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LocationSouth America
LeaderPresident of Chile
Typenation state
Interest ofSenate Subcommittee on Multinational Corporations
Member ofAPEC, OECD, UN
SubpageChile/1973 coup d'état
Spanish-speaking MEDC in South America. It occupies a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Chile is a nation state in South America.


Independence from Spain in 1810

1973 Coup d'état

Full article: Chile/1973 coup d'état

In 1973, an internationally organised coup was instigated, by forces including the CIA and ASIS.[1]


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Salvador Allende“We are faced with forces that operate in the shadows, without a flag, with powerful weapons, positioned in the most varied places of influence....The aggression of the large capitalist companies aims to prevent the emancipation of the people. It represents a direct attack against the economic interests of the workers....We are facing a true frontal conflict between large corporations and states. Their fundamental decisions - political, economic and military - seem to be interfered with by global organizations that do not depend on any state and that, in the sum of their activities, do not respond to or are supervised by any Parliament, by any institution representing the collective interest. In a word, it is the entire political structure of the world that is being undermined.”Salvador AllendeDecember 1972



Chile/1973 coup d'étatA CIA military intelligence operation that overthrew of the democratically elected Salvador Allende.


Citizens of Chile on Wikispooks

Alfredo AlcainoAn unknown Cercle visitor.
Salvador Allende26 June 190811 September 1973The first marxist to be elected in South America. Deposed by the CIA.
Francisco Bulnes8 August 191728 October 1999
Carlos Cardoen1 May 1942
Orlando Letelier13 April 193221 September 1976A Chilean socialist politician and diplomat, assassinated in Washington D.C.
Augusto Pinochet25 November 191510 December 2006
Carlos Prats24 February 191530 September 1974Chilean army leader who defended the constitution and President Allende. His resignation opened for the September 11, 1973 coup. Assassinated in exile with bomb planted by the Chilean intelligence service.
René Schneider31 December 191325 October 1970The commander-in-chief of the Chilean Army at the time of the 1970 Chilean presidential election, when he was assassinated during a botched kidnapping attempt.


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CIA Media Operations in Chile, Jamaica, and NicaraguaArticle16 March 1982Fred LandisHow the CIA takes over the major newspaper in a country targeted for regime change, and uses it as an instrument of destabilization. The method is still very much used in 2021.