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Nominally an intelligence agency, the CIA quickly went beyond its information gathering brief, to become a covert action arm of Wall St. This was later to morph into the US Deep State.

1947 saw the Bretton Woods agreement, which was central to establishing the petrodollar and the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.


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In 1947, Harry Truman signed the National Security Act, which created the CIA, something he later came to regret. The first Director of Central Intelligence, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, authorised the CIA to carry out covert actions in Italy in 1947 to try to hinder the Italian communists in the elections.

Operation Embarrass

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This was series of 5 false flag bombings carried out by MI6 in 1947 and 1948. They targetted boats carrying Jews to Israel, in an effort to control Jewish migration, but blamed Palestinians. This conspiracy was kept secret for over 60 years, until MI6 themselves exposed the attacks themselves by including them in the archives shown to Keith Jeffery for his official history of the organization.



Tuskegee syphilis experiment
Morgenthau Plan
Operation Paperclip
Guatemala syphilis experiment
Doctors' trial
Cold War
Operation Embarrass

New Groups

United States National Security CouncilSeal Of The President Of The United States Of America.svg1947 - Present
Chartered Management InstituteGroup.png1947 - Present
CIAIntelligence agencyThe most high profile of the US intelligence agencies, a covert agent of foreign policy. Funded by a 'black budget' derived from the global drug trade, the CIA is experienced at assassination, blackmail, instigating coups and other such covert deep state actions. Its scrutiny in the early 1970s however led to the development of more secure bases for the most sensitive deep state operations.

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