the NATO in the way that it's a fremdkörper. It's de facto America. We should view cases more independently.”Henk Vredeling1985
Nadia Whittome“To support arming Ukraine isn’t to oppose the idea of peace talks. The question is what position Ukraine would enter them from. It’s right to avoid escalation into a direct conflict between Moscow and Nato. However, arming the resistance is a way to allow Ukraine to negotiate from a position of strength, not surrender.”Nadia WhittomeFebruary 2023


Employees on Wikispooks

Samantha de BendernInformation and Political Officer,19992002
Philip BreedloveSupreme Allied Commander Europe13 May 20134 May 2016Attended the 2014 Bilderberg
Wesley ClarkSupreme Allied Commander Europe11 July 19973 May 2000
Bantz J. CraddockSupreme Allied Commander Europe7 December 20062 July 2009
Chris DonnellyNATO/Secretary General/Special Adviser19892003"Special Advisor for Central and Eastern European Affairs"
Dwight EisenhowerSupreme Allied Commander Europe2 April 195130 May 1952The first holder of this office
John GalvinSupreme Allied Commander Europe26 June 198724 June 1992
Alfred GruentherSupreme Allied Commander Europe11 July 195320 November 1956Attended 2 Bilderbergs in this capacity
Alexander HaigSupreme Allied Commander Europe15 December 19741 July 1979
Sijbren de JongStrategic Analyst Russia and UkraineNovember 2018
George JoulwanSupreme Allied Commander Europe22 October 199311 July 1997
Ed KronenburgDirector of the Private Office of the Secretary General of NATOJanuary 20042007
Lyman LemnitzerSupreme Allied Commander Europe1 January 19631 July 1969
Arndt Freytag von LoringhovenNATO/Assistant Secretary-General for Intelligence and Security1 December 20162019
John LoughInformation Representative19951998
Willem MatserLieutenant Colonel in StaffArrested in February 2003.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Lauris NorstadSupreme Allied Commander Europe20 November 19561 January 1963
Joseph RalstonSupreme Allied Commander Europe3 May 200017 January 2003
Matthew B. RidgwaySupreme Allied Commander Europe30 May 195211 July 1953
Bernard RogersSupreme Allied Commander Europe1 July 197926 June 1987
Curtis ScaparrottiSupreme Allied Commander Europe4 May 20163 May 2019
John ShalikashviliSupreme Allied Commander Europe24 June 199222 October 1993
Richard ShirreffDeputy Supreme Allied Commander EuropeMarch 2011March 2014
James StavridisSupreme Allied Commander Europe2 July 200913 May 2013
Harry TuzoDeputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe19765 February 1979
Walter WalkerCommander in Chief Allied Forces Northern Europe19691972
Tod WoltersSupreme Allied Commander Europe3 May 20194 July 2022


Known members

All 31 of the members already have pages here:

AlbaniaA small country in Southeastern Europe.
BelgiumFormer European colonial power
BulgariaThe poorest country in the European Union.
CanadaIf tar sands are counted, Canada possesses the 3rd largest oil reserves of any nation state.
CroatiaFormerly part of Yugoslavia, Croatia is westernising at a rapid rate, with membership of the European Union and NATO being achieved relatively quickly after independence.
Czech RepublicFormerly communist, central European nation.
DenmarkMember of the EU, NATO.
EstoniaEstonia is the most northern of the Baltic States. Formerly part of the USSR, now EU and NATO.
FinlandNordic country, borders Russia.
FranceA European nation, former colonial power, permanent seat on the UNSC
Germany"The economic powerhouse of Europe" - Germany dominates the European Union.
Greece"In 2006... the third biggest arms importer after China and India."
HungaryFormerly communist country in Eastern Europe, now a member of NATO, and the EU, Hungary is currently lead by Viktor Orban, an adversary of Brussels.
IcelandIsolated island nation off the north west coast of Europe. Part of the Nordics.
ItalyEuropean country that has the sixth-largest national wealth and third-largest central bank gold reserve. Italy/Deep state is an integral part of the SDS.
LatviaFormer USSR, now NATO and EU. The middle country of the Baltic States. SDS power consolidation in 2021
LithuaniaFormerly part of the USSR, now NATO and the EU. Since 2021, aggressive mandation of vaccines.
LuxembourgOne of the richest and smallest sovereign states in the world.
NetherlandsPoliticly fragmented and very densely populated country. Had very lenient drug and (underage) sex laws. Named a "narco-state" by neighbouring countries. Home of the first Bilderberg meeting.
North MacedoniaSmall landlocked country in the Balkans. Newest member of NATO, candidate for EU membership.
NorwayStrategically located nation with money to spend on supranational deep state policies.
PolandFast growing, revived country since World War 2. Became a very loyal US Deep State parter. The populace are by a mile the biggest supporters of NATO presence in Europe.
PortugalPolitically very controlled country, with a duopoly between socialist parties. Refused a War on Drugs, with successful results.
SlovakiaFormerly communist country in Eastern Europe. Now a member of NATO and the European Union.
SloveniaA small country in Europe that was never part of the Warsaw Pact.
SpainSeemingly a tropical easy-going country on the southern border of Europe. Spain has had trouble running a “death squad-free” democracy since Franco retired. Spain has seen the bloodiest post Gladio 1 terror attack take place in Madrid in 2004, and was a battleground of the Ifs and GRU during the 2010s.
TurkeyTurkey is a nation state at the south east corner of Europe.
UKThe biggest Island in Europe. It was a world power with massive influence for over 4 centuries.
USThe United States is the single biggest military spender in the world, with a higher 2020 expenditure than the next ten countries combined. Its infrastructure has been described to be in disrepair since the late 1980s.


