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Concept.png Police officer 



     Page name     BornDiedSummaryDescription
Matt Baggott1959Police officer
Guy Banister7 March 19016 June 1964Private Investigator
Police officer
Guy Bannister7 March 19016 June 1964Spook
Police officer
Alan H. Belmont1907Police officer
Ian Blair19 March 1953Police officer
Bill Bratton6 October 1947Police officer
Keith Bristow1967Police officer
Alan BurnettPolice officer
Peter Clarke27 July 1955Police officer
Roger Craig12 May 193615 May 1975Police officer
John CrawfordPolice officer
A detective constable who played a leading part in investigating the sabotage of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie.
Nick CroftPolice officer
Jesse Curry3 October 191322 June 1980Police officer
Bart DebiePolice officer
John Dellow5 June 1931Police officer
George DenholmPolice officer
Cressida Dick16 October 1960Police officer
David FrascaPolice officer
"The cutting edge of the U.S. Government's pre-September 11 do nothing policy in regards to Al Qaeda terrorists."
Helric Fredoun8 January 2015Police officer
Will Fritz189519 April 1984Police officer
Tim GodwinPolice officer
Ian Griggs1939Police officer
George Hamilton27 June 1967Police officer
Dean HaydonPolice officer
Stuart HendersonPolice officerDetective Chief Superintendent Stuart Henderson was SIO at the Lockerbie Incident Control Centre
Jack Hermon23 November 19286 November 2008Police officer
Bernard Hogan-Howe25 October 1957Police officer
James P. Hosty192810 June 2011Police officer
Peter Imbert27 April 1933Police officer
Raymond Kelly4 September 1941Police officer
Deep state functionary
Bernard Kerik4 September 1955Fraudster
Police officer
Deep state functionary
A criminal sidekick whom Rudy Giuliani appointed to New York City Police Commissioner and suggested for United States Secretary of Homeland Security‎.
Huseyin Kocadağ19443 November 1996Police officerThe former Istanbul Deputy police Chief killed in the Susurluk car crash
Raymond LeddyPolice officer
Craig Mackey26 August 1962Police officer
Robert Mark13 March 191730 September 2010Police officer
David McNee23 March 1925Police officer
William Melville25 April 18501 February 1918Police officer
Daniel Mitrione4 August 192010 August 1970Police officer
Timothy MurphyPolice officer
Kenneth Newman15 August 1926Police officer
Manuel PenaSpook
Police officer
David Petrie9 September 18797 August 1961Spook
Police officer
Wartime head of MI6 after just 5 years in the organisation.
Peter Power1951Police officer
A former member of the anti-terrorism squad who volunteered the revelation that on 7-7 he was running a drill at "precisely" the same stations at the same time as the attacks took place.
Tony RobinsonPolice officer
Lancashire Police Special branch 1965-1981. He was responsible for vetting workers at the Ford Halewood plant. He has spoken to TV about interference in Police business by MI5.
Mark RowleyPolice officer
Adrian Schoolcraft1976Police officer
Charles Shoebridge1961Author
Police officer
Percy Sillitoe22 May 18885 April 1962Police officer
Paul Stephenson26 September 1953Police officer
John Stevens21 October 1942Police officer
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