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Concept.png "Vaccine hesitancy" 
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A phrase used to try to minimise opposition to vaccines.

"Vaccine hesitancy" is a phrase devised to try and increase acceptance of vaccines, and other injections described as "vaccines". It is part of a campaign to maximise voluntary uptake of vaccines.


The phrase "vaccine hesitant" describes people who are concerned about taking the vaccine now, but may do so a short time later, after a "hesitation". While this may be accurate for some, many others are not in the least "hesitant" but have made up their mind. Labels such as "vaccine resisters" or "vaccine refuseniks" might be more accurate, but might also entrench the opposition to vaccination, so commercially-controlled media talks of the "vaccine hesitant".


"Vaccine hesitancy" is an enemy image which the corporate media seeks to demonise.

Trinidadian-American rapper Nicki Minaj[1] and German footballer Joshua Kimmich have been demonised for vaccine hestitancy.[2]


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British retailer Next plans to reduce sick pay for unvaccinated staff who are forced to self-isolate if they are identified as a close contact of someone with COVID possibly in breach of employment law.[3] This will likely speed up the death of the high street.


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Joy Reid“Essentially, she made public her own vaccine deliberation, which according to trusted friends is a better way to describe vaccine hesitancy, which by the way is not the same thing as refusal. By doing, Nicki also used her social media platform and her 22 million Twitter followers to cast doubt on the vaccine to a heavily Black audience”Joy Reid14 September 2021


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