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Event.png Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (Air disaster,  mid-level deep event) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date8 March 2014
LocationSouth China Sea,  Indian Ocean
Blamed on"Air traffic controllers"
Witnessed byMaldives, Chagos Archipelago
Interest ofIntellihub, Mahathir Mohamad
SubpageMalaysia Airlines Flight 370/Blaine Alan Gibson's research
DescriptionA commercial airliner which went missing. Reported to be seen flying towards black site, Diego Garcia. The prime-minister of Malaysia became visibly concerned that Boeing and the CIA were covering up something.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was a scheduled flight on 8 March 2014 which apparently disappeared without trace, a quite unbelievable feat with modern technology. The prime-minister of Malaysia at the time of the final investigation, Mahathir Mohamad (backed by researchers like Peter Myers), implicated the CIA and plane-builder Boeing were covering up what they actually knew.[1] Private investigators that beat a $200 million search, found witnesses and evidence on the Maldives were followed, threatened or assassinated, with most investigations later on pointing to black site Diego Garcia playing some role.[2]

Official Narrative

The Vanishing of Flight 370 - Lemmino

Wikipedia reports that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370)[3], also marketed as China Southern Airlines Flight 748 (CZ748) through a code-share.[3] was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on Saturday, 8 March 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia to Beijing Capital International Airport, China. Flight 370 reportedly last made voice contact with air traffic control at 01:19 Malaysian Time (17:19 UTC, 7 March) when it was over the South China Sea, less than an hour after takeoff, and the aircraft disappeared from air traffic controllers' radar screens at 01:21 MYT (17:21 UTC).[4][5] Commercially-controlled media reports radar data that showed the plane climbing to around 45,000 feet and then making a rapid dive to 23,000 feet.[6] The official story basically ends on it just crashed somewhere where it will never be found. The combined manpower of three governments, 1046 days of searching, and $160 million failed to pull answers.[7]


An acoustic signal was picked up at the time of the crash, in a totally different location than the search area

Wikipedia soon relegated discussion of alternative explanations to a second page (just like with TWA flight 800), "Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 unofficial disappearance theories", which as of 2017 gives prominence to Cass "Cognitive Infiltration" Sunstein, CNN and The Independent who tried diverting from any deep political reasoning by asking if it could've been "aliens" (even starting a poll), a black hole, "North Korea" or just battling conspiracy theorists right off the bat.[8]

A mathematics professor from Texas A&M University has argued that the plane must have entered the sea vertically; any other angle of entry would have splintered the air-plane to many pieces, which would have necessarily been found already.[9][10] The Atlantic Monthly itself ran an article in 2014, featuring outside experts saying that Inmarsat's analysis is wrong; and that investigators could be looking in the wrong ocean. This did not stop the international community from still searching there.[11] The official story has some holes, most notably, the first adjustment to the official story was that the plane was revealed to be flying for at least 5 hours after losing contact, which placed question marks at the suicide theories.

“My own view is that probably control was taken of that aeroplane, the events that happened during the course of its tracked flight will be anybody's guess of who did what and when. I think we need to know who was on this aeroplane in the detail that obviously some people do know, we need to know what was in the hold of the aeroplane, in the detail we need to know, in a transparent manner.”
Tim Clark (November 2014)  [12]

Emirates CEO Tim Clark said he believed MH370 was hijacked, that the plane may not have flown south, and that government agencies were covering up.[13] Most of the search continued was focused on the original location pin-pointed by governments, near western Australia. Soon, some small pieces were found thousands of miles away from the search area, as one fin or vertical stabilizer found by marines in the western Indian ocean. Although some CEO's like Tim Clark called for new searches after underwater microphones suggested the plane crashed near Madagascar[14], most attention was quickly diverted to another deep event, the downing of another Malaysia Airlines plane, known as MH 17.

Suggested Explanations

Relatives of survivors argue plane was shot down on French TV - France 24.

James Perloff suggested in 2017 that the aircraft's climb to 45,000 feet may have been a way of killing of the passengers once the cabin was depressurized.[15] Peter Myers, who was actively researching its fate as of February 2017, has suggested that MH370 hijacked by CIA, to stop technology transfer to China.[16] Myers has been largely ignored in CCM.

