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Person.png Raymond Rocca
Died 1993
CIA counterintelligence officer and specialist on the Soviet Union
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Employment.png Deputy Chief of the Counterintelligence Division

In office
- December 1974
Employer CIA

After his initial debriefing by the Soviet Bloc Division, Russian defector Anatoliy Golitsyn refused to deal with anyone other than Rocca or his boss in the Counterintelligence Division, James Angleton. In late 1962, Golitsyn indicated to Rocca that he wanted to resettle abroad and was allowed to move from the US to Britain.[1]

Rocca resigned as Deputy Chief of the CIA Counterintelligence Division in December 1974, along with William J. Hood, the division's executive officer, and Newton S. Miller its chief of operations, within a week of the resignation of the division's chief James Angleton. Seymour Hersh reported at the time that the resignations were a response to William Colby's decision not to appoint any of them in Angleton's place. In the preceding year, the Domestic Operations Division and the Counterintelligence Division had been shown to have been operating illegally in the United States, and all three felt their division had taken an unfair share of the blame.[2]


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  2. Seymour M. Hersh, New York Times, 30 December 1974, p.1. column 3.
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