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Headquarters of US Department of Defence, the Pentagon

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September 11th, 2001

Full article: 9-11/Pentagon

The Pentagon, headquarters of the US Department of Defence was attacked, allegedly by a hijacked jetliner on 9/11. The attackers targeted the recently strengthened wing where accountants from the ONI were investigating corruption.


Deputy Defense Secretary Robert O. Work ordered a study into "defense spending". When it revealed $125 billion in wasteful spending, it was suppressed amid fear that it might lead US Congress to reduce the Pentagon's budget.[1]



9-11/E-4B11 September 2001 09:44:00 - 11 September 2001

Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDateDescription
DIA1 October 1961 - Present
Joint Chiefs of Staff1942 - Present
Office of Net Assessment1973 - Present
Office of the Secretary of Defense
US Navy13 October 1775 - Present
US/Department of Defense10 August 1949 - PresentThe action arm of the Military-industrial-congressional complex, whose functionaries are rewarded in rough proportion to their ability to stifle dissent and channel funds to arms manufacturers.
US/Department of the Navy
US/Marine Corps
United States Air Force
United States Department of the Army

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