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(Drug trafficker, crime boss, deep state actor?)
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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Died27-06-1991 (Age 38)
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Alma materNone
Member ofNetherlands/Deep state
Victim ofassassination
Mysterious Amsterdam drug lord in the 1970s and 1980s. Connected to the Dutch royal family through a princess (and possibly more royalty), spooks and underage-sex trafficking. Assassinated in 1991

Klaas Bruinsma (who renamed himself Frans van Arkel in 1975) was the Dutch main drug lord during the 1970s and 1980s. His main drug of export was hashish. While he doesn't get much scrutiny, primarily for being idolised as "old-school classic mafia as seen in movies like The Godfather" some of his connections seem to go much further than most people would realize. In 2018, Bruinsma was part of a documentary of "most famous drug kingpins of all time" on Netflix alongside El Chapo, Jemeker Thompson and Christopher Coke.[1][2]


Klaas Bruinsma had a rough upbringing by his violent dad. He started trafficking drugs during the very early rise in the Netherlands of cocaine and hashish in the 1970s[3].

Full article: Dutch Deep State

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The Amazing Story Of The Biggest Dutch Kingpin Ever Klaas Bruinsma - Holland Crime Boulevard


“Boys Club de Amstel ... ran by a certain Mr. Kroner [Kreuner]. A business partner of him was liquidated in the 90's, an acquaintance of de Dominee [Klaas Bruinsma], who regularly visited there. ... Getting back to Piet van Haut: This fantasy-filled caricature also brought along a certain Marc [Dutroux], later known as the Monster of Belgium. This Marc had contacts with Duscedo, of the imperium of the gentlemen Tukkers and consorts. [Incorrect, unclear sentence follows, so loosely translated:] With Charles Geerts pulling the strings.”
JVDH,  ISGP (2014)  [4]

Being the lover of a Dutch Princess, and being connected to multiple VIPaedophile-networks, high-profile lawyers and deep politicians often working as a "handy-man" or fixer. Fascinatingly he is noted by multiple leading crime-sites and authors as the biggest[5][6][7] criminal - foreign and non-foreign - to have ever operated in the Netherlands, surpassing kidnappers of the Heineken family, "terrorists including Karst Roeland Tates", multiple drug dealers (including one president) with CIA connections and the murderer of Pim Fortuyn. He was nicknamed "The Reverend" for his iconic tendency to lecture people with a ruthless demeanour in all-black clothes. ISGP has his name pop up several 100 times regarding these matters, most notably Bruinsma and his crime syndicate were being called by one news site as being involved at secretive parties in Amsterdam's financial district - the place where Nieuwsuur[8] said cocaine is mandatory - with child-abuse in the 1990s. The editors of the article specifically mentioned stopping the investigation for the moment citing "the urge to stay alive for quite a while".[9]

Royal family

According to known newspaper De Groene[10][11];

  1. Bruinsma's money launderer was the judicial advisor for Queen Beatrix, in fact he was explicitly named during his tenure as judge in Amsterdam.
  2. Bruinsma's operational lawyer - who was being officially investigated by Dutch and Swiss authorities - is seen on a photo in November 1999 in New York with King Willem-Alexander Ferdinand. They were part of the same marathon-team.
  3. The state police of Utrecht was apparently connected to Bruinsma according to a parliamentary enquiry.

Drug Lord

“Who is to say that Abbas, Bruinsma and "the Hakkelaar" weren't used as pawns in a game much larger than they were, much as Mink Kok seems to have been used time and again? They are allowed to flourish a little bit, receive a little protection, a little legal aid, and when their time is up some rival gang takes them out and that one gets the protection when necessary. It's entirely possible. But where would the manipulation of these mafia groups come from? Most likely CIA Gladio/"stay behind" networks, which, during the Cold War, revolved around Prince Bernhard and individuals as Bib van Lanschot and Cees van den Heuvel.”
JVDH,  ISGP (2014)  [4]

Bruinsma became the leading boss for drug trafficking in Europe by establishing a network of Dutch spooks, contacts with ties to Singapore, having an experienced money laundering operation with a child trafficking kingpin, and stealing an enormous amount of weapon caches from the Operation Gladio Operatiën en Inlichtingen agents - often with info that was only known to the Gladio agents or AIVD themselves. Bruinsma's bodyguard Etienne Urka had a suspicious past of being an spy of some sort; Urka tipped of the Dutch Police in 1975 about an assasination plan against the royal family, he tried liquidating other members of the inner ring of Bruinsma and sued everyone that mentioned him or situations that witnesses described him taking part of. Ukra also often denied even being part of Bruinsma's clan, but offered every journalist money that didn't mention him or the situations he played part in.[12][13] [14]

Mabel Wisse Smit

“Is Bruinsma's early connection with Mabel a coincidence? Maybe. But there are an awful lot of coincidences here. Mafia bosses Klaas Bruinsma, Etienne Urka and John Engelsma all seem to have had close direct or, through Oscar Hammerstein and Frits Salomonson, very close indirect ties to the Dutch royal family. Rutger Schimmelpenninck, partner in Boekel de Neree and curator of Text Lite, also has very close ties to the royal family.”
JVDH,  ISGP (2014)  [4]

Upon hearing rumours citing her being seen with the leading Dutch drug lords of the 1980s and 1990s, Mabel van Oranje, born Mabel Wisse Smit - 10 years after Bruinsma had been assassinated - at first denied she had any contacts with criminals when being revealing to being romantically involved to Prince Friso, son of Beatrix Armgard.[15] The rumours almost disappeared in the memory hole until investigative journalist Peter R. de Vries interviewed[16][17] Chilean national Charlie da Silva, a high-ranking bodyguard of Bruinsma, revealed she lied about how she knew Bruinsma and how close they were (intense lovers in 1989 and 1990).

