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The left half of this image is satirical magazine cover, the right is - according to the French government - an illegal support of terrorism.
2015 saw more acts of "terrorism" in Europe including the Charlie Hebdo attack. The corporate media dubbed this an act of "extremism" and in the aftermath of this event the French government announced its intention to carry out internet censorship at will, effectively redefining "support of terrorism" as the expression of any ideas which challenged its official narrative.

2015 continued the trend of increasing false flag "terrorist" attacks. These continue to receive support from commercially-controlled media which uncritically echoed the official narrative about "Muslim terrorists". The phrase "extremism" was increasingly used in conjunction with such activity.

In USA, life expectancy decline for the first time in many years, reportedly due to increases in drug overdoses.[1]

Charlie Hebdo shooting

Full article: Charlie Hebdo shooting

On 7 January 2015 an event happened in Paris, France in which the staff of the magazine Charlie Hebdo were shot and killed. The official narrative states that the attackers were Muslim terrorists, who were quickly detected because they left ID in a car. After the attack, the French government awarded itself new powers to close down free speech by carrying out internet censorship at will, effectively redefining "support of terrorism" as the expression of opinions at odds with government sanctioned truth.[2]

Cover-ups continue

In February 2015, US Judge Rosemary M. Collyer ruled that the details of the Dallas occupy plot should remain secret.

April 2015 saw a legal action by Richard Lambert, the FBI veteran who lead the effort to solve the Amerithrax case. He filed a suit against the FBI, claiming that they were concealing evidence that could have cleared Bruce Ivins, who was posthumously charged with sending anthrax in the wake of 9/11.[3]

Corporate media

Corporate controlled media continued to uncritically swallow the official narrative on the "war on terror" and "Islamic terrorists", with no reporting on Operation Gladio/B, and continued to lose market share. Tired of repeated censorship of The Guardian's "Comment is Free" section, a group of readers started the independent site, OffGuardian.


Three sharp spikes in searches on "extremism"

Google Trends reports a gradual increase in searches on the word "extremism", with peaks in 11-17 January (following Charlie Hebdo), 15-21 February and mid November (following the 2015-11 Paris attacks). Corporate media and governments appear to be increasing use of this word as a substitute for the word "terrorism".



International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda8 November 199431 December 2016
Afghanistan/2001 Invasion7 October 200130 August 2021The war in Afghanistan, instigated within a month of 9/11, supposedly in retaliation, with the claimed justification - for which no evidence has been presented - that the attacks were planned by Ossama bin Laden, and that he was based in Afghanistan.
Al-Salam weapons deal21 December 20052017A large arms deal signed during the government of Tony Blair.
Barack Obama/Presidency20 January 200920 January 2017The Barack Obama administration
Iraq Inquiry24 November 20096 July 2016"The point of the delay is to give the impression Chilcot has been absolutely painstaking and therefore the bucket of whitewash he will throw cannot be hiding anything. Do not be fooled." (Craig Murray)
Biden–Ukraine corruption scandal20102020Maybe this scandal would have swung the US/2020 Presidential election the other way if the media had reported on it?
Julian Assange/Imprisonment19 June 201211 April 2019Julian Assange was de facto imprisoned in the Ecuadorian_Embassy in London from 2012-2019
Saleh v. Bush13 March 201310 February 2017A legal claim that the Iraq war was an illegal act of aggression, dismissed in 2017 by the Westfall Act since it was carried out by US government employees within the scope of their employment.
"2014 Ukraine coup/Anti-Terrorist-Operation"15 April 201424 February 2022Olexander Turchynov, as acting President of Ukraine, announced the start of "anti-terrorist operation" against Donbas protestors in 2014.
Day X plot2015February 2017A failed attack which appears to have been intended as a false flag to be blamed on Syria.
Charlie Hebdo shooting7 January 2015 11:30:0010 January 2015January prelude to the November 2015 mass murder in Paris when 139 were killed and 352 injured
WEF/Annual Meeting/201521 January 201524 January 2015Attended by a lot of people. This page lists only the 261 "Public Figures".
Munich Security Conference/20156 February 20158 February 2015"400 high-ranking decision-makers in international politics, including some 20 heads of state and government as well as more than 60 foreign and defence ministers, met in Munich to discuss current crises and conflicts."
Hillary Clinton/Private email serverMarch 2015Hillary Clinton's reliance on for off-the-record communications is illustrated by a leaked 2015 email from Brian Fallon that "Her office on the 7th floor of the State Department did not allow for email use, so she seldom used email during the workday." Sensitive matters were handled from her home server.
Brussels Forum/201520 March 201522 March 2015Yearly discreet get-together of huge amount of transatlantic politicians, media and military and corporations, under the auspices of the CIA-close German Marshall Fund. The 2015 main theme was (R)evolution.
Germanwings Flight 952524 March 201524 March 2015Air crash blamed on lone nut pilot. The investigation covered up several important aspects.
2015 Hawija bombing3 June 20153 June 2015A bombing of an IED plant that was ordered under suspicious circumstances went awry. Dutch Cabinet denied involvement, then denied any knowledge of the casualties until Dutch FOIA requests showed otherwise.
Bilderberg/201511 June 201514 June 2015The 63rd meeting, 128 Bilderbergers met in Austria
2015 European refugee crisisJuly 20152016Crisis in Europe over the escalating numbers of refugees from Middle-Eastern and North African countries.
Metrojet Flight 926831 October 201531 October 2015Metrojet Flight 9268 disappeared from radar at 31,000 feet, exploded and crashed killing everyone on board.
Food Chain ReactionNovember 2015November 2015Set in the 2020 to 2030 period, the exercise focused on problems in the food supply due to population growth and severe weather, triggering social unrest. Held November 2015. ended with the implementation of a global carbon tax.
2015-11 Paris attacks13 November 2015 21:16:0014 November 2015 00:58:00A series of coordinated terrorist attacks in France. Suicide bomber remembered to bring his passport, which survived blast.
COP2130 November 201512 December 2015
San Bernardino shooting2 December 20152 December 2015US mass shooting in 2015, soon after the similar spree of mass murder in Paris
Leytonstone tube station attack5 December 20155 December 2015


