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(soldier, pilot, spook)
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BornMarch 1, 1937
Died29th January, 2008 (Age 70)
Founder ofInterpen
Member ofInterpen

Gerry Patrick Hemming was a US spook and soldier who worked for the US deep state. He was a member of Operation 40.

Early background

Hemming was born in Los Angeles, California on March 1, 1937, one of eleven children. He attended El Monte Union High School in California before joining the United States Marine Corps in 1954. He left the Marines in October 1958 and the following year traveled to Cuba where he gave help to Fidel Castro and his revolutionary forces. In January 1959 Hemming reports that he met Lee Harvey Oswald at the Atsugi Naval Air Station in Japan, and complained that Oswald boasted too much about his inside knowledge.[citation needed]

JFK Assassination

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In 1961 Hemming established Interpen, or Intercontinental Penetration Force, a group of anti-Castro guerrillas who trained at No Name Key in the early 1960s.[1] Hemming came into contact with many of the Operation 40 members and other spooks associated with the JFK assassination.

MLK Assassination

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FBI files show that Gerry Hemming told agents in March 1968 that someone had offered to pay him to kill Martin Luther King.[1]

Hemming and Lee Harvey Oswald

Victor Marchetti wrote in 1978 that Hemming was Lee Harvey Oswald's case officer at then-secret NAF Atsugi.[2] Gerry Hemming has granted long interviews with several writers working on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. These include Anthony Summers (Conspiracy), Noel Twyman (Bloody Treason) and John M. Newman (Oswald and the CIA). Some researchers believe that a combination of Interpen members and anti-Castro Cubans were involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This included Hemming, James Arthur Lewis, Roy Hargraves, Edwin Collins, Steve Wilson, David Sanchez Morales, Herminio Diaz Garcia, Tony Cuesta, Eugenio Martinez, Virgilio Gonzalez, Felipe Vidal Santiago and William "Rip" Robertson.


Arms trading

Gerry Hemming was arrested on August 23, 1976 for the illegal transfer of a silencer and drug smuggling. It seems that this was the point that he began talking about his past work with the CIA. He told one reporter: "All of a sudden they're accusing me of conspiracy to import marijuana and cocaine. Hey, what about all the other things I've been into for the last 15 years, lets talk about them. Let's talk about the Martin Luther King thing, let's talk about Don Freed, Le Coubre, nigger-killers in bed with the Mafia, the Mafia in bed with the FBI, and the goddamn CIA in bed with all of them. Let's talk about all the people I dirtied up for them over the years."

Drug trafficking

Hemming was convicted by a Miami jury of conspiracy to import marijuana. In 1978 he was sentenced to six months in prison by U.S. District Judge William M. Hoeveler, but was released on appeal bond and the conviction was later overturned.

On April 14, 1980, Hemming was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. He was held on $200,000 bond in Palm Beach County, Florida. He claimed that he had not smuggled Quaaludes, but was establishing his bona fides with drug traffickers so he could penetrate their networks. Hemming told Alan J. Weberman that he was working for Mitchell Werbell III and Lucien Conein. Hemming was sentenced to 35 years in prison with a minimum mandatory sentence of three years but the conviction was later overturned on appeal.


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