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LocationMiddle East
Typenation state
Interest ofCENTCOM
Member ofArab League, UN
A war torn country in the Middle East

Yemen is a war torn country in the Middle East, next to Saudi Arabia, which has been attacking it. A war has been ongoing for years which has displaced millions of people and yielded billions of dollars in profits for arms manufacturers, particularly Boeing.[1]


1962 Coup

In 1962, Le Cercle attendee, Neil McLean helped organise a coup d'etat.

War in Yemen

Full article: Stub class article War in Yemen

On 26 February 2018, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted UNSCR 2402 (2018) on Yemen which renewed until 26 February 2019 the travel ban and assets freeze first imposed in UNSCR 2140 (2014). It also reaffirmed the arms embargo — as laid out in UNSCR 2216 (2015) — against several individuals, including former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. It extended until 28 March 2019 the Panel of Experts’ mandate.[2]

The text of UNSCR 2402, submitted by the Russian Federation, prevailed over another tabled by the United Kingdom, which was defeated by a vote of 11 in favour to 2 against (Bolivia, Russian Federation) with 2 abstentions (China, Kazakhstan).[3]


In 2017, Yemen had the worst outbreak of cholera ever recorded.[4]


Related Quotation

"Humanitarian intervention"“Suddenly, children in Syria matter a lot to the West, while Yemen's child victims are rarely ever mentioned. Suddenly there’s an urgent moral issue being rushed through the court of public opinion. This has all the hallmarks of the prior propaganda campaigns we’ve seen before. Scant evidence, immediate assignment of blame, and a quick rush to military action before anybody can really properly question the train of events.”'Tyler Durden'14 April 2018



2024 Yemen airstrikesAn ongoing attack on Yemen
War in Yemen


Citizens of Yemen on Wikispooks

Emad Abdalla Hassan26 June 1979A person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, sold to US for $5000 and has been subject to illegal imprisonment and torture in Guantanamo Bay for years. Cleared for release in 2010, he was transferred to Oman on June 13, 2015.
Ali Abdullah Saleh21 March 19474 December 2017President of Yemen 1990-2012, assassinated 2017


Events Participated in

2023-2024 Israel-Hamas War7 October 2023Gaza
Indian Ocean
Golan Heights
Hamas attack on dozens of illegal Israeli settlements in Southern Israel provoking mass retaliatory killings by Israel. Corporate media call it the Israeli "9-11",<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>while critics of Israel refer to "10-7" as a staged, military operation in order to manufacture consent for a disproportionate response.<a href="#cite_note-2">[2]</a>
Bandung Conference19551955IndonesiaImportant conference for the global south; participants soon became prime targets for US foreign policy


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Document:Hushing Up - and Profiting from - Saudi Aggressions while Warmongering against Russiaarticle29 August 2015Stephen GowansThe gross hypocricy inherent in the foreign policy actions of Anglo-US-NATO governments
Document:Remembrance Day and the truths that dare not speak their nameblog post8 November 2018John WightIf Remembrance Day imparts a message worthy of our collective intelligence it is that war should be made a crime, with those who instigate it punished as criminals. In the last analysis it does not determine who is right only who is left. We have met the enemy and he is us. End.
Document:US charged with war crimes in Syria prison siegeArticle27 January 2022Bill Van AukenSyria’s state media agency Sana quoted the country’s Foreign Ministry as denouncing the actions of the US and its puppet Kurdish-led militia as tantamount to “war crimes”. It demanded the immediate withdrawal of both US troops from northeastern Syria and the Turkish military from the northwest of the country.
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