International Festival of Whistleblowing Dissent and Accountability

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Date8 May 2021
ParticipantsMads Andenæs, Diani Barreto, Somerset Bean, Max Blumenthal, Jonathan Cook, John Christensen, Eileen Chubb, Marjorie Cohn, Naomi Colvin, Sevim Dagdelen, Viktor Dedaj, Lowkey, John Doe, Davide Dormino, Suelette Dreyfus, Rod Driver, Andrew Feinstein, Denzil Forrester, Marianna Fotaki, Andrew Fowler, Nathan Fuller, George Galloway, Chamira Gamage, Martin Garbus, Cristina Godoy-Navarrete, Kevin Gosztola, Deepa Govindarajan Driver, Tareq Haddad, Nicky Hager, Jeremy Hammond, Charles Hector, Nancy Hollander, Selma James, Lissa Johnson, Eva Joly, John Jones, Ögmundur Jónasson, Torsten Jurell, Peter Kennard, Kate Kenny, John Kiriakou, Niki Konstantinidou, Niels Ladefoged, Richard Lahuis, Joe Lauria, Lisa Longstaff, Clara López Rubio, Lauri Love, David McBride, Ray McGovern, Alan MacLeod, Franck Magennis, Stefania Maurizi, Barbara Meister, Nils Melzer, David Miller, Federica Morelli, Moritz Mueller, Iain Munro, Craig Murray, Fidel Narvaez, Peter Oborne, Mohamedou Ould Slahi, Iain Overton, Juan Passarelli, John Pilger, Sami Ramadani, Afshin Rattansi, Margaret Ratner Kunstler, John Rees, Piers Robinson, Stephen Rohde, Maggie Ronayne, John Russell (journalist), Arne Ruth, Justin Schlosberg, Prem Sikka, Norman Solomon, Jeffrey Sterling, Serena Tinari, Fred Turnheim, Cathy Vogan, Sam Weinstein, Chris Williamson, Asa Winstanley, Andy Worthington
Interests • whistleblowing
• mass surveillance
DescriptionWhistleblowing event held in 2021.

At the festival, Jonathan Cook said[1]:

...the treatment of Assange and Murray has sent a clear message to any journalist inspired by their courage and their commitment to hold establishment power to account: “You will pay a severe price. You will lose years of your life and mountains of money fighting to defend yourself. And ultimately we can and will lock you away.”

Before the Noughties, without a platform provided by a corporate media outlet, journalists had no way to reach an audience, let alone create one. We were entirely beholden to our editors, and they in turn were dependent on billionaire owners – or in a few cases like the BBC’s, a government – and on advertisers.

The fact that a few journalists and activists can so convincingly and easily tear apart the coverage of corporate media outlets reveals how little relationship that coverage often bears to reality.

Corporate media took none of this lying down, of course, even if it was slow to properly gauge the dangers.

Dissident journalists are a problem not only because they have broken free of the controls of the billionaire class and are often doing a better job of building audiences than their corporate counterparts. Worse, dissident journalists are also educating readers so that they are better equipped to understand what corporate journalism is: that it is ideological prostitution. It is reporting and commentary for hire, by an establishment class.

The backlash from the corporate media to this threat was not long coming. Criticism – narratively managed by corporate outlets – has sought to character-assassinate dissident journalists and browbeat the social media platforms that host them. Reality has been inverted. Too often it is the critical thinking of dissident journalists that is maligned as “fake news”, and it is the genuine pluralism social media corporations have inadvertently allowed that is repudiated as the erosion of democratic values.

The west’s elites will not give up the corrupt institutions that uphold their power without a fight. We would be foolish to think otherwise. But new technology has offered us new tools in our struggle and it has redrawn the battleground in ways that no one could have predicted even a decade ago.

The establishment are being forced into a game of whack-a-mole with us. Each time they bully or dismantle a platform we use, another one – like Substack – springs up to replace it. That is because there will always be journalists determined to find a way to peek behind the curtain to tell us what they found there. And there will always be audiences who want to learn what is behind the curtain. Supply and demand are on our side.

The constant acts of intimidation and violence by political and media elites to crush media pluralism in the name of “democratic values” will serve only to further expose the hypocrisy and bad faith of the corporate media and its hired hands.

We must keep struggling because the struggle itself is a form of victory.


Known Participants

26 of the 86 of the participants already have pages here:

Max BlumenthalUS journalist, blogger, film maker whom the Times Of Israel tagged an "anti-zionist"
Jonathan CookUK journalist based in Nazareth, Israel, since 2001.
Andrew FeinsteinFormer South African politician who authored Shadowworld, an expose of the global arms trade.
George GallowayPro-Palestinian anti-Zionist Scottish politician
Tareq HaddadA journalist who resigned from Newsweek because the management suppressed his story about the OPCW letter
Nicky HagerNew Zealand-based investigative journalist
Jeremy HammondUS hacker who was convicted to 10 years jail for hacking Stratfor and passing some of their data to Wikileaks. It soon was revealed he had been given the information necessary for the hack from an FBI informant.
John Jones
John KiriakouThe only CIA officer to go to prison for reasons connected to their torturing of suspects - the first whistleblower.
Joe Lauria
Alan MacLeod
Stefania MauriziJournalist who worked on the WikiLeaks releases of secret documents
David McBrideAustralian Army lawyer who exposed war crimes in Afghanistan.
Ray McGovernRaymond McGovern is a former CIA veteran who chaired National Intelligence Estimates and personally delivered intelligence briefings to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, their Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff etc.
Nils Melzer
David MillerFounder of Powerbase & Spinwatch and incisive reporter into the state of the world.
Craig MurrayA UK ambassador to Uzbekistan who stood up and did the right thing when confronted with evidence of torture. Smeared and dismissed by the UK deep state, he continues his activism exposing Establishment lies and hypocrisy.
Peter OborneA Telegraph journalist who went independent
John PilgerJohn Pilger, an Australian crusading journalist, has achieved fame in spite of a refusal to kowtow to the establishment by avoiding controversial issues.
Ashfin RattansiPresenter of Going Underground on RT about stories that aren’t being covered by the corporate media
John Rees
Piers Robinson
Prem Sikka
Asa WinstanleyInvestigative journalist who quit the UK Labour party
Andy WorthingtonA UK historian who has focused on Guantanamo Bay.
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