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Place.png Moscow


File:2019 Moscow election protests.jpg
August 2019 - People in Moscow demanding a fair election


Groups Headquartered Here

12th Chief Directorate4 September 1947
Almaz-Antey2002Russian state-owned company in the arms industry.
Central Bank of Russia25 December 1990
FSB12 April 1995Russian intelligence agency, successor to the KGB
Frunze Military Academy1918One of the most prestigious military educational institutions in the Soviet Union
KGB13 March 19546 November 1991
KasperskyThe alleged - by the US and UK - offensive cybersecurity firm for Russia.
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology1946
Moscow School for Political Studies
Moscow State Institute of International Relations1944Educates very many of Russia's political, economic, and intellectual elite
Moscow State Linguistic University1804High quality foreign language education for Russians
Moscow State University25 January 1755One of the main universities in Russia (and The USSR), and somewhat of a liberal bastion.
Moscow Times
Moscow University for the Humanities1944
Rosneft1993Russian integrated oil and gas company. One of the few multinationals in the world not owned by the Western interlocking directorate of capital.
RussiaThe largest nation state in the world
Russia Today10 December 2005A global TV channel backed by the Russian government. Allows Western dissidents on air and some deep politics to be discussed. Putting a positive spin on the government, but not too bad coverage of Russia either.
Soviet Union30 December 192226 December 1991An union of Russian-backed states led by communists. After a civil war it became the largest country and fastest-growing economy of the 1900s, and superpower from the 1940s. Its 1-century history is full of mass starvation, Jewish influence, targeting by Bilderberg, proxy-wars, and a lasting communist and cultural mark (including on other countries). Its role in saving Western Europe from Nazi Germany is often downplayed. Dissolved in 1991 into Russia and 15 other states.
Warsaw Pact
YUKOS15 April 199321 November 2007


Jobs here

R. H. Bruce LockhartUK Vice Consul To Russia19121915
John LoughInformation Representative19951998


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