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1975 saigon fall.jpg
Evacuees board from the US embassy in Saigon board an Air America helicopter on April 29, 1975.
The US finally withdrew from Vietnam, Edward Heath was deposed as Leader of the Conservative Party, and the CIA removed Gough Whitlam from power in the 1975 Australian coup d'etat.

In 1975 the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs came into force. The US finally conceded defeat in the Vietnam War. A segment of the Zapruder film was first shown on US TV in March, increasing interest in the JFK assassination, after having been bought up by Life magazine and kept unseen for over a decade.

Vietnam War

Saigon fell on April 29, 1975, marking the end of the Vietnam War which had claimed perhaps 2,500,000 lives - but proved highly profitable for the US deep state, but financially and in terms of establishing their control of the illegal drug trade.

Australian coup

Full article: 1975 Australian coup d'etat

1975 saw the removal from power of Gough Whitlam, an independent minded Australian prime minister in a CIA backed constitutional coup d'etat. Norman Kirk‎, the similarly independent minded New Zealand prime minister died suddenly, aged 51, the year before.

In 1975 a CIA-backed "constitutional coup" replaced Gough Whitlam with a more obedient puppet leader.

UK Politics

The 11th February saw the success of a long campaign to depose Edward Heath as Leader of the Conservative Party, and replaced by his former Education Secretary, the relatively unknown Margaret Thatcher. Dennis Healey recalls that at the 1975 Bilderberg "David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and the other Americans fell in love with her".

"International Terrorism"

A diplomatic cable from Wikileaks indicates that starting on 14 May 1975, the US Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security had a hearing on "international terrorism". Among the principal speakers was Brian Crozier. The cable refers to him as head of the Institute for the Study of Conflict, but makes no mention of his role as Chairman of Le Cercle.[1] 9 years later he would be back in Washington for the Washington Conference on International Terrorism.



Operation Paperclip8 May 19451990A transfer of top German scientists to USA.
Cold War194726 September 1991The official narrative had 2 diametrically opposed systems locked in combat with one another since soon after WW2. Each of the "superpowers" and its team of allies needed to outdo each other by creating ever more and deadlier weapons, creating a kind of perpetual war for perpetual peace, with the warring parties engaging mainly in covert/proxy wars. Deep state interests blossomed in the climate of fear and paranoia.
Operation Demagnetize19481980"The institutional hardening of Gladio", an expansion of Gladio in the late 1940s, early 1950s.
Lockheed/Bribery scandals19501976A series of bribes made by officials of the U.S. aerospace company Lockheed from the late 1950s to the 1970s in the process of negotiating the sale of aircraft.
Vietnam WarDecember 195630 April 1975The Vietnam War was a proxy war lead by US that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from December 1956 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. Millions of people were killed, mostly Vietnamese. JFK was assassinated soon after declaring his intent to withdraw US troops. The war helped the CIA to refine its methods of illegal drug trafficking, torture and the like.
Operation Snow White19601979Religious cult breaks into 100s of international government buildings to remove their own names, is not banned.
Rhodesian Bush WarJuly 1964December 1979
The Troubles19661998The sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland which flared into serious sustained violence through the summer of 1969
Markovic affair196812 January 1976When a sexual blackmailer was killed in 196, it soon turned out he had pictures of very prominent persons, including future President Georges Pompidou and his wife Claude.
Operation Condor19681989US-backed campaign of assassination and terrorisation carried out in South America.
Great Oil Sniffer Hoax19691979A fraudulent scheme purporting to be able to detect oil by a new technology. Details remain rather obscure.
Inslaw19701990Complex financial/political fraud the full dimensions of which were never uncovered, but some of which were forced onto the official record.
Clockwork Orange1970April 1976UK deep state campaign carried out to discredit the government of Harold Wilson
The Disappeared of the Yonne19701980
FBI Activities 2001-present19712001FBI activities between the 911 and present
FBI/Activities 1971-200119712001FBI activities between the official end of COINTELPRO and 911
Operation Dormouse19751975
Bilderberg/197525 April 197527 April 1975The 24th Bilderberg Meeting, 98 guests
Miami Showband massacre31 July 197531 July 19751975 attack on Irish musical group, by the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), a loyalist paramilitary group, acting as a proxy for British military intelligence.
Australia/1975 coup d'état15 October 197511 November 1975A UK/US deep state-backed covert "constitutional coup" to remove Gough Whitlam whom they saw as a loose cannon.
Halloween massacre4 November 19754 November 1975


