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A year which began with a common feature of 2020, confusion and fear about COVID-19 from the mostly compliant commercially-controlled media.

In 2021 "Global military spending figures are at a 32-year high, despite the pandemic’s effect on shrinking economic output."[1]


Photo 2021-05-24 20-07-27.jpg

COVID 19 mutations continued to spread around the world, which governments referenced as the reason for their unprecedented restrictions on freedom of movement, freedom of assembly and -- at least as regards questioning the origins of COVID or questioning the wisdom or good intent of virus-related policy -- even freedom of speech.

Global resistance

2021 saw "Lockdown Protests Flare Up Around the World".[2] The European Court of Human Rights declared (in an ostensibly non-COVID-19 related case) that mandatory vaccinations for children were "necessary in a democratic society".[3]


“The Biden administration is revving up for a war against an enemy which the feds have chosen to never explicitly define.”
James Bovard (Jun 19, 2021)  [4]


Related Quotation

2020“As the Establishment feels its grip slipping, as people wake up to the appalling economic exploitation by the few that underlies the very foundations of modern western society, expect the methods used by the security services to become even dirtier. You can bank on continued ramping up of Russophobia to supply “the enemy”. As both Scottish Independence and Jeremy Corbyn are viewed as real threats by the British Establishment, you can anticipate every possible kind of dirty trick in the next couple of years, with increasing frequency and audacity.”Craig MurrayDecember 2018



The Great Reset"a historical moment to shape the system for the post-corona era"
2021 Dutch General Election
2021 Scottish Parliament election
2021 Hartlepool by-election
International Festival of Whistleblowing Dissent and Accountability
2021 Chesham and Amersham by-election
2021 British Ministry of Defence leaksA pile of 50 sensitive MOD documents are leaked.
HMS Defender Crimea controversyA diplomatic military controversy between Russia and the UK
Nashville sex trafficking operationA sex trafficking operation in Nashville.
Wakefield standoffA standoff between an anti-government militia and the police, in July 2021 in Wakefield, Massachusetts.
Jovenel Moïse/AssassinationThe assassination of Haitian President
Project Pegasus revelationsMass leak of info.


New Groups

Alba PartyAlba Party.jpgScottish independence party, trying to take over from the Scottish National Party, which has moved closer to the British establishment.
Presidency of Joe BidenGroup.pngThe Joe Biden administration
National Institute for Health ProtectionJenny Harries.jpg


New Website

GB NewsGB news logo.pnghttps://www.gbnews.uk/Britain's newest news channel.


Groups that were Wound Up

Greensill CapitalGreensill Capital.png
Presidency of Donald TrumpGroup.pngThe Donald Trump administration