Pilot suicide

The last radio transmission "Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero" was spoken by the crew. However, the pilot did not read back the assigned frequency, which was inconsistent with radiotelephony procedures (which was confirmed by the authorities). The air-plane transponder was disabled one minute later. Upon request, when another plane contacted the plane 10 minutes later, that pilot heard "mumbling and radio static in reply". The captain asked to not [17] be named remarking the following;

"We managed to establish contact with MH370 just after 1.30am and asked them if they have transferred into Vietnamese airspace. The voice on the other side could have been either Captain Zaharie (Ahmad Shah, the pilot) or Fariq (Abdul Hamid, co-pilot), but I was sure it was the co-pilot. There were a lot of interference... static... but I heard mumbling from the other end. That was the last time we heard from them, as we lost the connection. Those on the same frequency at the time would have heard the exchange. This would include vessels on the waters below. If the plane was in trouble, we would have heard the pilot making the Mayday distress call. But I am sure that, like me, no one else up there heard it".

Diego Garcia

Malaysian Prime Minister: MH370 may have been hacked - CNN

“Clearly Boeing and certain agencies have the capacity to take over ‘uninterruptible control’ of commercial airliners of which MH370 B777 is one. Someone is hiding something, it is not fair that… Malaysia should take the blame. For some reason, the media will not print anything that involves Boeing or the CIA"”
Mahathir Mohamad (2014)  [18]

A December 23, 2014 article from the New Zealand Herald and France24 reported that Marc Dugain, the former chief executive of now-defunct Proteus Airlines had a new theory regarding the plane; It was shot down[19]. after being hacked around Diego Garcia. His claims were met with a lot of scepticism. Mahathir Mohamad was visible spooked when discovering - after pushing for questioning how a plane in 2010s could disappear with satellites hovering above the entire world - the media globally refused to investigate or start questioning Boeing (who have a remote autopilot[20]patented but denied to have built into their newest planes) or the CIA (who work with British intelligence agency MI6 at Diego Garcia).[21]

In a blog post, the Malaysian PM doubled down on his claims further remarking “Airplanes can go up and stay up for long periods of time. But even they must come down eventually. They can land safely or they may crash. But airplanes don’t just disappear. Certainly not these days with all the powerful communication systems, radio, and satellite tracking and filmless cameras which operate almost indefinitely and possess huge storage capacities" and that “the ‘uninterruptible’ autopilot would be activated—either by the pilot, by onboard sensors, or even remotely by radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of the flight deck".

Final Report

Waypoints of the pilot manually programmed into Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The final Malaysian report [22] seems to contradict itself, possibly hinting at some form of intervention.

  • Although the phone of the co-pilot signaled home, only one brand of commercially able telephones was able to make a call at 20,000ft.
  • The aircraft's sudden diversion could only have been achieved manually & disengaging the autopilot raised the possibility of "intervention by a third party", but concluded there was *no evidence that the plane had been flown remotely".
  • The pilot "manually programmed" waypoint coordinates that together created a flight path to the southern Indian Ocean, the later change of direction to the south or south-west could've been down on autopilot, but "it is more likely that such maneuvers are due to the systems being manipulated."
  • No evidence of fire, tests done on interior cabin debris found on Indian Ocean beaches showed no signs of an explosion on board, but the lack of debris was enough for the investigation team to not rule out a bomb.
  • Investigators investigated the companies cargo loads and cargo types that had caused explosions in other planes before like batteries from manufacturer Motorola and Samsung and established that the load was not particularly large or hazardous.
  • There was no evidence that the pilots — or anyone on board — had suffered hypoxia or lack of oxygen.

The report concluded the debris found by private citizens and investigations was "consistent with having drifted over nearly two years from the area in which impact is thought to have occurred", failing to mention those like Gibson and Myers have also brought forward witnesses from the islands that have seen a plane not acknowledged by governments.[23]

Unexplained evidence

Blaine Gibson on Madagascar - AP.

Many strange pieces of evidence have not been followed up on, such as the fact that captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had proven black site Diego Garcia as one of his simulated destinations in flight training in his Microsoft Flight Simulator (training-sessions he deleted from his hard drive according to the FBI)[24] prepared before flying that night, or the fact that the co-pilot attempted a phone call after the official "disappearance" of the plane[25].