New Groups

Central Intelligence Retirement AssociationGroup.png
Group 13Group.pngHit squadRumoured to be a secret cadre of UK ex-SAS and military intelligence operatives
Oxford AnalyticaGroup.pngCommercialSpooky international analysis/consulting firm.
JASON InstituteStichting jason.pngDutch Atlanticist recruitment and networking platform for the security apparatus.
Control RisksControl risks logo.gifMilitary
A British "private security" company set up in 1975 by David Walker (SAS), comparable to Kroll Inc set up in New York in 1972
Linköping UniversityLinkoping University Logo.pngUniversityEmphasises dialogue with the surrounding business sphere and the community at large, both in terms of research and education
VanguardVanguard logo.png
MicrosoftMicrosoft.pngStarted in 1975 with Paul Allen, Bill Gates developed Microsoft from a operating system maker of computers into one of the most prolific companies of all time, valued over $1 trillion, 3rd most valuable in the world. MS has over a billion in fines from corruption, mass surveillance violations & tax evasion. MS has market shares in dozens of markets, leading in the Platformization-epidemic of the 2010s started by big tech. It was the first partner in the NSA-PRISM program.
Church CommitteeChurch Committee.jpg
Rockefeller CommissionRockefeller Commission.pngA limited hangout to try to control revelations about the US deep state's exploitation of the CIA.
Cape VerdeFlag of Cape Verde.svgNation stateAfrican island nation. Independence from Portugal in 1975.
Freedom AssociationFreedom Association.pngLobby


Groups that were Wound Up

House Un-American Activities CommitteeGroup.png
US/Atomic Energy CommissionUS Atomic Energy Commission logo.jpgHad complete control of the plants, laboratories, equipment, and personnel to produce atomic bombs 1946-1975
South VietnamFlag of South Vietnam.pngNation stateUS puppet state and location for most of the Vietnam War
Forum World FeaturesGroup.pngPropaganda
A London based CIA propaganda operation which operated as a professional news service from 1965 to 1975.