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Tiffany Dover19902021Nurse
COVID-19/Premature death
A nurse who fainted during showcase rollout of Pfizer vaccine. The sporadic corporate media "proof of life" efforts since then raises more questions than provides answers.
Brian Sicknick30 July 19787 January 2021Washington DCPolice officerThe Capitol Police Officer who died after the 2021 Washington D.C. Riots. His official cause of death is still unclear.
Ashli Babbitt19857 January 2021Washington DCVeteranAn unarmed protester who was shot dead by Capitol Police in the 2021 Washington D.C. Riots. The identity of her murderer is being withheld.
Nancy Walker Bush Ellis4 February 192610 January 2021Bush familyDaughter of Prescott Bush, sister of George H. W. Bush.
Sheldon Adelson4 August 193311 January 2021CancerZionism
Deep politician
Multi-billionaire pro-Israel US sponsor of the US government
Frans van den Hoven27 April 192321 January 2021Financier
Dutch businessman
George Shultz13 December 19206 February 2021Politician
US Cold warrior who attended the 1984 Washington Conference on International Terrorism
James Eayrs13 October 19266 February 2021HistorianCanadian historian
William Macpherson1 April 192614 February 2021JudgeLed the Macpherson Inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence.
Fredrik Eaton26 June 193820 February 2021Diplomat
Attended 3 Bilderbergs around when he was Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
John Magufuli29 October 1959March 2021Politician
COVID-19/Premature death
President of Tanzania who refused to institute a Covid lockdown and rejected WHO advice. Died aged 61 after harsh criticism by western controlled media. A close friend of Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi who took a similar policy and died suddenly in 2020.
Sarah Everard1987March 2021
Alan Watt19654 March 2021Dissident
COVID-19/Premature death
Disident podcaster
Olivier Dassault1 June 19517 March 2021FranceAir disasterPolitician
French politician and billionaire
Hamed Bakayoko8 March 196910 March 2021Germany
Freiburg im Breisgau
Poisoning?PoliticianIvorian Prime Minister who died suddenly, some say of poisoning.
Carroll L. Hauver19 December 193018 March 2021SpookInspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency 1985-1988
Mark Boguski18 March 2021USSuicideAmerican pathologist that killed himself in 2021.
José Baselga3 July 195921 March 2021Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseScientist
COVID-19/Premature death
Chief medical scientist at Covid-19 vaccine maker AstraZeneca dies at 61.
Petr Kellner20 May 196427 March 2021AlaskaAir disasterCzech businessman who made large fortune on privatization. Died in helicopter accident.
G. Gordon Liddy30 November 193030 March 2021Author
FBI agent
Radio host
Philip Mountbatten10 June 19219 April 2021Windsor
Royalty"I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus."
Ramsey Clark18 December 192711 April 2021New York
US Attorney General turned activist
Shirley Williams27 July 193011 April 2021Politician
Walter Mondale5 January 192819 April 2021US Vice President 1977-81 under GHWB
Stephen Karanja29 April 2021Doctor
COVID-19/Premature death
Kenyan doctor who loudly said Covid-19 experimental vaccines "should not be given". Reportedly died a month later from "COVID complications".
Jürgen Conings28 September 1974May 2021Hoge Kempen National ParkSoldierBelgian soldier who threatened the Covid narrative and establishment in his country physically.
Lisa Shaw197621 May 2021NewcastleCOVID-19/VaccineBritish radio presenter who tragically died after having the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19/Vaccine.
Rosa Koire30 May 2021CancerAuthor
Real estate appraiser
Neville Meaney2 July 193230 May 2021Academic
Christopher Sign197612 June 2021Birmingham
Clinton body count
Journalist who broke story of Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch in June 2016; died in June 2021. Declared suicide.
Four British Airways pilots12 June 2021UKUnknownPilot
Enrique Bolaños13 May 192914 June 2021
Ashley Henley17 May 198115 June 2021MississippiMurderFormer state legislator
Mircea Popescu23 June 2021Costa RicaDrowning?BillionaireBitcoin billionaire found dead in Jun 2021
John McAfee18 September 194524 June 2021SpainActivist
US/2020 Presidential election/Candidates
Computer scientist who announced a campaign against the US Deep State. Committed "suicide" in a jail in Spain after his wife had warned that the authorities wanted him dead.
Benigno S. Aquino III8 February 196024 June 2021Politician
Mike Gravel13 May 193026 June 2021CaliforniaPolitician
US/2020 Presidential election/Candidates
US politician who read the Pentagon Papers into the US Congressional record and publicly criticised the 9-11/Official narrative
Leonie200726 June 2021Austria
A 13 year old Austrian girl who was brutally murdered by migrants in June 2021. Coverage of her death was minimal due to a media blackout.
Donald Rumsfeld9 July 193230 June 2021Politician
Deep politician
War criminal
James Kallstrom6 May 19433 July 2021US
Jovenel Moïse26 June 19687 July 2021HaitiPolitician
COVID-19/Premature death
President of Haiti assassinated in 2021
Ahmed Jibril19387 July 2021Syria
Kurt Westergaard13 July 193514 July 2021Denmark
ArtistThe Danish cartoonist involved in the 2005 Muhammad depiction controversy.
Peter R. de Vries14 November 195615 July 2021AmsterdamWhistleblower
A Dutch former army sergeant turned journalist, controversial as friend and associate of leading Dutch gatekeepers on conspiracy theories, criminal lawyers and criminals, including Klaas Bruinsma. Uncovered dozens of cases of corruptions or cover ups by criminals and the government, including on Mabel van Oranje and revealing Inlichtingen en Operatiën. Shot dead in 2021.
Danish Siddiqui19 May 198315 July 2021AfghanistanJournalistIndian photo-journalist killed the crossfire in Afghanistan in July 2021.
Stephen Harmon198521 July 2021US
Los Angeles
PersonHe died in July 2021.
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