New Groups

Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration CenterGroup.pngIntelligence agency
National Police Chiefs' CouncilNational Police Chiefs' Council.png
Integrity InitiativeIi logo strap 200.png"Military-directed" "extremely shady covert disinformation and anti-democratic deep state outfit" that promotes Russophobic propaganda. Exposed by a set of 7 caches of documents, posted online. Later deleted its website.
East StratCom Task ForceGroup.pngThe EU's cold warriors 2.0
Northern PartyNorthern Party (England) logo 2015.pngIfS backed UK political party. Electoral flop.
DONi News AgencyDONi News.pngNews and MediaPress center of the Donbas region.
Trudeau GovernmentGroup.pngJustin Trudeau's government is noted for its amount of WEF/Young Global Leaders
ISIS-KISIS-K.jpgISIS branch in South Asia and Central Asia.
International Tribunal of Natural JusticeITNJ logo.gifA self-appointed people's court to investigate VIPaedophile claims. It videos its hearings and posts them on YouTube.
Toro Risk SolutionsGroup.png
Astutus IntelligenceGroup.pngA UK limited company started in 2015 by two Institute for Statecraft directors and a third man. Dissolved in 2019.
First DraftFirst draft logo.jpeg"Anti-disinformation" organization founded in 2015, when NATO started a drive to control the news narrative.
International Center for the Study of Violent ExtremismInternational Center for the Study of Violent Extremism.png
Foreign Desk LtdGroup.png
Chan Zuckerberg InitiativeGroup.png


New Websites

OffGuardianOffgraunheader1.pnghttp://www.off-guardian.orgProduced by a group of Guardian readers unhappy with its censorship policy
Asia-pacificresearch.comAsia-pacificresearch logo.pnghttps://www.asia-pacificresearch.com/Website connected to Global Research. Named as an outlet of "Fake News" by PropOrNot.
MindsMinds-logo.pnghttps://www.minds.com/Alt Tech platform; alternative to Facebook
Media Bias/Fact CheckMedia Bias Fact Check.pnghttps://mediabiasfactcheck.com/A "fact checker" that announces it is "dedicated to educating the public on media bias and deceptive news practices"... #2 on a list of Zero Hedge's Top 9 “fakest ‘fake-news’ checkers.”


Groups that were Wound Up

University of Texas–Pan AmericanTexas–Pan American seal.pngPublic
State university
Texas university in the Rio Grande Valley
Association of Chief Police OfficersACPO.pngA forum for chief police officers to share ideas and coordinate their strategic operational responses. Unaccountable to Parliament or the public by virtue of its limited company status.
United States Committee for a Free LebanonGroup.pngLobbyNeocon/Israeli front group lobbying to make US government intervene in Lebanon, also military.
British Council/Transatlantic Network 2020Group.pngA deep state recruitment network organized by the British Council


