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The left half of this image is satirical magazine cover, the right is - according to the French government - an illegal support of terrorism.

2015 continued the trend of increasing false flag attacks, usually attributed to "Islamic terrorists". In February 2015, US Judge Rosemary M. Collyer ruled that the details of the Dallas occupy plot should remain secret.

Charlie Hebdo shooting

Full article: Charlie Hebdo shooting

On 7 January 2015 an event happened in Paris, France in which the staff of the magazine Charlie Hebdo were shot and killed. The official narrative states that the attackers were Muslim terrorists, who were quickly detected because they left ID in a car. After the attack, the French government awarded itself new powers to close down free speech by carring out internet censorship at will, effectively redefining "support of terrorism" as the expression of opinions at odds with government sanctioned truth.[1]  


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New Groups

Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration CenterGroup.png2015 - PresentIntelligence agency
National Police Chiefs' CouncilNational Police Chiefs' Council.png2015 - Present
International Center for the Study of Violent ExtremismInternational Center for the Study of Violent Extremism.pngJuly 2015 - Present

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OffGuardianOffgraunheader1.pngFebruary 2015 - Presenthttp://www.off-guardian.orgProduced by a group of Guardian readers unhappy with its censorship policy

A Group that was Wound Up

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Association of Chief Police OfficersACPO.png1948 - 2015

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Voz de AztlanVoz de Aztlan.png11 July 1997 - 2015