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
John Martino19101975JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Mario Kohly1975Possibly involved in the JFK assassination
Edmund Hall Patch18961975UK civil servant, IBRD/Executive Director, 1960 Bilderberg
Henry Townley Heald19041975AcademicPresident of the wealthy Ford Foundation
James McCormack8 November 19103 January 1975South Carolina
Hilton Head Island
Soldierfirst Director of Military Applications of the United States Atomic Energy Commission. Two Bilderbergs
John Francis Green18 December 194610 January 1975Eire
County Monaghan
SoldierA member of the North Armagh Brigade of the Provisional IRA killed by death squad with links to British state forces
Julian Huxley22 June 188714 February 1975AcademicEnglish evolutionary biologist, eugenicist, and internationalist
Raymond Cartier13 June 190418 February 1975ParisJournalistFrench journalist, editor of Paris Match during the 1960s. Bilderberg/1971.
Evgenia Shelepina10 April 189413 March 1975
Aristotle Onassis20 January 190615 March 1975France
Shipping magnate
John Adrian O'Hare14 November 192623 March 1975Florida
A Super Secret "Dark Warrior" who was a Special Operator, CIA Contractor and Businessman.
Ernst Fraenkel26 December 189828 March 1975Germany
AcademicSocial-Democrat opponent of the German Nazi government. After the war a professor at the Freie Universität Berlin, where he founded the John F. Kennedy-Institute for North American Studies.
William Walton Butterworth7 September 190331 March 1975DiplomatAmerican diplomat to China, and to Canada during the 1963 regime change.
Chiang Kai-shek31 October 18875 April 1975Taiwan
Taiwan Province
Clyde Tolson22 May 190014 April 1975Washington DCSpook"Alter Ego" of his close friend FBI director J. Edgar Hoover
Marjorie Maxse26 October 18913 May 1975Spook
Kenneth Keating18 May 19005 May 1975New YorkDiplomatUs ambassador to India and Israel
Roger Craig12 May 193615 May 1975Dallas
Police officer
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
John Hull26 May 189510 June 1975Washington DC
SoldierGovernor of the Ryukyu Islands, Chairperson of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board 1958-1961
Sam Giancana15 June 190819 June 1975Illinois
Oak Park
Crime boss
HSCA/Premature deaths
Head of Chicago mafia
Paul Stehlin11 August 190722 June 1975France
Car crashSoldierFrench politician who went to the 1973 Bilderberg and who died after a traffic accident in 1975
Otto Skorzeny12 June 19085 July 1975Spain
Senior Nazi soldier who remained active after WWII, in touch with some of his old colleagues such as Reinhard Gehlen.
Dick Ellis13 February 18955 July 1975Eastborne
British intelligence officer who worked against the Soviet Union. Also at the British Security Coordination.
Karl Brandt9 January 18998 July 1975EconomistGerman/US agricultural economist who attended the 1959 Bilderberg.
Andrew Cordier1 March 190111 July 1975US
New York State
DiplomatUN official who facilitated the coup against Patrice Lumumba. Bilderberg/1962. Later President of Columbia University.
Jimmy Hoffa14 February 191330 July 1975DisappearanceFraudster
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Labor leader
Joachim Joesten29 June 1907August 1975Researcher
Neil McKinnon17 January 19114 August 1975BankerCanadian financier
Heinrich Troeger4 March 190128 August 1975Germany
Bad Nauheim
Minister of Finance of Hessen. Attended the first and fourth Bilderbergs
Wolfgang zu Putlitz16 July 18993 September 1975PotsdamDiplomat
Possibly the most important human-source intelligence Britain received in the prewar period
Guy Mollet31 December 19053 October 1975ParisPoliticianOne of a dozen men whom Józef Retinger consulted when setting up the Bilderberg group
Graham Perkin16 December 192916 October 1975MelbourneEditorAustralian newspaper editor, died in the warm-up to the 1975 coup d'etat.
Rolando Masferrer12 July 191831 October 1975US
Car bomb"Terrorist"
Operation 40 member car bombed in Miami a week mafter he published a newspaper editorial arguing that car bombs were a justifiable tactic.
Norman Holmes Pearson13 April 19095 November 1975Spook
WW2 Office of Strategic Services. Following the war he helped organize the Central Intelligence Agency.
Harry Anslinger20 May 189214 November 1975Pennsylvania
Francisco Franco4 December 189220 November 1975Spain
Graham Towers29 September 18974 December 1975Ottawa
Central bankerFirst Governor of the Bank of Canada. Unintentionally revealed how banking works.
Fred Lee Crisman22 July 192010 December 1975
H. J. Kruls1 August 190213 December 1975Netherlands
Den Haag
SoldierExplosive Dutch general during World War 2. Trusted liaison of Prince Bernhard, former head advisor for the board of directors of KLM. Bilderberger.
Robert Garner189413 December 1975US
Oklahoma City
Central banker
World Bank/Vice President
Earle Wheeler13 January 190818 December 1975Maryland
Frederick County



