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Tahrir Square.jpg
Egyptians celebrate for the second night in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the Egyptian popular revolt, February 12, 2011. Tahrir Square became the start of occupying central squares as protest.

2011 will be remembered as the year that the Occupy Movement more or less spontaneously emerged, as a sudden crystallisation of the mass discontent which had been brewing for many years. It started in New York City, but quickly went global, and proved a wake up call to many - although it failed to agree on coherent aims. The destruction of Libya, planning to launch a gold-backed dinar, was one focus of discontent with US Foreign Policy.

Deep state evolution

2011 saw a significant exposure of Le Cercle; Joël van der Reijden published a guest list on ISGP. Two years after Charlie Skelton's groundbreaking report about the 2009 Bilderberg, in 2011, BBC acknowledged a changing of the official narrative about the group, entitling one article Bilderberg mystery: Why do people believe in cabals? - which reframed the "mystery" associated with the group to speculation about the mental health of people who question its beneficent nature.[1]

"Non violent extremism"

Full article: “Non-violent extremism”

Google trends data records that searches for "non-violent extremism" started in January 2011. This is a strategy to try to motivate violent repression of the non-violent, by encouraging fear of those whose ideas are at odds with government sanctioned truth.

Occupy Movement

Full article: Occupy Movement
Sergeant John Pike practices his pepper-spray technique on 30 students of UC Davis. They were later awarded $30,000 each in compensation, while he was awarded $38,056 for "psychological injuries" after being publicly derided for his action.

An invitation from Adbusters inviting people to protest Wall St. by physically occupying the space proved to be a spark which ignited a huge well of discontent and hinger for real change amongst young and old in the USA. This movement quickly went global as activists used the internet to collaborate and for mutual encouragement. Similarly to the flower power movement of the late 1960s, the movement seemed to catch the establishment unawares and they were initially nonplussed, before resorting to that time trusted staple of violent repression.

Dallas occupy plot

Full article: Rated 4/5 Dallas occupy plot

Plans held (made?) by the Dallas police department to assassinate leaders of the local Occupy encampment were not implemented. A February 2015 ruling of Judge Rosemary M. Collyer allowed the plot to remain secret.


Attacks on Libya

Full article: 2011 Attacks on Libya
2011 Attacks on Libya.gif

In 2011, 18 countries, including 14 NATO members, launched premeditated aggression against Libya. Seven months of NATO airstrikes were estimated to have killed 60,000 Libyan civilians in what was termed a "humanitarian intervention".[2] Pre-war propaganda included lies about "Viagra rapes" by Libyan forces of Muammar Gadaffi.

Egyptian Revolution

Full article: Stub class article 2011 Egyptian Revolution

The US government gave strong rhetorical support to those involved in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, a sharp contrast with its violent repression of the occupy movement.



International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Al-Salam weapons dealA large arms deal signed during the government of Tony Blair.
Iraq Inquiry"The point of the delay is to give the impression Chilcot has been absolutely painstaking and therefore the bucket of whitewash he will throw cannot be hiding anything. Do not be fooled." (Craig Murray)
"Arab Spring"A neologism coined by western Establishments to describe a series of allegedly 'popular uprisings' that occurred throughout the Arab world from December 2010 through to around mid-2012 and which were planned triggered and orchestrated by western Deep State interests using well developed 'Colour revolution' methodologies.
Dallas occupy plotA plot to assassinate leaders of Occupy Houston. Although the FBI knew about it, no arrests have been made. Tellingly, although documentary evidence exists, the corporate media has said almost nothing about it.
Operation Want
2011 Egyptian Revolution
George W. Bush/Torture IndictmentThe Center for Constitutional Rights and the Canadian Centre for International Justice have been taking legal action against George W Bush for his role in authorizing and overseeing his administration's well-documented torture program.
2011 Attacks on Libya"Perhaps one of the most egregious examples of US military aggression and lawlessness in recent memory", carried out under a pretext of "humanitarian intervention".
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
2011 Syrian Insurgency
Leveson Inquiry
2011 Norway attacksA car bomb in Oslo and subsequent mass shooting at a summer camp in Norway on 22 July 2011, claiming a total of 77 lives.
2011 England riots5 nights of unrest which followed the killing of Mark Duggan by the Metropolitan Police.
Berezovsky v Abramovitch
Security and Defence Learning/2011


New Groups

Hand in Hand for SyriaHiHLogo.jpgCharityThe spooky organisation that "Dr Rola" was working for when she called for humanitarian bombing of Syria. Now renamed and operating also in Turkey and Jordan.
Global Commission on Drug PolicyGCDP-rect-logo-for-web.pngA group critical of the "war on drugs", which "advocates decriminalizing drug use by those who do no harm to others."
Fusion GPSFusion GPS logo.png
Council on the Future of EuropeGroup.pngThink tank
Influence network
A part of Nicolas Berggruen's network
Koch family foundationsGroup.pnga group of closely connected money-granting foundations to select purposes
Charles Koch FoundationGroup.pngmoney-granting foundation to select purposes
World for LibyaWorldForLibya.pngCharity
Occupy movementOccupy movement logo.svgA non-violent, decentralised movement which provoked a violent reaction from the authorities. A mass awakening for millions of youngsters.
Global Counter Terrorism ForumGlobal Counter Terrorism Forum logo.png
Genie EnergyGenie Energy.jpg
The VergeThe Verge logo.pngA technology news and media outlet


New Websites

Whiteout PressWhiteout Press.jpghttp://www.whiteoutpress.com/
Dark PolitricksDark Politricks.pnghttp://www.darkpolitricks.com/Named as an outlet of "Fake News" by PropOrNot.
AmpedStatusAmped.pnghttp://ampedstatus.com/News aggregation site supplemented with perceptive analysis and reports by the site's owner. Its focus is globalised money and power. It is US centric and aimed squarely at a US readership, both of which tend to promote an 'American exceptionalism' that is clearly at odds with its claimed core purpose.
Kevin Annett/WebsiteWebsite.pnghttp://KevinAnnett.comA blog.
Golem XIV - ThoughtsGolemXiVlogo.pnghttp://www.golemxiv.co.uk/Private single man blog commenting on UK and world politics with emphasis on finance.


