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Type nation state
Location South America
Leader President of Venezuela
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Incumbent: Nicolás Maduro
Since 19 April 2013
Interest of Eva Golinger
If tar sands are counted, Venezuela possesses the world's largest oil reserves of any nation state.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a South American nation state with a population of over 31 million and a GDP per capita of $12,237.22. In 2017 it was reported to have a bread shortage.[1]


In 2002, a foreign-backed[citation needed] attempted coup failed to depose Hugo Chavez after a mass display of popular support.

Fossil fuel reserves

Venezuela has the 8th largest gas reserves of any nation state, about 3% of total global reserves.[2] Counting tar sands, Venezuela has the largest oil reserves of any nation state.[3] In March of 2015 the administration of Barack Obama, at the urging of US oil corporations, declared Venezuela to be a “threat to the national security” of the US.[4]


In 2016, Venezuela banned their highest denomination banknote, reportedly “in a bid to crack down on the 'black economy'”.[5]

Thatcher encouraged Chávez coup

In the context of the failed coup in Equatorial Guinea, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was said to have asked whether Simon Mann had yet met a group, led by a man called "Sanchos", who were seeking to remove Hugo Chávez from Venezuela. Mann wrote:

"No – I hadn't: but, Mark says, we are seeing him next day, in Eaton Place, just next door." He continues with Mrs Thatcher's reply: "'Good. Well, I hope that goes well too.' She looked at me with her imperial gaze. 'We must always look after our friends, Simon … as I'm sure you know.'"

Mann declined to comment.[6]



2002 Venezuelan coup attempt11 April 2002 - 13 April 2002

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Citizens of Venezuela on Wikispooks

Simón Bolívar24 July 178317 December 1830
Hugo Chávez28 July 19545 March 201364th President of Venezuela
Eva Golinger19 February 1973A crusading journalist in the cause of exposing US interference in Venezuela and Latin America generally. She has particular expertise in the circumstances surrounding the death of President Hugo Chavez
Moisés Naím5 July 1952
Leamsy Salazar1974Hugo Chavez bodyguard in the years before his death

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