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Jeff Moss1 January 1975California
United States of America
Kristen Clarke1975LawyerBiden Admin lawyer
Helen Morgan1975Politician
Stéphanie Lacour1975ScientistNeurotechnologist specializing in the development of novel, soft, skin-like circuits that will integrate into long term neural implants and wearable prosthetic sensor skins, part of integration of neuroprosthetic devices and brain-computer interface into human tissue.
Clare Hazell-Iveagh1975Friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, flew Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express 32 times.
Emmy Tayler1975EnglandActorBritish actress in Epstein's black book.
Ben Fellows1975ActorWhen Fellows in 2012 went public with accusations against Kenneth Clarke and other powerful figures of sexual assault on him when he was a child actor, he was prosecuted for "perversion of justice".
Jan-Willem van Prooijen1975AcademicEstablishment favoured academic whose research interests include "conspiracy theories".
Julissa Reynoso2 January 1975Dominican Republic
Hermanas Mirabal
7th floor group
Matteo Renzi11 January 1975Italy
PoliticianItalian ex-Prime Minister
George Logothetis18 January 1975LondonBusinesspersonGreek transport magnate
Zac Goldsmith20 January 1975London
City of Westminster
UK YGL 2008 politician, brother of Ben Goldsmith (YGL 2010)
Josh Earnest22 January 1975Missouri
Kansas City
PropagandistUS Democratic Party worker, Press Secretary under Barack Obama.
Eduard Lysenko22 January 1975
Katie Hopkins13 February 1975Devon
Enemy image
UK commentator known for her outspoken views
Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson12 March 1975Iceland
Amanda Milling12 March 1975Politician
Albin Kurti24 March 1975YugoslaviaPoliticianAnti Serbian, Pro Albanian Prime Minister of Kosovo.
Faisal bin Turki Al Saud (born 1975)27 March 1975
Aleksey Mozgovoy3 April 1975Ukraine
Soviet Union
Nizhnyaya Duvanka
Svatove Raion
Voroshilovgrad Oblast
23 May 2015Soldier
Kirill Dmitriev12 April 1975Ukraine
Soviet Union
Civil servant
CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the main financer behind the Sputnik V "vaccine". Goldman Sachs. McKinsey. Selected a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2009. Goldman Sachs. McKinsey
Oliver Robbins20 April 1975Spook
Jodi Kantor21 April 1975JournalistWEF/Young Global Leaders 2005. Her 2017 report on Harvey Weinstein was the starting point of the MeToo movement.
Alex Sobel26 April 1975Politician
Nicole Junkermann27 April 1975Germany
Deep state operative
Third rail topic
"The Epstein Associate Nobody's Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS"
Alberto Alemanno30 April 1975Italy
N Turin
Alexander Nix1 May 1975Propagandist
Former CEO of Cambridge Analytica who was exposed by Channel 4's publication of a clandestine recording of him
Ziad Jarrah11 May 1975Lebanon
11 September 2001
Khalid Almihdhar16 May 1975Saudi Arabia
11 September 2001
Khaled al-Mihdar16 May 1975Saudi Arabia
11 September 2001
Kwasi Kwarteng26 May 1975London
Deep state operative
British Chancellor and suspected deep state operative who reportedly chaired Le Cercle from 2017.
Russell Brand4 June 1975Author
Angelina Jolie4 June 1975Propagandist
Altiyan Childs10 June 1975Musician
Christian analyst
Omid Nouripour18 June 1975Iran
PoliticianGerman Green politician involved in many transatlantic influence networks.
Gwendolyn Rutten26 June 1975PoliticianBelgian Flemish politician.
Vuk Jeremić3 July 1975Yugoslavia
SR Serbia
PoliticianOtpor! activist. Part of "the most westward-leaning government Serbia has ever had".
Naomi Koshi5 July 1975Japan
Youngest female mayor in Japan, WEF/Young Global Leaders 2015
Amir Abbas Fakhravar6 July 1975Iran
Max Levchin11 July 1975Ukraine
Soviet Union
Founded Paypal with Peter Thiel in 1998.
Oleksandr Danylyuk22 July 1975Soviet Union
Moldavian SSR
Deep state operative
Liz Truss26 July 1975Oxford
Puppet leader
A former Lib Dem who lasted just 45 days as Tory PM
Christa Markwalder27 July 1975Switzerland
PoliticianAttended Bilderberg as President of the Swiss National Council. Handpicked as a Young Leader throughout her career by mighty interests.
Marco AlveràAugust 1975BusinesspersonItalian gas executive, turning into "hydrogen power"
Jutta Urpilainen4 August 1975Finland
PoliticianDouble Bilderberger
Charlize Theron7 August 1975South Africa
YGL actress
Maria Rankka9 August 1975Sweden
CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, CFR, Bilderberger
Asma al-Assad11 August 1975London
Asma al-Assad
Ben Elliot11 August 1975
Maxim Timchenko12 August 1975UkraineBusinesspersonCEO of DTEK, the largest private investor in the energy industry in Ukraine
... further results
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