A Website that Closed

Voz de AztlanVoz de Aztlan.png




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Mario Cuomo15 June 19321 January 2015New York
PoliticianNew York Democratic party politician
Stuart Schiffer2015CancerLawyer
Hal Hendrix19222015Spook
US journalist who was a media asset for the CIA.
Michael Howard (Occultist)19482015Author
English prolific author on folklore, paganism, and esoteric topics
Mohamed Layas2015Politician
Libyan saving funds manager fleeced by Goldman Sachs
Miriam Wuolou2015
Sabeen Mahmud19742015Pakistan
ActivistPakistani YGL human rights activist assassinated in 2015
Al Seckel3 September 19582015FranceAuthorUS writer, husband of Isabel Maxwell, who was "found at the bottom of a cliff". Attended the 2011 WEF AGM.
Gale Allen19232015SpookChief of the Classification Review Division at the Central Intelligence Agency.
Edward Brooke26 October 19193 January 2015Florida
Coral Gables
PoliticianThe first African American elected to the US Senate Bilderberg 1969.
Helric Fredou8 January 2015GunshotPolice officerA French policeman who reportedly shot himself just after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
Chérif Kouachi29 November 19829 January 2015France
Saïd Kouachi7 September 19809 January 2015France
Gertrude Michelson3 June 192510 January 2015BusinesspersonUS businesswoman.Deputy Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; on the board of the military think tank RAND Corporation,
Alberto Nisman5 December 196318 January 2015Argentina
Buenos Aires
Deep state functionary
Argentinian lawyer and CIA/Mossad collaborator who was murdered the day before delivering report on the 1994 car bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires.
Peter Wallenberg29 May 192619 January 2015Sweden
Second generation Bilderberg
Adam Yahiye Gadahn1 September 197819 January 2015Pakistan
Al Qaeda operative
Leon Brittan25 September 193921 January 2015London
former European Commissioner
Raffaele Girotti13 July 191825 January 2015Politician
Italian company manager and politician who attended the 1973 Bilderberg
Karl-Heinz Narjes30 January 192426 January 2015Germany
PoliticianGerman EEC politician who attended Le Cercle
Richard von Weizsacker15 April 192031 January 2015Germany
PoliticianGerman deep state functionary?
Thomas Farmer26 July 19235 February 2015Spook
Deep state functionary
CIA expert on student recruitment, founder of American Academy in Berlin.
John C. Whitehead2 April 19227 February 2015Banker
Deep state functionary
"Terror expert"
Suspected US deep state functionary who discussed "terrorism" at the 1986 Bilderberg. Various USDS connections including the Bilderberg Steering Committee
Marshall Rosenberg6 October 19347 February 2015New Mexico
Creator of Nonviolent Communication, a communication process that helps people to exchange the information necessary to resolve conflicts and differences peacefully.
Arnaud de Borchgrave26 October 192615 February 2015JournalistSpooky journalist
Christopher Price26 January 193221 February 2015Journalist
Chairman of the New Statesman who attended the 1970 Bilderberg
Eric Rouleau1 July 192625 February 2015France
"The most influential journalist covering the Near East, not only in France, but around the world." Wrote a working paper entitled The West, The Gulf and The Iraqi-Iranian War for the 1984 Bilderberg, but is not listed among the attendees.
Theodore Hesburgh25 May 191726 February 2015US
Notre Dame
Bilderberg priest
Boris Nemtsov9 October 195927 February 2015Russia
A critic of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin. Assassinated
Karl Ahrens19246 March 2015PoliticianGerman SDP politician
Arthur Hartman12 March 192616 March 2015Washington DCDiplomat4 times Bilderberger
Michel Albert25 February 193019 March 2015France
EconomistFrench economist, 1969 Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission Member
Malcolm Fraser21 May 193020 March 2015Melbourne
Victoria (Australia)
Andreas Lubitz18 December 198724 March 2015France
Pilot27 year old pilot who was blamed for the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525
David Laventhol15 July 19338 April 2015EditorInternational Press Institute/President from 1993-95
Eduardo Galeano3 September 194013 April 2015Author
Renato Altissimo4 October 194017 April 2015PoliticianItalian politician
Raymond Carr11 April 191919 April 2015Academic
Historian member of the Bullingdon Club
Roy Mason18 April 192419 April 2015Politician
Inês Etienne Romeu18 December 194227 April 2015BrazilShe is believed to have been the only captive to survive detention in a Brazilian torture centre known as the Casa da Morta, "the house of death"
Abraham Rotstein10 April 192927 April 2015EconomistCanadian economist
Michael Collins Piper16 July 1960May 2015Idaho
Coeur d'Alene
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
JFK Assassination researcher who died at 54 of "natural causes".
Johannes Jansen17 November 19425 May 2015Netherlands
AcademicDutch theologist specialized in Arabian religions. Opposed Pim Fortuyn. Was persuaded by a judge in a case against Geert Wilders causing a judicial disqualification.
Alexandre Lamfalussy26 April 19299 May 2015Belgium
Central banker
BIS manager, First President of the European Monetary Institute, 4 Bilderbergs
Kenan Evren17 July 19179 May 2015Turkey
Brian Cubbon9 April 192820 May 2015Heart attackSpook
Civil servant
Aleksey Mozgovoy3 April 197523 May 2015Ukraine
Near Mykhailivka
Luhansk Oblast
William Chasey11 February 194023 May 2015Whistleblower
Daniel Meltzer17 December 195124 May 2015Boston
LawyerWorked in the Obama administration as Principal Deputy (2009-2010) and Chair of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board 2013-2015.
Jacques Parizeau9 August 19301 June 2015Canada
Canadian politician who attended the 1968 Bilderberg
... further results
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