Event Planned

Russia’s Strategy on NATO'S Eastern and Southern Flanks27 January 2017 09:30:0027 January 2017 16:30:00Barcelona Centre for International AffairsA CIDOB/The Institute for Statecraft/NATO meeting



2022 Russian invasion of UkraineIn a new episode of Cold War 2.0 Russia forcefully halted NATO expansion by invading Ukraine, with financial support of China. Although the EU and US denounced the "war crimes" as multiple cities were bombed, several countries opted less severe sanctions to keep importing diamonds and luxury goods and gas (and their loaned money) from Russia, seemingly creating a new iron curtain in Eastern Europe.
Answering Russia's Strategic NarrativesInvitation only one day event organised by The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, sponsored by The Institute for Statecraft, about "Russian propaganda"
European Defence Unionthe defence arm of the European Union


Event Participated in

HMS Defender Crimea controversy23 June 202123 June 2021A diplomatic military controversy between Russia and the UK


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:A Cautionary Talearticle3 February 2011William Blum
Document:A warring nation, united against usLetter19 August 2021Craig MurrayCraig Murray's letter to The Herald from prison in Edinburgh: "As with the previous three times when UK invasions were defeated in Afghanistan, we have united a warring nation in hatred of us."
Document:Absolute folly for Britain to get involved in SyriaArticle1 March 2018Leo McKinstryTory MP Johnny Mercer, a former soldier, has demanded: “Britain must come to Syria’s aid” and condemned those who oppose “military intervention”.
Document:Alexander Dugin to the American people on Ukraineletter8 March 2014Aleksandr DuginA letter to 'The American people' from senior Russian academic and advisor to President Putin, Alexander Dugin about the Spring 2014 situation in Ukraine and Russia-western relations generally.
Document:Being anti-war does not make us apologists for 'the enemy' or anyone elseArticle28 February 2022Lindsey GermanI am proud to be an anti-war campaigner and I know there are many like me. I note that anti-war protesters in Russia are being lauded in the British media. I also support them and send them my full solidarity. The irony is that Putin will see them as the enemy within — just as our government (and loyal opposition) treats us.
Document:British govt funded plan for censorship of factual NATO criticismArticle3 October 2023Jack PoulsonLeaked documents reveal British intel contractor Zinc Network singled out The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal for online censorship, and seeks to redefine factual criticism of NATO as disinformation
Document:Daily NATO War Crimes in Libyawebpage29 July 2011Stephen Lendman
Document:Gaddafi's 2009 speech: "Let's call it the UN Terror Council"Speech23 September 2009Muammar GaddafiNo one is above the UN General Assembly. All nations should be and should be seen to be on an equal footing. At present, the UN Security Council is security feudalism, political feudalism for those with permanent seats, protected by them and used against us. It should be called, not the UN Security Council, but the UN Terror Council.
Document:How Spin and Lies Fuel a Bloody War of Attrition in UkraineArticle13 February 2023Medea Benjamin
Nicolas J. S. Davies
President Eisenhower famously said that only an "alert and knowledgeable citizenry" can "guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. An "alert and knowledgeable citizenry" would surely then demand that our government stop fueling this war and instead support immediate peace negotiations.
Document:It’s Nato that’s empire-building, not Putinarticle7 March 2015Peter HitchensRare honesty, peppered with obligatory obeisances to western official narratives, about Nato empire-building since 1990 from a western mainsteam media journalist.
Document:Labour left breaks with Jeremy Corbyn over sending weapons to UkraineArticle26 February 2023Toby HelmThe far left wing of the Labour Party has split from Jeremy Corbyn on the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
Document:NATO Proclaims Itself Global Military Forcearticle22 November 2010Rick Rozoff
Document:NATO destroys yet another countryarticle26 August 2011Madhav Das Nalapat
Document:NATO goes to war against RussiaStatement1 March 2022World Socialist Web SiteThere must be a new mass anti-war movement, based on the international working class. This opposition, however, must be developed as a conscious political movement for socialism. This means the building of the International Committee of the Fourth International and its affiliated Socialist Equality Parties in every country.
