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Pierre Omidyar's website who bought control over the documents from Edward Snowden, to publish a minuscule percentage of them and hide the rest forever.

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Started: 2014
Founders: Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill

Owner: First Look Media
Constitutes: gatekeeper,  honey trap?

The Intercept is a website which publishes some of the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. It was founded by journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill and funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. It is published by First Look Media.[1]

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds asserts Pierre Omidyar decided to create The Intercept to not only take ownership of the Snowden leaks but also to continue his blockade against WikiLeaks and create a honey trap for whistleblowers.[2]

Leaked documents

NSA malware

In March 2014, The Intercept published leaked documents from Edward Snowden showing that the National Security Agency was building a system which could infect millions of computers around the world with malware.[3] The report included a top-secret NSA animation showing how the agency disguised itself as a Facebook server in order to hack into computers for surveillance.[4] The story reportedly prompted Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to phone President Obama and complain about the NSA's surveillance]].[5] Zuckerberg later wrote in a blog post:

"I've called President Obama to express my frustration over the damage the government is creating for all of our future."[6]

NSA intercepts

In May 2014, The Intercept reported that the National Security Agency (NSA) was secretly intercepting, recording, and archiving the audio of virtually every cell phone conversation on the island nation of The Bahamas and collecting cell phone metadata in Mexico, the Philippines and Kenya.[7] Following the report, The Intercept was criticised by WikiLeaks for withholding the name of one country whose calls were being recorded.[8] WikiLeaks announced that "the country in question is Afghanistan."[9]


The Jimmy Dore Show: Science Denying Intercept Reporter Doxxes Ivermectin Truth-Teller

Double Standard

The Intercept shows a double standard towards sources, with an underlying assumption that everything the US govt. says is true, and anything a foreign govt. says is false.

For example, it thinks that when US State Dept. funds biolabs in Ukraine, they could only be for civilian purposes [10] but when the NIH --- a civilian health organisation, with no military ties --- funds research in Wuhan, it created COVID-19 [11] only because a white supremacist said so [12].[clarification needed]

US academic, Jeffrey Kaye, debunks Intercept propaganda:

When I examined the documents and claims, I found that five of the twenty bioagents listed in the document, and referenced many times by those, like Mackey, debunking Russia’s biowarfare research claims, were actually serious pathogens. These included Category B bioterrorism threats, including Shigella (which causes dysentery) and Salmonella (which in the strain held by the Ukraine lab, causes serious gastroenteritis).

Five, and arguably six, of the others bioagents were considered disease-causing and a threat to laboratory workers.

Shigella species, in particular, were used by Japan’s Unit 731 in field trials in China during World War II. So they have a long history of use in biological warfare, and hardly constitute “relatively harmless” organisms.

While a few of the bioagents were, as Mackey and his sources alleged, typical lab agents used for research purposes, such as Staphlococcus aureus ATCC 25923 and E. Coli B, other pathogens presented dangers of their own. One example is Proteus mirabilis, which can cause serious infections in humans, including bacteremia, wound infections, sepsis and pneumonia.[13]


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