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Description The cover-up of the JFK assassination continues.

The JFK Assassination was followed by a cover-up operation, which promoted the "lone nut" story that gave all the blame to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Warren Commission

Full article: Warren Commission

One of the key components was The Warren Commission.

Destruction of evidence

Other aspects included the destruction of evidence, such as the washing of the JFK motorcade limousine. (A parallel of the quick removal of the WTC debris.)

Corporate Media

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House Select Committee on Assassinations

Full article: House Select Committee on Assassinations

After more political assasinations in the US in the 1960s, pressure built to try to get to the bottom. The result was the 1970s House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) re-investigated the assassination of JFK. The cabal had only partial control of the group, which concluded that there was a high probability that the JFK assassination was not carried out by a "lone nut". However, deep state control of corporate media remains such that even as of 2017, many US citizens did not know this.


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