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Flag of Spain.svg
Type nation state
Capital city Madrid
Location Europe
Leader Prime Minister of Spain
Mariano Rajoy.jpg
Incumbent: Mariano Rajoy
Since 21 December 2011
Member of Global Counter Terrorism Forum, NATO, OECD

Spain is a European nation state. It was active under Operation Gladio.

2004 Madrid train bombings

Full article: 2004 Madrid train bombings

On the 11th of March 2004, 10 bombs were set of on trains in the nation's capital, Madrid, just days before the election. The commercially-controlled media quickly blamed the attack on Al Qaeda. The Spanish population refused to support to rally behind the sitting government and "stick with the party that had talked the toughest against terrorism".[1]

Cannabis legality

Cannabis use is legal in private areas and decriminalized in public areas.

Arms Production

Spain was the #7 nation worldwide as regards arms exports from 2012-2016.[2]


An event carried out

2011 Attacks on Libya15 February 2011 - 23 October 2011Libya


1991 Madrid Conference
2004 Madrid train bombings11 March 2004
2017 Barcelona attack
Bilderberg/198912 May 1989 - 14 May 1989
Bilderberg/20103 June 2010 - 6 June 2010
Le Cercle/2007 (Madrid)29 November 2007 - 2 December 2007
Spanish civil war17 July 1936 - 1 April 1939


Club de Madrid

Citizens of Spain on Wikispooks

Julio Abreu
Joaquín Almunia17 June 1948
Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría Antón
Esperanza Aguirre y Gil de Biedma3 January 1952
Ana Botín4 October 1960
Jaime Caruana14 March 1952
Juan Luis Cebrián30 October 1944
Emilio de Ybarra y Churruca
Emilio de Ybarra y Clurruca
María Dolores de Cospedal13 December 1965
Miguel Cuyaubé8 June 1951
Guillermo de la Dehesa9 July 1941
Oscar Fanjul
Rodrigo de Rato Figaredo18 March 1949Bilderberg embezzler
Federico Trillo Figueroa22 May 1952
Francisco Franco4 December 189220 November 1975
Miguel Sebastián Gascón
Felipe Gonzalez5 March 1942
Bernardino León Gross20 October 1964
Matías Rodríguez Inciarte23 March 1948
Manuel Fraga Iribarne23 November 192215 January 2012Member of both Le Cercle and the 1001 Club.
Pablo Isla22 January 1964
Fernando I. Gonzalez Laxe6 September 1952
Francisco Luzon Lopez1 January 1948
Pedro Solbes Mira31 August 1942
Miguel Fernández Ordóñez3 April 1945
Ana Palacio22 July 1948
Loyola de Palacio
Carlos Robles Piquer13 October 1925Cercle visitor.
Jesus de Polanco
Jordi Pujol9 June 1930
Eduardo Serra Rexach19 December 1946
Joaquin Romero-Maura1940
Mariano Rubio
Juan Tomas de Salas
Carlos Ferrer Salat22 March 193118 October 1998
Miguel Boyer Salvador5 February 193929 September 2014
Julian Santamaria
Narcis Serra
Ignacio Camunas Solis1 September 1940
Juan Carlos I of Spain5 January 1938
Queen Sofía of Spain2 November 1938
Jaime Carvajal Urquijo9 June 1939
Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo1942
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero4 August 1960

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