Groups that were Wound Up

Western European UnionWestern European Union.svg
One World ActionOWA 21.jpgCharityA London-based charity, headed by Labour MEP Glenys Kinnock from 1989 until its closure in 2011, which provided development aid for overseas projects focusing on alleviating poverty and oppression, and on safeguarding people's human rights.
National Extremism Tactical Coordination UnitNational Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit.jpgIntelligence agencyUK police intelligence agency interested in "extremism"
National Domestic Extremism TeamNational Domestic Extremism Team.jpg
Centre for Social CohesionGroup.pngThink tank




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Aryeh Shalev2011Spook
David Hart4 February 19445 January 2011Primary lateral sclerosisActivist
Deep state operative
Spooky advisor to Thatcher. Father of an Institute for Statecraft director and possibly also another member of the group.
John Roll8 February 19478 January 2011Casas Adobes
JudgeA judge shot less than 72 hours after ruling against US government
Martin Birnstingl192521 January 2011Activist
Hans Graf Huyn3 July 193022 January 2011Italy
Deep politician
Daniel Bell10 May 191925 January 2011US
Bilderberger co-founder of neoconservatism.
Tøger Seidenfaden28 April 195727 January 2011CancerJournalist
10 time Bilderberger Danish editor. Bilderberg Steering committee
Kjeld Vibe5 October 19271 February 2011Diplomat
David Kearns11 August 193025 February 2011CancerTLC member, Attended 5 Bilderbergs as Xerox/CEO
James A. McClure27 December 192426 February 2011Boise
Necmettin Erbakan29 October 192627 February 2011Turkey
Curtis Hoxter20 July 192211 March 2011
Warren Christopher27 October 192518 March 2011Los Angeles
Hermod Skånland15 June 192516 April 2011Norway
Civil servant
Norwegian Central Bank Governor, Single Bilderberger
Max van der Stoel3 August 192423 April 2011Netherlands
The Hague
Jorge Díaz Serrano6 February 192125 April 2011Politician
Orlando Bosch18 August 192627 April 2011US
Deep state functionary
Convicted terrorist, Operation 40 member, released by special order of George H. W. Bush.
Alexander Kouzmin19468 May 2011Academic
David Cairns7 August 19669 May 2011London
Paul Henze192419 May 2011Spook
A cold war propagandist who got into "anti-terrorism" after the fall of the USSR.
Garret Fitzgerald9 February 192619 May 2011Dublin
PoliticianIrish Minister for Foreign Affairs, 5 Bilderbergs
Peter Frelinghuysen17 January 191623 May 2011New Jersey
Harding Township
Barbara Mills10 August 194028 May 2011Lawyer
Lawrence Eagleburger1 August 19304 June 2011Virginia
Political analyst
Terror expert
Deep state operative
Diplomat, terror expert and US deep state operative
James P. Hosty192810 June 2011Police officer
Robert Pease22 August 194018 June 2011California
Car crashEngineerBilderberg 1971. Identity uncertain
Christopher Shale23 August 195425 June 2011Politician
Chairman of the UK West Oxfordshire Conservative Association. Reportedly died in suspicious circumstances.
Alan Rodger18 September 194426 June 2011Lawyer
Otto von Habsburg20 November 19124 July 2011Germany
Deep politician
Noel Gayler25 December 191414 July 2011Virginia
Danny Jowenko14 December 195516 July 2011NetherlandsCar crash9-11/Premature death
Controlled demolition expert who was famously interviewed about the collapse of WTC7
Magnus Malan30 January 193018 July 2011General
Deep state actor
John Shalikashvili27 June 193623 July 2011Washington DC
Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Elmer Staats6 June 191423 July 2011Washington DC
Howard Stein6 October 192626 July 2011New York
Ted Gunderson7 November 192831 July 2011Memphis
Police officer
Hugh Carey11 April 19197 August 2011New York
Shelter Island
Charles Edwards16 September 19237 August 2011California
San Diego
Paul Wilkinson9 May 193711 August 2011Academic
Terror expert
Carl Oglesby30 July 193513 September 2011Researcher
Malcolm Wallop27 February 193314 September 2011Wyoming
Big Horn
Elected Official
Bayless Manning29 March 192318 September 2011Academic
Anwar al-Awlaki21 April 197130 September 2011Yemen
Al-Jawf Governorate
The first assassination victim in modern times for whose death the US government has openly admitted responsibility.
Franklin Lindsay12 March 191613 October 2011Spook
Single Bilderberg SOE spook
Arnaud Jacomet20 October 194614 October 2011BrusselsCancerHistorian
Muammar Gaddafi7 June 194220 October 2011Libya
Morris Tabaksnlat19 September 193720 October 2011Netherlands
Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz192522 October 2011New York
Michel Giraud14 July 192927 October 2011Politician
Willy De Clercq8 July 192728 October 2011Belgium
... further results
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