Document:NATO’s new Cold War runs into trouble in Germanyarticle2 May 2014Christoph GermannEvidence of a substantial and growing disconnect between the German establishment and its population. The official narrative of an agressive expansionist Russia is being comprehensively rejected and it spells trouble for NATO
Document:Nato Expansion and Turkeyblog post17 May 2022Craig MurrayThere is another, specifically Turkish interest in play here, which is very much a factor in Erdogan’s willingness to stand up to Biden over Swedish and Finnish NATO entry. This of course relates to the permanent tension between NATO members Turkey and Greece.
Document:Nyet means Nyetdiplomatic communication1 February 2008William BurnsFebruary 2008 classified diplomatic cable from US ambassador to Russia William J Burns to the State Department about how Russia views NATO involvement in Ukraine
Document:On Naval Blockades and A Hard Days WarArticle11 October 2018Christopher BlackThe NATO leadership are in love with war. They enjoy frightening people. They enjoy the killing. It gives them a thrill talking about it when they sit down in their comfortable chairs and have their cocktails after a hard days war.
Document:Privatization for Dummies – The Nuts & Bolts of The World's Biggest Scamarticle21 March 2019Ronald Thomas West
Document:Russia is deploying nuclear weapons in Belarus. NATO shouldn’t take the baitArticle24 April 2023Nikolai SokovMoscow regards the United States and Europe as parties to the war; Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared that Russia and the United States are in a “hot phase” of war. These statements elevate the Russian war against Ukraine to the category of a “regional conflict” according to the 2000 and subsequent Russian Military Doctrines – a category that allows for limited use of nuclear weapons.
Document:Russia-US Conventional Military Balancearticle24 July 2015'The Saker'Further thoughts on the US-Russia conventional military balance in light of continuing NATO sabre-rattling around Russia's western/southern borderlands
Document:Russophobia - Reaping the WhirlwindArticleScott RitterVladimir Putin’s order to begin partial mobilisation of Russian military forces continues a confrontation between Russia and a US-led coalition of Western nations that began at the end of the Cold War.
Document:The Meaning of the US Saber-Rattling at the Borders of Russiaarticle18 July 2015'The Saker'Some thoughts on the Russia - NATO military balance in light of NATO posturing, excercises and sabre-rettling around Russia's wetern and southern borders
Document:Truth and Ukraineblog post2 March 2023Craig MurrayCommentator: "Russia didn't fail to take Kiev in March. It withdrew from Kiev because Zelensky agreed to peace talks. The US, UK and EU opposed the peace talks and Zelensky withdrew from the talks."
Document:US Recruits Russia as Junior Partnerarticle24 November 2010Rick RozoffBy aligning itself with the US and NATO, Russia has nothing to gain and everything to lose.
Document:Ukraine is the latest neocon disasterArticle27 June 2022Jeffrey SachsThe same neocons who turned the Middle East into a disaster area are now creating a similar catastrophe in Ukraine – for Ukrainians and for the rest of the world, argues Prof Jeffrey Sachs<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Document:Vladimir Putin announces Special Military Operation in UkraineSpeech24 February 2022Vladimir Putin"They did not leave us any other option for defending Russia and our people, other than the one we are forced to use today. In these circumstances, we have to take bold and immediate action. The people’s republics of Donbass have asked Russia for help."
Document:War and Peace - The Lost Principles of Science and Valuearticle17 June 2015John McMurtryA wide-ranging critique of the techniques of globalisation and the way in which apparently otherwise well-meaning western NGOs frame the worlds problems in US war propaganda terms
Document:What Lies Ahead for Libyaarticle13 September 2011Johan Galtung
Document:Who is Bombing European Civilians?article22 March 2016Sott.netSharp questioning of precisely who is responsible for attacks on civilians in Europe
Document:Why do Muslims in particular usually have a misconception of NATO?creating a loyal cadre6 April 2018Integrity Initiative"supported by the We Are NATO project, IfS expects to be able to change perceptions both of NATO and of UK defence and the Armed Forces, and to inspire a long term appreciation of NATO, its mechanisms, programmes and intervention activities.
Document:Why the military-industrial complex went wokeArticle5 March 2021Paddy HannamWhat is the Military industrial complex doing? They are engaged in a woke propaganda campaign as part of a rebranding of the war industry for the new generation.
File:ISAF-Spokesperson.pdfpresentation17 September 2012ISAF Staff
File:War-gaming the Baltics.pdfreportDavid Shlapak
Michael Johnson


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