Western Global Airlines

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Group.png Western Global Airlines
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Founder CIA
Headquarters Florida, USA
Membership • James K. Neff
• Randall P. Fiorenza
• Carmit P. Neff
• Thomas J. Quehl
• Terrence A. Washow
• Jerome M. Basile
• George Boyko
• William E. Phillips
An airline which owned a plane that landed in Zimbabwe with a body and 67 tons of cash on board, was held for a few days and later released without charge or proper explanation.


Daniel Hopsicker states that "Western Global is two men: James K. Neff and Randall P. Fiorenza."[1] The US Department of Transportation Order # 2014-2-11 listed the following "key management personnel", as well as noting that the Neffs had personal bank accounts with a total balance "in excess of $10.0 million":


Full article: Rated 5/5 Western Global Airlines N545JN

Daniel Hopsicker broke the story of Western Global Airlines N545JN to a wide audience on 22nd February, 2015. This plane had taken off from Germany, flying to Durban, South Africa and made an emergency landing at the Zimbabwean capital Harare[3] where it was found to be carrying a dead body and 67 tonnes of South African cash. The plane was impounded[4] but later released, together with the crew.[5][6]


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Western Global Airlines N545JN13 February 2016 - Present