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Founder• Bill Emmott
• Berel Rodal
• Bilderberg group
Interests“vaccine hesitancy”, COVID-19/Jab/Mandation
Membership• Montek Singh Ahluwalia
• John Allen
• Pedro Aspe
• Jacques Attali
• Emma Bonino
• Steven Chu
• André Hoffmann
• Hailemariam Desalegn
• Yoichi Funabashi
• Lynda Gratton
• Hanna Halaburda
• Margaret Hamburg
• Francois Heisbourg
• Olivia Judson
• Daniel Kahneman
• Walter Kielholz
• Kiyoshi Kurokawa
• Eric X. Li
• Beverley McLachlin
• Trevor Manuel
• Federica Mogherini
• Siddhartha Mukherjee
• Tolullah Oni
• Jim Rogers
• Norbert Röttgen
• Pardis Sabeti
• Simon Schama
• Masaaki Shirakaw
• Timothy Snyder
• Michael Spence
• Audrey Tang
• Alvaro Vargas-Llosa
• Amos Yadlin
• Michael Zantovsky
• Richard Garwin
• Richard N. Haass
• Wolfgang Ischinger
• Ebtesam al-Ketbi
• Margaret MacMillan
• Greg Petsko
• Adam Roberts
• Kenneth R Weinstein
• Martin Wolf
A network of "commissioners" set up in 2021 to "frame priorities and help build consensus on policy solutions to strengthen societal and global resilience", i.e. coerced jabs and censorship of COVID dissidents. At least 14 members were Bilderbergers.

The Global Commission for Post-Pandemic Policy (GCPPP) was a network of "commissioners" working to "frame priorities and help build consensus on policy solutions to strengthen societal and global resilience", which seems to mean coerced jabs, censorship and blind faith in "policymakers". The commission included 14 Bilderbergers.[1]

Convener Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist said "I think the future of the GCPPP is going to be giving private and very specialised briefings to governments. So as to directly inform public policy."

The website was last updated in March 2022, but was still online as of June 2023.

Own words

We are an independent, global, inter-disciplinary, non-partisan group of policy-makers, scholars, scientists, strategists and others convened to think through the wide range of issues and crises associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Commission’s purpose is to enable informed discourse and decision-making, to frame priorities and help build consensus on policy solutions to strengthen societal and global resilience.[2]

A principal aim is to stimulate fresh thinking on major inter-connected issues, such as the balance between state and market; the social contract, rights, and equity; governmental legitimacy; the role of science in decision-making, and trust in such a role, also in responding to climate change; and the evolution of globalization and global institutions. The Commission’s goal is one of framing priorities and recommendations for national and global measures to help advance strengthened societal health and resilience.[3]

Deep political connections

The group has at least 14 Bilderbergers among its ranks: John Allen, Jacques Attali, Emma Bonino, Richard Haass, François Heisbourg, André Hoffmann, Wolfgang Ischinger, Walter Kielholz, Margaret MacMillan, Norbert Röttgen, Timothy Snyder, Michael Spence, Martin Wolf, Michael Zantovsky

The group has at least 5 Rhodes Scholars among its ranks: Montek Ahluwalia, Richard Haass, Greg Petsko, Pardis Sabeti, Michael Spence


"Conspiracy theories"

“The riots on January 6th were a reminder that conspiracy theories are not simply the purview of kooks in basements connecting the dots. For human psychology, they are a dangerous and ever-present temptation, one that through the affirming appeal of collective effort has the power to undermine democracies, overthrow governments and set history on new courses. The threat they pose is a real one, and needs to be treated as such.”
Dylan Barry (16 July 2021)  [4]

Pivoting from "miracle" jabs on to "climate change"...

“The development in less than a year of several highly effective vaccines against COVID-19 was hailed as a "miracle" by some. The reality is more mundane. It was a real-world example of what can be achieved when politicians, policymakers, the private sector and scientists focus on mobilising the funds, resources and talents necessary to tackle a specific, highly motivating problem. Why then, should the human race not be trying to replicate the vaccine breakthrough to tackle the even greater threat of climate change?”
Luke Lythgoe (9 July 2021)  [5]

Jab mandation

By its own account, the group was energetic in its effort to promote de facto mandation of the COVID-19 injections:

What can be done about vaccine hesitancy... The most obvious approach is to incentivise vaccine uptake. This has been done in a variety of ways worldwide... The use of vaccine passports—offering the possibility of a return to (largely) normal life—has also proved an effective strategy in Israel, which has some of the highest rates of COVID-19 vaccination in the world. The app-based "green-pass" system is simple and convenient, with countries like Japan set to implement similar ones in the coming months. The European Union is also set to implement a "Digital Green Certificate" system for vaccinated travellers in the bloc. That ought to be a strong incentive for vaccination as well.[6]

People and funding

“It didn't surprise me when we built up our 30 or so people, several of them were former Rhodes Scholars...That is the Rhodes quality, that you are not specialist only, but part of a community”
Bill Emmott (2022)  [7]

Commissioners and advisers as listed.[8] The commission also had staffers.[9]

It was funded by Swiss RE, and possibly others, and was legally based in Switzerland[10]


Known members

21 of the 43 of the members already have pages here:

John AllenA Retired US Marine Corps 4 star General
Jacques AttaliFrench deep politician and academic. "The real bourgeoisie running the world is about 1,000 people. They are running capitalism." Attended the 1975 Bilderberg, Le siecle
Emma BoninoAttended the 1998 Bilderberg as European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection
Richard HaassBilderberger, CFR President
Margaret HamburgUS physician and expert in pandemic preparedness. Board of the Council on Foreign Relations.Operation Dark Winter, Clade X, GAVI, CFR, Wellcome Trust,Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation
François HeisbourgPromoter of the "war on terror". He wrote a working paper for the 1989 Bilderberg. Heavy MSC habit.
André HoffmannMulti-billionaire big pharma and environmental conservation activist, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum Board of Trustees
Wolfgang IschingerSpooky German diplomat. Chaired the Munich Security Conference
Walter Kielholza Swiss insurance and bank manager with extensive networks
Margaret MacMillanCanadian multi-Bilderberger historian
Trevor ManuelWorld Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow 1994. South African Minister of Finance from 1996 to 2009. Married to bankster Maria Ramos, a WEF Leader 1998. In April 2020 he was appointed an African Union Special Envoy on Covid-19.
Federica MogheriniItalian politician, WEF
Greg PetskoRhodes scholar biochemist member of the Global Commission for Post-Pandemic Policy
Norbert RöttgenBilderberg German politician who blamed people who declined vaccines for a divided society
Pardis SabetiIranian biologist, YGL 2012, Rhodes Scholar 1997, Global Commission for Post-Pandemic Policy
Timothy SnyderCFR, widely published historian who attended the Bilderberg for the first time in 2019.
Michael SpenceBilderberg economist who signed the Document:Uniting Behind A People’s Vaccine Against COVID-19
Kenneth WeinsteinPresident and CEO of the deep state think tank Hudson Institute until 2020. Also member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which manages the CIA's open media channels.
Martin WolfEconomic journalist and serial Bilderberger, aggressively promoting COVID jabs in February 2021
Amos Yadlin
Michael ZantovskyBilderberger Czech diplomat
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