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An island state next to Australia which "has become a preferred bolthole for the ultra rich". Aggressively used contact tracing and lockdowns during the COVID-19 event.

New Zealand (NZ) is an island state next to Australia which "has become a preferred bolthole for the ultra rich".[1][2] Its position in the far southern hemisphere renders it less vulnerable to, for example, radioactive pollution released in the northern hemisphere.

In 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 deep event, PM Jacinda Ardern effectively sealed the country from the rest of the world after aggressively employing contact tracing and lockdowns. It soon followed a policy of mandatory vaccinations and removal of legal protection for unvaccinated, including the right to punitive measures (under the fig leaf of health directives) to bulldoze their houses and kill their pets.


Norman Kirk, a NZ Prime minister in the early 1970s died suddenly after moving against the interests of the US deep state.


Lying about Mass Surveillance

In 2013 Prime Minister John Key promised expressly that if the Government Communications Security Bureau were found to have conducted mass surveillance, he would resign, together with GCSB chief, Ian Fletcher.[3] In 2015, following revelations by Edward Snowden, Nicky Hager proved that GCSB does carry out such surveillance. Indeed, former GCSB chief, Bruce Ferguson, admitted as much. John Key ignored his vow and did not resign.[4][5]


In 2002 New Zealand introduced the Terrorism Suppression Act, which remained unused until 2019.[citation needed] The 2019 "Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill" allowed the NZ government to decided. on the balance of probabilities, that someone is a "terrorist", without a need to show any evidence, as Suzie Dawson summarised "then control your work/finances/movements/net access & prevent you telling ppl its happening".[6]

Water Fluoridation

Full article: Water Fluoridation

In 2017 the New Zealand government was aiming to introduce laws to expand Water Fluoridation.[7]


Peter Thiel, the Paypal billionaire, was granted NZ citizenship after making a donation to the Christchurch earthquake appeal, sparking a "passport-for-sale" row.[1]

Drug adverts

As of December 2017, New Zealand was the only country apart from the United States that allowed prescription drug companies to advertise on television.[8]

Internet Censorship

Full article: Internet Censorship

NZ ramped up Internet Censorship greatly in 2019, and again in 2020, claiming that state agencies had the right to censor or remove any online content that they deemed "extremist", "terrorist" or otherwise “objectionable.”[9][10]

COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021

In November 2021, New Zealand passed the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021. The legislation takes away all legal rights for an "unvaccinated" or insufficiently vaccinated" persons, allowing for[11]:

1. The lockdown of unvaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated individuals.
2. The ability to restrict travel within the country to unvaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated (e.g. a person who does not want to get a booster shot).
3. Withhold certification from those who do not get required boosters or subsequent combinations of vaccines as may be ordered at any time.
4. The ability to dictate the type and form of certification required for proof of vaccination status — digital or otherwise.
5. The ability to dictate what other information may be required for the renewal of vaccine certificates, and which information may be contained on such a certificate.
6. The period for which a vaccine certificate is valid can be changed at any time, and who it is that may be entitled or eligible to have these certificates.
7. The specification of mandates for entire job sectors.
8. The ordering of certain jobs to require regular mandatory testing and medical examination.
9. Enforcement officers to be able to demand certification, pretty much at any time.
10. The appointment of enforcement officers that can be anybody they wish to appoint, and not necessarily police.
11. Enforcement officers to inspect and take copies of certification to be verified at a later date, before immediately returning such documentation.
12. The provision of an assessment tool for employers to use to determine who should be vaccine mandated, however employers can totally disregard the assessment tool and mandate at whim.
13. Legal or other representatives of employees may be refused entry to workplaces.
14. Contact tracing information may be used against a person in order to enforce the Act.
15. Employees who have been dismissed for non-compliance of testing or vaccination, but comply at the last minute, may still be dismissed if the employer deems revoking the dismissal to be disruptive of their business.

Amendments to the 1956 Health Act

2021 amendments to the 1956 Health Act[12] will allow punitive measures under the guise of health directives:

1. Hold unvaccinated in "quarantine" until such time as they have tested negative to infectious disease AND have undergone preventive treatment (i.e. mandatory inoculation)

2. Declare (without proof or evidence) a dwelling to be unsanitary and in turn order the destruction of the property and the burning of associated materials

3. Prohibit the keeping of animals and order the killing of animals (i.e. punitive killing of pets and eliminate food sources)

4. Close any business not complying with prescribed infection control measures.

5. Forbid congregation (public or private)


Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement

New Zealand was a signatory to the "Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement", a treaty to abrogate state power by elevating the rights of corporations. A poll conducted in December 2012 showed that 64% of New Zealanders thought trade agreements, such as the TPP, which allow corporations to sue governments, should be rejected.[13]

Christchurch Mass Shooting

Full article: Christchurch Mass Shooting

In March 2019, a mass shooting happened in Christchurch. It was livestreamed onto the internet.[14] Four people were arrested. The New Zealand establishment deemed that video of the attack was "objectionable" and so the New Zealand police warned that anyone sharing it could be liable for up to 10 years in jail.[15]


An event carried out

Evacuation from AfghanistanAfghanistanThe evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history



Christchurch mass shootingA mass shooting at two New Zealand mosques. It was followed by a crackdown on freedom of speech.
Trans-Pacific PartnershipA secret agreement which abrogates several aspects of national sovereignty in the name of "free trade". The US withdrew in January 2017.


Groups Headquartered Here

Auckland University of Technology2000A technical college before year 2000
New Zealand Security Intelligence ServiceNew Zealand's internal spy service
University of Auckland1883The largest university in New Zealand
University of Otago1871University in New Zealand
University of Waikato1964From the beginning, it was envisaged that Māori studies should be a key feature of the new university
Victoria University of Wellington1897University in Wellington, New Zealand


Citizens of New Zealand on Wikispooks

Jacinda Ardern26 July 1980New Zealand PM quickly feted by the rich and powerful around the world after her 2017 election. Worked for Tony Blair. Responsible for sealing off New Zealand during Covid-19.
Anne-Marie Brady1966New Cold Warrior New Zealand academic. Member of Australian Strategic Policy Institute and Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China
Bill English30 December 1961New Zealand politician and PM
Ian Fletcher25 August 1959Former head of the NZ Government Communications Security Bureau
Sue Grey1962"Anti vax" lawyer from New Zealand
Nicky HagerNew Zealand-based investigative journalist
Andrew HamptonNew Zealand spook and fix-it man
Chris Hipkins5 September 1978New Zealand PM since 2023
Norman Kirk6 January 192331 August 1974The 29th Prime Minister of New Zealand. An outspoken critic of US foreign policy, he died suddenly while in office, reportedly due to overwork.
David Lange4 August 194213 August 2005Introduced New Zealand's nuclear-free policy
Trevor LoudonFounder of Keywiki and Campaign for a Soviet-Free New Zealand
Mike Moore28 January 19492 February 2020New Zealand Labour leader who became leader of the World Trade Organization, attended the 2000 Bilderberg.
John Morgan195719 November 2015An investigative journalist who has written a series of books about the death of Diana Princess of Wales which convincingly demonstrate that her death was NOT accidental
Michael Joseph Savage23 March 187227 March 1940
Richard Tomlinson13 January 1963MI6 whistleblower imprisoned in 1997 for breaking the Official Secrets Act 1989
Clifton Webb8 March 18896 February 1962Attended the fourth Bilderberg as New Zealand High commissioner to the United Kingdom
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