After announcing the engagement of Prince Friso with Mabel in June 2003, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende wrote in a letter[18]to parliament that Mabel Wisse Smit had given "incomplete and incorrect information" about the duration and extent of her contacts with the known drug lord and that because of this, the government had decided not to seek permission for the marriage from parliament. Mabel Wisse Smit and Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau married in Delft on 24 April 2004. Because he did not ask the Dutch parliament for permission to marry - as per law - Prince Friso ceased being a member of the royal house and forfeited his and his future children's succession rights. Therefore, neither Princess Mabel nor their daughters are members of the royal house.

In 2007 a TV-series titled "The Prince and the Girl" was released on Dutch public broadcasting about Smit en Bruinsma. The story gained some controversial attention for implying Smit and Bruinsma shared cocaine together and Sacirbey (Bosnian Ambassador to the UN, Minister of Foreign Affairs and vital member of the Dayton Agreement) and Smit massively played a role in the fall of Yugoslavia which was the actual reason Prime-Minister Jan Peter Balkenende did not allow the marriage.[19] The movie was not pulled and no lawsuit has been made, although Friso and Smit did try to alter their own Wikipedia pages, something confirmed by Wikipedia-admins and the Netherlands Government Information Service.[20]

Mabel's father - a banker of Rabobank - was rumoured to have been involved with Bruinsma, raising further questions.


Bruinsma was - according to the official narrative - shot by former commander of the Amsterdam police division Martin Hoogland in the summer of 1991 who had started working for the Yugoslavian mafia, his autobiography remarks he had lost the leadership at this point of his cannabis business and had become a cocaine addict. Hoogland has always denied and this murder - in the grand scheme of not knowing what Bruinsma actually did for the royals - therefore remains not entirely solved.[21] Dutch police and the AIVD were allegedly in a "yes-no argument" and a turf war regarding where and if Bruinsma's file still existed. An eerie detail: Hoogland himself was assassinated in 2004 near the end of his prison term with no shooter ever been found. Amsterdam Police said everything was erased as Bruinsma was deceased.

Bruinsma's body in 1991


Related Quotations

Netherlands/Deep state/Functions“The accusations against Bruinsma, Geerts, Scala and Videorama speak for themselves. And this same group has its ties to members of the Dutch royal family. Not mentioned yet, in 1989 Geerts put up a $500,000 bail for U.S. porn boss Reuben Sturman, a good friend of his. Back in the 1970s and 1980s Sturman and his partner Robert DiBernardo, both working for the Gambino crime family (DiBernardo was murdered on orders of John Gotti, soon after he (once again) was indicted for production and distribution of child pornography), maintained a virtual monopoly on the hardcore porn industry in the United States. They were also repeatedly accused of involvement in the production and distribution of child pornography, which until the late 1970s still was somewhat sanctioned. A gigantic portion of this type of material actually was imported from the Netherlands at the time.”Joël van der ReijdenOctober 2014
Mabel van Oranje“Mabel had attempted persistently to pocket the chairman of the JOVD, Jan Peter Balkenende's state secretary for social affairs Mark Rutte. Rutte's administrative colleagues at his party were so shocked by her stalk-ish behaviour that they protected their friend and chairman. Mabel appeared with the chauffeur of Klaas Bruinsma completely unannounced and ordered us to bring her to Mark's room. We staunchly denied because she was stoned as a shrimp and a complete mess.”Mabel van Oranje
PG Kroeger
Joël van der Reijden“There most certainly is evidence that quite a bit of child abuse takes place at the highest level of society and that people in this milieu for the most part care little about this problem. Also, there have been very demonstrable ties between the royal house of Orange, Klaas Bruinsma-Etienne Urka-John Engelsma-Charles Geerts Maffia and Intelligence & Operations. This last group was the Dutch brand of CIA Operation Gladio/"Stay Behind" network. These ties have to be investigated much deeper, because it appears that it's from this milieu that a lot of manipulation of the Dutch state has taken place, seemingly including paedophile entrapment operations. And isn't it just really strange that all Dutch names that have been leaked over the years with regard to paedophilia include homosexuals?”Joël van der ReijdenOctober 2014


5star.png 24 September 2020 Jun  The biggest Dutch drug kingpin of all time. Linked to the royals, child sex networks and even CIA-sponsored Gladio.
When you're named in a Netflix doc alongside El Chapo and Pablo Escobar, were mentioned as Epstein-like supplier of children & drugs in local news, and was never caught for "stealing" dozens of weapons from your intelligence agency, and the only thing the public remember and focus on is that your ex was a Dutch princess... how much have you successfully hidden?
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