The news media reported several sightings of an aircraft fitting the description of the missing Boeing 777. For example, on 19 March 2014, CNN reported that witnesses including fishermen, an oil rig worker, and people on the Kuda Huvadhoo atoll in the Maldives saw the missing airliner. A fisherman claimed to have seen an unusually low-flying aircraft off the coast of Kota Bharu, while an oil-rig worker 186 miles (299 km) southeast of Vung Tau claimed he saw a "burning object" in the sky that morning, a claim credible enough for the Vietnamese authorities to send a search-and-rescue mission, and Indonesian fishermen reported witnessing an aircraft crash near the Malacca Straits.[26] Three months later, The Daily Telegraph reported that a British woman sailing in the Indian Ocean claimed to have seen an aircraft on fire.[27]

On 30 July 2015, there were reports that a metallic object described as six to nine feet long and three feet wide was found on a beach on the east coast of Reunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean. The object had the code number “BB670” on it. Locals said the object had shells on it and appeared to have been in the water for some time. [28]

Blaine Gibson was reported in May 2018 as stating that he was subjected to stalking, death threats, and even assassination attempts being used to stop his work: "In an interview with The West Australian, Gibson, who is said to have found more than half of the debris that has been discovered of the ill-fated jet, said his own search was subjected to intimidation, stalking, death threats, defamation, and assassination. "For whatever reasons, some people are very upset that I and other private citizens are finding pieces of the plane," he told the newspaper.[29] Even though Gibson found witnesses, parts of the plane and a very spooked government that declared all talk about a plane seen above the island so close that the witnesses described "seeing the doors" not suitable for discussion. Gibson was threatened - even after changing his phone multiple times on the island - and suspected individuals taking pictures of him during his research on the island. Gibson went in hiding after his new phones kept receiving multiple calls that lasted at least 3 years, "One message said that either he would stop looking for debris or he would leave Madagascar in a coffin.", "another warned he would die of polonium poisoning".[30]

Gibson traveled to the Maldives and found the citizens that claimed and were willing to claim again that they saw a plane that has not been identified by the Maldives government, and that the government "denies" to the have even existed. One of Gibson's associates was even assassinated[31].

“This report makes no attempt or claim to prove that the large low flying jet plane seen over Kudahuvadhoo that fateful early morning was MH 370. It merely sets the record straight that the jet plane that overflew Kudahuvadhoo has not yet been identified. The Maldives government first claimed there was "no plane", then the plane was a "private jet", then fifteen months later a "domestic propeller plane flight", then back to "no plane", then finally to say it cannot be discussed due to "national security".”
Blaine Gibson (2016)  [32]

Diego Garcia Military Exercise?

Full article: Missing documents
Full article: Diego Garcia
According to the Daily Mail, a research from Cardiff University discovered that 25 minutes of satalite data of the radar station on CIA&MI6 black site Diego Garcia was "deleted" as the closest other stations reported suspicious acoustic radar data similar to "military action". Surrounding these 25 minutes, two separate unexplained military actions were undertaken according to this paper of the university.[33]

Research from Cardiff University in 2019 discovered that Diego Garcia had similar signals normally recorded during a military exercise during the possible passing of the plane. Their study reports that in particular only this station named HA08, that would've been beneath the suggested flying path of the plane in one of its first westward projected flights paths was turned off illegally. The study said that "the locations of signals found using HA08s data do come with high uncertainty but still require further detailed and careful analysis. Unfortunately, on top of the noisy recorded signals, 25 minutes of data from HA08s is missing. The signals we have analysed indicate that the there was a 25-minute shutdown that has gone unexplained by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation, which is responsible for the hydrophone stations." This would hint a incident similar to TWA Flight 800.[34]


Intelligence Agencies

Even though several inhabitants of the Maldives confessed[35] seeing a plane with white and blue stripes flying very low on the night of the disappearance towards Diego Garcia, former airlines-boss Marc Dugain[36] was intimated after concluding MH370 shot down near Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean after it was hacked, being told by a British intelligence agency source, who spoke of "risks" and counselled him to "let time do its work".

