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Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
Type nation state
Capital city London|“London”]]
Location Europe
Leader Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Subgroups • GCHQ
• MI5
• MI6
• UK Military
• UK Police
• Special Branch
• Cabinet Office
• Her Majesty's Treasury
• Home Office
• Ministry of Defence
• Ministry of Justice
• Attorney General's Office
• Department for Business Innovation and Skills
• Department for Communities and Local Government
• Department for Culture Media and Sport
• Department for Education
• Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
• Department for International Development
• Department for Transport
• Department for Work and Pensions
• Department of Energy and Climate Change
• Department of Health
• Foreign and Commonwealth Office
• Northern Ireland Office
• Office of the Advocate General for Scotland
• Office of the Leader of the House of Commons
• Office of the Leader of the House of Lords
• Scotland Office
• UK Export Finance
• Wales Office
• Prime Minister's Office
• Charity Commission for England and Wales
• Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt
• Competition and Markets Authority
• Crown Prosecution Service
• Food Standards Agency
• Forestry Commission
• Government Actuary's Department
• Her Majesty's Land Registry
• Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
• National Crime Agency
• National Savings and Investments
• Office for Standards in Education Children's Services and Skills
• Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
• Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation
• Office of Rail Regulation
• Ordnance Survey
• Public Works Loan Board
• Serious Fraud Office
• Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
• The National Archives
• Treasury Solicitor's Department
• UK Statistics Authority
• UK Trade & Investment
• Water Services Regulation Authority
Interest of UK/Deep state
Member of Global Counter Terrorism Forum, NATO, OECD, UKUSA, UN/SC
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UK/2017 General Election
UK/Ambassador to Egypt
UK/Ambassador to Finland
UK/Ambassador to France
UK/Ambassador to Germany
UK/Ambassador to Indonesia
UK/Ambassador to Israel
UK/Ambassador to Luxembourg
UK/Ambassador to Poland
UK/Ambassador to Russia
UK/Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
UK/Ambassador to Spain
UK/Ambassador to Turkey
UK/Deep state
UK/Foreign Policy
UK/High Commissioner to South Africa
UK/Joint Intelligence Committee
UK/Minister for Defence Procurement
UK/Ministry of Defence
UK/Ministry of Justice
UK/Permanent Representative to the United Nations
UK/Postmaster General
UK/Prime Minister
UK/Representative to the European Union

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) is a nation state in Northern Europe. In 2013, it was #5 in the world in terms of military expenditure.[1]

Official Narrative

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland...

Deep State

Full article: UK/Deep state
“The UK's communications watchdog Ofcom has overturned its ban on the use of GSM gateways (COMUGs) for overseas phone calls – leaving one of the longest prosecutions in modern English legal history hanging in the balance. The decision comes after a controversial public consultation exercise held earlier this year, in which The Register caught the Home Office's secret spy powers unit trying to anonymously lobby the regulator and keep the ban.”
Gareth Corfield (10 July 2017)  - [2]

The UK deep state is a significant component of the supranational deep state. It has long established links to the commonwealth and draws on the the sevices of the 3 main UK intelligence agencies:- MI5, MI6, GCHQ.

Arms Production

The UK is the #6 nation worldwide as regards arms export from 2012-2016, after Germany and fellow UN Security Council members, US, Russia, China and France.[3]


Events carried out

2003 Iraq War2003 - PresentIraq
2011 Attacks on Libya15 February 2011 - 23 October 2011Libya
Manhattan Project1942 - 1946

Office Holders on Wikispooks

R. H. Bruce Lockhart19151915
R. H. Bruce Lockhart19151917
R. H. Bruce Lockhart19121915

A Document by UK

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:Hw-80-2.pdfagreement1 November 1945UKUSAThe 1945 draft UK-USA agreement


2005 London bombings7 July 2005 08:50:00 - 7 July 2005 09:47:00
2010 Cumbria shootings2 June 2010 10:13:00 - 2 June 2010 12:15:00
2016 EU Referendum23 June 2016
2017 Westminster attack22 March 2017
Bilderberg/196731 March 1967 - 2 April 1967
Bilderberg/20136 June 2013 - 9 June 2013
Brighton bombing
Jo Cox/Murder16 June 2016
June 2017 London attack

Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDate
15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group1998 - Present
Adam Smith International
Amnesty International1961 - Present
ArmorGroup1981 - Present
BAE Systems
BBC18 October 1922 - Present
Bank of England1694 - Present
Bank of Scotland
Bell Pottinger
Board of Deputies of British Jews
British Aerospace
British Council1934 - Present
British Petroleum
British Satellite Broadcasting
British-American Tobacco
Cambridge Analytica31 December 2013 - Present
Cambridge University/St John's College
Cambridge University/Trinity College
Campaign Against Antisemitism
Carlton Television
Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies1983 - Present
Chartered Management Institute1947 - Present
Control Risks1975 - Present
Cornerstone Group
Crown Agents
Democracy Institute2006 - Present
Fabian Society1884 - Present
Financial Services Authority
G4S2004 - Present
Greater Manchester Police
Group 4 Falck
Hakluyt1995 - Present
Henry Jackson Society11 March 2005 - Present
Home Office/Investigatory Powers Tribunal2000 - Present
Imperial Chemical Industries
Index on Censorship
Institute of Economic Affairs1955 - Present
International Institute for Strategic StudiesNovember 1958 - Present
International Institute of Strategic Studies
International Maritime Organization1959 - Present
Jewish Leadership Council2003 - Present
Joint Services Intelligence Organisation
Labour Party Irish Society
Lloyds of London
London Metropolitan University
London School of Economics
London South Bank University
Lonrho13 May 1909 - Present
... further results

Job here

Hamzah BehbehaniPrivate Banker19921992Middle East Sales

Citizens of UK on Wikispooks

Antony Acland12 March 1930
Andrew Adonis22 February 1963
Babar AhmadMay 1974US pressure had Babar Ahmad arrested and held for 10 years in UK, although he had broken no UK law. He was beaten up by UK police in 2003. A petition signed by 149,388 people did not prevent his extradition to US - with no evidence of wrong doing provided - a county where it is likely he has been tortured.
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed1978
Talha Ahsan21 September 1979
Max Aitken25 May 18799 June 1964
Alex Allan9 February 1951
Clifford Allen9 May 18893 March 1939
Leo Amery22 November 187316 September 1955
Barbara Amiel4 December 1940
Dave Anderson2 December 1953
Christopher Andrew23 July 1941
Elish Angiolini24 June 1960
Aamer Anwar30 December 1967
Jeffrey Archer15 April 1940Perjurer, politician and apparently also failed armchair revolutionary.
Peter Archer20 November 192614 June 2012
Robert Armstrong30 March 1927Crossbencher in the House of Lords
Timothy J. Garton Ash12 July 1955
Paddy Ashdown24 February 1941
Catherine Ashton20 March 1956A woman with zero qualification or experience of foreign affairs who, in 2009, was made 'High representative for Foreign Affairs and Security policy' in a deal which finally recognised that the position was NOT going to be given to Tony Blair
Richard Ashworth17 September 1947A member of the European Parliament
John Aspinall11 June 192629 June 2000
Haroon Rashid Aswat1979
Clement Attlee3 January 18838 October 1967
Crispin Aubrey3 January 194628 September 2012
Nadhmi Auchi11 June 1937
Shaukat Aziz6 March 1949Le Cercle
Tim Baber
David Baddiel28 May 1964
John Baird27 April 187420 August 1941
Frank Baker27 January 1961
Mike Baker22 June 1961
Norman Baker26 July 1957
Stanley Baldwin3 August 186714 December 1947
Arthur Balfour25 July 184819 March 1930
Ed Balls25 February 1967
Brian Barder20 June 193419 September 2017
Rowland Baring28 July 191816 March 1991
Thomas Baring22 January 182615 November 1904
Harry Barnes22 July 1936
John Baron21 June 1959
Gerard Batten27 March 1954A member of the European Parliament
Hugh Bayley9 January 1952
Catherine Bearder14 January 1949
Jillian Becker2 June 1932
Vanessa Beeley
Alfred Beit15 February 185316 July 1906
Alan Beith20 April 1943
John Bell1 July 1952
Tim Bell18 October 1941
... further results

Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Britain - Incipient Fascist Statearticle3 February 2011Derek Martin
File:Cabinet-manual.pdfmanualOctober 2011Gus O'Donnell
Raqqa: A City Laid Waste, The Law Laid LowArticle2 November 2018Christopher BlackIn June 2017, the US-led coalition - including France and the UK - launched a military operation to force the Islamic State armed group from Raqqa. But instead of only targeting IS, we killed hundreds and injured thousands of civilians, while obliterating much of the city.
United States, Canada, Britain: Partners in mind-control operationsarticleJuly 1996Armen Victorian


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