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1953 coup d'etat.jpg
The first large scale regime change operation carried out by the CIA, in Iran

In 1953 the leader of the USSR, Joseph Stalin died. Shortly after, on April 16, US president Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his "cross of iron" speech, which warned against militarisation and the highlighted the wastefulness of military spending. On July 22, Eisenhower approved the CIA's bloody overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddegh, the democratically elected leader of Iran.[1]

Iran/1953 coup d'état

Full article: Iran/1953 coup d'état

Wall Street successfully used the resources of the CIA to remove the elected leader of Iran in a bloody coup that was staged to protect the oil profits of the Seven Sisters. The now leaked report of the first Bilderberg commented thas "Americans saw that firm Western action in Persia... had produced successful results".[2] The CIA admitted its role in this event in a declassified document released in 2013.[3]

Zapata Oil

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Zapata Oil.png

George H. W. Bush set up Zapata Oil, an oil exploration business which never achieved much profitability in the usual financial sense, but which appears to have been used an effective front company for a variety of covert operations, including spying and money laundering. Bush was never prosecuted for its illegal operations.[4] Its records with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission were "lost" shortly after Bush became Vice President of the United States.



Tuskegee syphilis experimentA murderous experiment which looked at the progression of syphilis. Subjects were told that they were being treated, while in fact treatment was denied them. Exposed after 40 years by a whistleblower who went to the press.
Morgenthau PlanProposal to destroy or remove Germany's industrial base.
Operation PaperclipA transfer of top German scientists to USA.
Guatemala syphilis experimentA murderous experiment which infected healthy subjects with syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid and possibly other diseases.
Cold WarThe official narrative had 2 diametrically opposed systems locked in combat with one another since soon after WW2. Each of the "superpowers" and its team of allies needed to outdo each other by creating ever more and deadlier weapons, creating a kind of perpetual war for perpetual peace, with the warring parties engaging mainly in covert/proxy wars. Deep state interests blossomed in the climate of fear and paranoia.
Project CHATTERCIA research focused on the identification and testing of drugs in interrogations and the recruitment of agents.
Operation Demagnetize"The institutional hardening of Gladio", an expansion of Gladio in the late 1940s, early 1950s.
Project UlyssesMossad covert operation to infiltrate and subvert the Palestinian political leadership
Lockheed/Bribery scandalsA series of bribes made by officials of the U.S. aerospace company Lockheed from the late 1950s to the 1970s in the process of negotiating the sale of aircraft.
Korean WarThe war on the Korean peninsular between the China/Soviet-backed forces of the North and the US-backed South between 1951-53
Project ARTICHOKEAn investigation into interrogation methods using drugs and other methods: "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?"
Mau Mau UprisingA Kenyan independence movement in the 1950s that faced brutal opposition by the UK.
Project MKDELTAA CIA mind control research project
Operation Midnight ClimaxA "free-wheeling illicit criminal" CIA project which filmed the effects of prostitutes dosing up victims with drugs such as LSD.
Project MKUltraAn illegal mind control research programme.
Cuban Revolution
Iran/1953 coup d'étatThe first of many large scale coups was carried out at the behest of big oil, by the CIA. The report of the inaugural Bilderberg next year termed this "firm Western action in Persia ... [that] had produced successful results."


New Groups

US Information AgencyUnitedStatesInformationAgency-Logo.svg
Operations Coordinating BoardGroup.png
University of Economics PragueGroup.pngIt is the largest university in the field of economics, business and information technology in the Czech Republic,
Zapata PetroleumZapata Oil.pngA front company started by George Bush Sr and some spooky CIA friends


==A Quotation== 


TitleBornDiedPlace of deathSummaryDescription
Josef Stalin18 December 18785 March 1953Russia
Soviet Union
Kuntsevo Dacha
Robert F. Wagner8 June 18774 May 1953New YorkPolitician
Ethel Rosenberg28 September 191519 June 1953New York
Julius Rosenberg191819 June 1953New York
Electrical engineer
George Herbert Walker11 June 187524 June 1953New York
Hilaire Belloc16 July 1953Surrey
Wirt Dexter Walker I13 April 18998 August 1953Lawyer
Dave Springhall28 March 19012 September 1953ActivistA UK communist activist
Maud Pember Reeves24 December 186513 September 1953Author
George Creel1 December 18762 October 1953Author
World War I propagandist. Headed the "Creel Commission" to try to get the US public to support involvement in WWI.
Frank Olson17 July 191028 November 1953New York
Biological warfare scientist
A US bioweapons researcher who fell to his death after having been unwittingly given LSD under the umbrella of MKNAOMI and MKULTRA.
Lavrenty Beria29 March 189923 December 1953Russia
Soviet Union
Deep politician