Although the CCM reported about the waypoints of the pilot in the beginning of the story, it denied the waypoints raised any suspicions a few months later... and confirmed the waypoints again 2 years later as the Australian Safety Board and the Malaysian final report included the waypoints, pointing to either a chaotic investigation or interference by an unknown party.[37]

MH 17

Full article: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
It appears this was actually the last picture taken of MH17 before the final flight.[38][39] The photographer is named by Reuters as Yaron Mofaz,[40] who is possibly related with Shaul Mofaz, according to an investigation by Christopher Bollyn.[41]

A link to MH 17 is often overlooked, although Peter Myers suggested Israel having a identical plane painted over[42] in Malaysia Airlines colours is quite suspicious, possibly connecting the two incidents.

Regarding MH 17, Israeli company GA Telesis - an aviation company headed by Aviv Tzur bought a written off plane from Malaysia Airlines to dismantle it, a 777-200. It was the only plane in their entire fleet, which was looking like the one that crashed and sat in their hangar at least since 2013, flying from France to Israel using a new registration number. GA Telesis does business with Pentagon 2000, an aviation software company for boeing-planes, which is an Israeli family business of the Mofaz family and the father of Shaul Mofaz, Avraham Mofaz,[43] has sort of an "obituary" on the Pentagon 2000 website.[44][45] A branch company of Pentagon 2000 in Ireland listed as directors Gabriel Mofaz in New York and Yaron Mofaz in Israel, who likely is the person that took the last photo of the plane.[46]


A new documentary on Netflix named "MH370: The Plane That Disappeared this month" placed more questions at the crash/decompression and pilot suicide theories, as the phones of multiple victims kept ringing hours after the supposed crash and loss of the plane on the military radar. Some telephone network providers disconnect if the phone that is being called is off, but not all may do that, resulting in NBC not[47] ruling out the phone - and it's owner - were not still alive.[48]

The search that did not find anything

Ken staubin mh370.jpg
MH370 search area.jpg

Malaysia and China as well as Australia called off a two-year, $200 million underwater search in the southern Indian Ocean in January 2017 after finding no trace of the aircraft. The Australian-led effort used the most advanced sonar technology available, and presumably had the dual mission of mapping the seabed for mineral resources. A three-month search, led by US exploration firm Ocean Infinity, ended similarly in May 2018.[49]


Related Quotation

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370/Blaine Alan Gibson's research“This report makes no attempt or claim to prove that the large low flying jet plane seen over Kudahuvadhoo that fateful early morning was MH 370. It merely sets the record straight that the jet plane that overflew Kudahuvadhoo has not yet been identified. The Maldives government first claimed there was "no plane", then the plane was a "private jet", then fifteen months later a "domestic propeller plane flight", then back to "no plane", then finally to say it cannot be discussed due to "national security".”Blaine Gibson2016



Chagos ArchipelagoUS & UK operated black site in the Indian Ocean. Plays a mysterious role in vanishing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
MaldivesSmall country of Islands in the Indian Ocean. Main source of income for most is tourism.


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
MH370 Safety Investigation ReportReport2 July 2018The Malaysian ICAO Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team for MH370Final report full of contradictions of the Malaysian authorities on MH 370, basically summarized as "we don't know what happened, but it's not flying, that's for sure". But let's blame the Air traffic controllers for not acting quicker and more decisively sooner.
Maldives RevisitedReport12 August 2016Blaine GibsonPrivate investigator Blaine Gibson went with a team of private citizens to the islands of the Maldives, to find the citizens that claimed they saw a plane similar to MH370 in a very narrow time span the night of the disappearance. After also finding debris - in fact, even out-performing a $200 million joint-search by the authorities, one of Gibsons associates was assassinated, he was threatened to be next in line and subsequently went in hiding.


The Official Culprit

"Air traffic controllers"


5star.png 14 February 2023 Jun  The sole plane still not found in the world, even after the Malaysian president accused the CIA and Boeing of basically murdering 200 people on board.
When a plane disappears with 239 people on board, witnesses seeing the plane get killed and kidnapped, researchers and airline CEOs get threatened to shut up, and the pilot was accused of trying to commit suicide above a secret CIA black site.... it raises the question; why hasn't the American government admitted what they obviously saw on their military radar? And why did an Israeli intelligence company had one plane painted over in Malaysian colours just before another plane of them was shot down in Ukraine?
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