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(researcher, author)
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Interests • Project Pheonix
• deep politics
• War On Drugs

Douglas Valentine is prolific and well informed researcher.


Doug Valentine interviewed a lot of CIA officers before writing his books. The officers spoke relatively freely to him, since he had been referred by Bill Casey.[citation needed]


Documents by Douglas Valentine

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:CIA Killings Spell Defeat In Afghanistanarticle8 January 2010CIA
Afghanistan/2001 Invasion
Document:From Glory Boy to PoW Songbirdarticle13 June 2008John McCainA reality based counterbalance to the de-rigeur 'war-hero' treatment that John McCain is routinely accorded by the US commercially-controlled media and his Wikipedia entry
Document:Operation Two-Foldarticle25 January 2008CIA
Operation Two-Fold
Document:The Politics of Terrorarticle31 August 2010Deep politics
"War on Terror"
Surveillance State


Quotes by Douglas Valentine

CIA“The CIA is set up like a military organization with a sacred chain of command. Somebody tells you what to do and you salute and do it.”
Phoenix Program“a highly bureaucratized system for dispensing with people who cannot be ideologically assimilated.”Feed Your Need To Read
Plausible deniability“The CIA doesn’t do anything it can’t deny. Tom Donohue, a retired senior CIA officer, told me about this.”9 September 2017Counterpunch
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