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Eeben Barlow1953Spook
Leo Noe1953Businessperson
Roger Kimball1953A conservative U.S. art critic and social commentator
Joseph Fenton195326 February 1989
Morag Kerr1953Author
George Daniels1953South Carolina
Deep state functionary
Blamed 9/11 on Iran, but ruled that Saudi Arabia had "sovereign immunity" from prosecution.
Richard W. Roberts1953New York
United States
JudgeAn associate of Rudy Giuliani who has handled some sensitive cases for the cabal.
Gary Johnson1 January 1953United States
North Dakota
Tamir Pardo1953Israel
Tel Aviv
Martin J. Gruenberg1953
Juan María Nin Génova1953BarcelonaFinancier
"Prestigious Spanish banker with great international influence". 5 Bilderbergs
Craig Thompson1953Biologist
Michael Farren1953US
West Hartford
LawyerFormer Deputy White House counsel convicted of attempting to murder his wife
Fu YingJanuary 1953Hohhot
Inner Mongolia
Double Bilderberger Chinese ambassador to the UK
Wolfgang Leitner1953Billionaire
Joseph E. Macmanus1953DiplomatDiplomat working for Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton
Richard Sakwa1953Author
Simon Ralph BarrettJanuary 1953Lawyer
Miguel Ángel Ballesteros1953Spain
SoldierAppointed as director of the Spanish Department of Homeland Security after the Integrity Initiative's Operation Moncloa.
Barbara Kulaszka195315 June 2017Lawyer
Mark Howell1953
Nilüfer Göle1953TurkeySociologistTurkish sociologist
Ajamu Baraka1953Journalist
US cultural and political critic. Called Obama "moral disaster" and one of "the worst things that has happened to African-American people".
Hilda Lini1953Activist
Lini is a strong advocate for peace and nuclear disarmament.
Ken Macdonald4 January 1953Lawyer
George Tenet5 January 1953New YorkSpook
Deep politician
Adrian Fulford8 January 1953Lawyer
Deep state actor
UK judge reportedly involved in backing the Paedophile Information Exchange
Robert O. Work17 January 1953North Carolina
David Shambaugh18 January 1953AcademicCFR, single Bilderberg US academic, China focus
Jeffrey Epstein20 January 1953New York
United States
10 August 2019VIPaedophile
Deep state actor
Billionaire who flew famous people on the Lolita Express to lavish parties on one a private island, which the locals dubbed "Orgy Island" or "Padeophile Island". A compulsive pedophile, he was convicted in 2008, given a cushy plea deal by use of deep state pressure. However, after this declared illegal in February 2019, after which people attempted to distance themselves from him. Re-arrested in June 2019, he was reportedly found dead of a "suicide" in prison although questions remain about this.
Moon Jae-in24 January 1953South Korea
South Gyeongsang Province
Mark Walport25 January 1953Scientist
Anders Fogh Rasmussen26 January 1953Denmark
PoliticianBilderberger, ex Danish PM, ex-Secretary General of NATO.
Benoît Puga30 January 1953FranceSoldier
Alistair MacWillsonFebruary 1953Spook
Marie-Anne Tan-De SonnavilleFebruary 1953JudgeJudge who erratically and emotionally suspended the lift of the Dutch Covid 19 2021 curfew ordered 4 hours earlier after being saved from a judicial disqualification.
Gregory B. Starr3 February 1953DiplomatDiplomat with long time service with the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service
Jerome Powell4 February 1953United States
Washington DC
Central banker
Jeb Bush11 February 1953United States
PoliticianA Bush crime family member whom the cabal are trying to get elected.
Christopher Boyce16 February 1953Whistleblower
Bank robber
A code clerk turned counter spook who also tried to see secret to the USSR, got caught, escaped and caught again. He revealed how the CIA was involved in the 1975 Australian coup.
Giles Watling18 February 1953Chingford
Cristina Kirchner19 February 1953Argentina
Buenos Aires
La Plata
José María Aznar25 February 1953Spain
Paul Krugman28 February 1953New York
United States
Lambert van Nistelrooij5 March 1953Netherlands
Walter Rothensteiner7 March 1953St. PoeltenFinancier
Jean-Dominique Senard7 March 1953France
Richard Stallman16 March 1953New YorkActivist
Ian Blair19 March 1953Cheshire
Police officerA senior UK policeman who claimed in 2006 that "Islamic terrorism" constituted "a far graver threat in terms of civilians than either the Cold War or the Second World War".
Lenín Moreno19 March 1953Politician
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