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Event.png Gladio 3.0(Strategy of tension) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date2020 - Present
PerpetratorsCIA, SDS?
DescriptionPossible new version of Operation Gladio 2.0.

Gladio 3.0 is a conjectured continuation of operation Gladio 2.0, the deep state's covert recruitment, financing, arming, protecting and direction of Muslim jihadists as fighters in foreign wars and to create a strategy of tension at home. Gladio 3.0 is the use of Neo-nazis for the same purposes.


The original Gladio was NATO's secret stay-behind army during the Cold War. The word itself means a double-edged sword, and just like the sword, the network had a dual-purpose. Firstly it was to form the resistance in case of a Soviet invasion. Secondly, it was to secure the Western European states against any left-wing parties getting into position of power, democratically elected or otherwise. Recruited mostly from fascists people with a hard right ideology, it secured the second objective in different countries with a mix of propaganda, assassinations, and terror operations, most often under false flag blaming the leftists.

Gladio 2.0 was a significant reboot and variation of this operation. With an approximate start after the end of theCold War in 1990, it used Muslim jihadists, with a core of mercenaries from the War in Afghanistan, and again for a dual purpose. The ensuing "war on terror" made a further militarization of Western societies possible, while at the same time creating the pretext for the takeover of the Greater Middle East.

Theoretical scenarios

Eastern Europe

In February 2022, Douglas London, a Senior Operations Officer in the CIA Clandestine Service, wrote an article in the CFR's Foreign Affairs magazine, where he drew a direct line to the U.S. support for the Afghan mujahideen in the 1980s: "Putin will face a long, bloody insurgency that could spread across multiple borders, perhaps even reaching into Belarus. Widening unrest could destabilize other countries in Russia’s orbit, such as Kazakhstan, and even spill into Russia itself. When conflicts begin, unpredictable and unimaginable outcomes can become all too real. Putin may not be prepared for the insurgency—or insurgencies—to come."[1]


The paper would suggest possible agents could stage false flag attacks on their own soil, while working for a foreign nation, which was not the premise of Gladio 1 completely. The CFR Article would therefore suggest a more Gladio 2 than Gladio 1 approach; planting agents in enemy countries with the name nationality (similar to the Middle East).

White uprising?

A possible theory could be the rise of the “right wing” white supremacist attacks through NATO countries in the 2010s (such as the 2011 Norway attacks or the Christchurch Mass Shooting), or the CCM coverage thereof. ISGP argued most members of alternative or new right political parties to be in fact run by the CIA for the SDS, with the only distinction being a “liberal” and “conservative” division.

“To illustrate in a bit more detail, the terms "liberal CIA" and "conservative CIA" do not refer to establishment GOP and DNC candidates, nor to known superclass members: anyone from Donald Rumsfeld to a Henry Kissinger or Madeleine Albright - because we already know these people have their own agenda. No, these terms denote individuals and groups that present themselves as "opposition" to "the establishment" - but, through a combination of their (dogmatic) opinions and funding from various CIA-tied foundations (or the CIA itself) can be identified as "controlled opposition".”
Joël van der Reijden (April 7, 2019)  [2]

An interesting angle is that most of the new political movements that have become anti-immigration and pro-isolationism have members of well known deep state recruitment networks, as researched by ISGP. A theory could be that these anti-immigration parties have been established by intelligence agencies to create a new strategy of tension, with pointing to immigrants and their race, cultures and statistical relation to increased crime rates and worsening economies in western countries. Focusing on immigrants as the main problem of all could be a tactic to scare the public when such attacks (possibly by spooks or a patsy) do occur. Joël van der Reijden of ISGP points out that "free speech" sites like 4chan – where dozens of white nationalists have announced their mass shooting or murder spree – have been founded, run or infiltrated by spooks and intelligence agencies. A combination of these factors could result in reasonable critics of capitalism, globalism and open borders-policies silenced or jailed as in Gladio 1.[3].



In November 2022, Italian police announced a series of raids against the neo-Nazi Order of Hagal organization. Accused of stockpiling weapons and planning terror attacks on civilian and police targets, the group has established operational ties to the Ukrainian Azov Battalion.[4] But Ukraine is not the only country to have been visited by members of the Order of Hagal; "some members" also travelled to Israel to train in Krav Maga and the use of long and short weapons," according to police officials, and were given diplomas for completing the training.[5][6]


"2022 The German coup d'état plot", also known as The Storming of the Reichstag 2022", was the alleged attempt at a coup d'état by a Reichbürger group in Germany which was allegedly prevented by large police effort in December 2022.[7][8] The raids were the biggest "anti-terror" operation in modern German history.[9] The arrested persons had an high average age, with the corporate newspapers speaking of Elisabeth R., age 75, as the "terror grandma with the potato sack".[10] Other "members" included a handful of pensioned officers from both the West- and former East-German armies. The security forces seized a vintage-looking Kalashnikov from one of the "members".[11]

In June 2017, the Ukrainian Azov Battalion recruited fighters at a neo-Nazi festival in Thuringia, Germany or at least tried to, as shown, among other things by advertising brochures of the Azov right-wing extremists handed around there.[12]


Kit Klarenberg exposed how Hundreds of French citizens traveled to the Ukraine to take up arms against Russia since 2014, and especially after the full war started in February 2022. They were fighting mostly for the militias Azov Battalion, Centuria and Right Sector.[13] On April 24th 2023, two French neo-Nazis were jailed for 15 months, nine of which were suspended, for possessing assault rifle ammunition. The pair had returned to Paris from Ukraine two days earlier, and were arrested at customs. Both were on the radar of French domestic spying agency DGSI, which held files on them for endangering state security. One was a veteran of Chasseurs Alpins (Alpine Hunters), France’s elite mountain infantry force.[14]

United Kingdom

In July 2022, a report from the British parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee contained a brief section on the risk of Britons who had traveled overseas for "extreme right-wing terrorism purposes" having been "further radicalised" by the experience, and "developed connections with others" who share their violent ideology.[15] The Committee said there was "no process in place" to monitor these individuals upon their arrival.[13]

United States

In February 2023, two American neo-Nazis were indicted for a plan to destroy electrical substations serving the majority Black city of Baltimore, Maryland, in a bid to deprive residents of heat and light during winter. The indictment created virtually no interest in corporate media, and went largely unremarked upon by US officials.[13] The pair were leaders of Atomwaffen, also known as the National Socialist Resistance Front, a group with ties to the Azov Battalion.[16] One Atomwaffen figure, Caleb Kole, was sentenced in January 2022 by the US Department of Justice for plotting with accomplices to intimidate Jews and journalists.[17]

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