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A Billionaire is a very rich person. There is a question that is asked, and over and over again answered in the same way.[1] That if money can, or can not buy everything. But even if happiness and friendship can not be bought, this type of approach leads astray from a fundamental problem. Kings and emperors of yesteryear have on the surface been replaced by new overlords and some may again not be the nicest people. Excessive amounts of money in the hands of a very few is a problem and everything that can be bought, will be.[2][3]

List of Billionaires

Lists and reporting on the world's richest people by The Economist, Forbes and others obscures the fact, that old banking families do have much, much more money - hidden from public view and obscured through offshore secrecy jurisdictions and other means.[4][5]



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Roman Abramovich
Sheldon AdelsonMulti-billionaire pro-Israel US sponsor of the US government
Johan AndresenDouble Bilderberg billionaire.
Michael Ashcroft
René BenkoAustrian billionaire businessman who attended the 2015-2017 Bilderbergs
Nicolas Berggruen
Jeff BezosWorld's richest man. Founded Amazon
Steve BingClinton connected billionaire businessman who fell to his death in 2020.
Alan Bond
Richard Branson
Hubert BurdaMulti-billionaire publisher. 7 Bilderbergs
Paul DesmaraisCanadian billionaire, 3 Bilderbergs
Murray EdwardsTar sands billionaire
Larry FinkCEO of the largest money-management firm in the world
Bill GatesMulti-billionaire computer businessman pushing a mass vaccination agenda.
Joaquín GuzmánBoss of the Sinaloa cartel (official owner of the CIA's 'Cocaine 2'), now imprisoned
Antti HerlinMulti-billionaire Finnish businessman
Reid HoffmanVenture capitalist, CEO of LinkedIn
H. L. Hunt
Hans-Adam II
John KapoorUS billionaire found guilty of bribing doctors to prescribe opioids.
Mikhail KhodorkovskyRussian billionaire who feuded with Vladimir Putin. Set up the Future Of Russia Foundation.
Susanne KlattenGerman heiress
Mati KochaviMati Kochavi is a billionaire Israeli spook, since 9-11 a 'high-tech mogul'. CEO of many high tech companies specialising in cutting edge "cyber-security" and "public safety" technologies.
Bruce KovnerSingle Bilderbeg hedge fund billionaire
Henry KravisLike his wife, Marie-Josée Kravis, a billionaire multi-Bilderberger
Marie-Josée KravisLike her husband, Henry Kravis, a billionaire multi-Bilderberger
Marc Ladreit de LacharrièreBilderberg Steering committee billionaire businessman
Ronald LauderFormer US Ambassador to Austria, "the principle force behind the privatization of the WTC", Jewish power broker. As of 2020 promoting internet censorship to prevent "hate crime".
Wolfgang Leitner
Daniel LewinBillionaire Sayeret Matkal agent fatally involved in 9-11.
Elon MuskBillionaire US businessman
Denis O'BrienBillionaire single Bilderberger
Anthony O'Reilly
Sean ParkerCo-founder of Napster
François-Henri Pinault
Jesus de Polanco
Anders Povlsen
J. B. PritzkerMulti-billionaire Governor of Illinois
Penny PritzkerBillionaire US Secretary of Commerce
Heather ReismanCanadian former Bilderberg steering committee billionaire businesswoman
David RockefellerUS deep politician. CFR founder. Only person to attend over 50 Bilderberg meetings.
Anton RupertSouth African billionaire businessman with a multitude of deep political connections
Edmond SafraBillionaire banker who died in a suspicious fire in Monaco
Ferit SahenkSingle Bilderberger, richest person in Turkey
Roger Sant
Eric SchmidtFormer CEO og Google, a.k.a Alphabet Inc.
George SorosFinancial speculator, beneficiary of Black Wednesday
Al-Waleed bin Talal
Sinan TaraSecond generation Turkish billionaire businessman Bilderberger
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