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A list of anonymously documents on this site.

For documents of (accidentally) unknown authorship, see Unknown. For the group called 'Anonymous', see 'Anonymous'.

This is not applied in cases where a pseudonym is given. Pseudonyms on Wikispooks are enclosed in single quotes, so the top of the list at Property:Has author is a convenient place to find a lost.

Below is an automatically generated list of documents where the author(s) have chosen to remain anonymous.


Documents by Anonymous

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Eisenhower's Holocaustarticle22 June 2008In Eisenhower's Death Camps
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Other Losses
World War II/Aftermath
Disarmed Enemy Forces
A brief introduction to the treatment of German military prisoners by the allied authorities in the 18-24 month period AFTER the German unconditional surrender in May 1945.
File:MH17Analysis.pdftechnical analysis6 August 2014Malaysia Airlines Flight 17Persuasive MH17 crash analysis demonstrating that, IF the aircraft was brought down by a 'Buk' SAM, then the missile could NOT have been fired from territory controlled by the DPR militia
Omidyar-Greenwald-Rosenarticle15 December 2013Edward Snowden Affair
Glenn Greenwald
Pierre Omidyar
File:September 11 Commission Report.pdfbook9-11
9-11/Israel did it
An anonymously authored ebook purporting to explain the motivation, genesis and execution of the 9/11 attacks.
The Occult Technology of PowerletterJune 1974Dynastic power
Deep politics
A letter and lecture transcripts addressed to a mature son from his father. Their purpose is to prepare the son for his taking the reins of a financial business empire.
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zionhistorical document1 January 1903Antisemitism
Judaic power
Famous - or infamous? - and remarkably prescient historical document from the early 20th century. It purports to represent the programs and methods to be employed to achieve Jewish domination over the Gentile world.

Documents sourced from Anonymous

File:ACSAgree.pdflegal agreementFile sharingLegal agreement for purposes of a court order to release IP owner/user information
File:Hidden History of Zionism.pdfbookZionism
Ralph Schoenman