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Flag of Austria (state).svg
Capital cityVienna
LeaderChancellor of Austria
Typenation state
Interest ofAlexander Van der Bellen, Sebastian Kurz, Alexander Schallenberg
Member ofEuropean Defence Union, European Union, Eurozone, International Criminal Court, International Energy Agency, OECD, UN
Austria/Deep state
Austria/Minister of Agriculture
Austria/Permanent Representative to the UN
German-speaking republic in Central Europe. Since the end of the Cold War, Austria has become increasingly westernised.

Austria is a German-speaking nation state in central Europe.


Austria was annexed by Germany prior to WWII.

During the Cold War, leading Austrian editors were bribed by the CIA to spread news stories.[1]

Deep state

Full article: Austria/Deep state
Austrian Deep state.jpg

The Austrian deep state has been partly exposed. In 1986 documents were discovered suggesting that Kurt Waldheim committed war crimes and worked for the OSS. Mossad whistleblower Victor Ostrovsky later stated that these documents had been falsified as part of an Israeli campaign to unseat him because he was perceived too close to the Arab side.


Outlawing Internet anonymity

In 2019, the Austrian government was reported to be considering attempting to outlaw internet anonymity due to concerns about "hate speech".[2]


Glyphosate was banned in Austria in 2019.[3]


Austrian passports are highly desirable in intelligence circles because the country is neutral and its holders can travel to many nation states without a visa.[4]


Kim Iversen: Unvaccinated In LOCKDOWN In Austria, Will The US Be Next?

In 2021 Austria mandated COVID jabs for all adults, and had a lockdown for the unvaccinated only.


An event carried out

Evacuation from AfghanistanAfghanistanThe evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history


Related Quotation

Karoline Edtstadler“If the penalty is not paid, exactly what usually happens if you do not pay a penalty will happen: "Then at some point the executor will stand at the door and collect the fine. In the end, the cuckoo comes when they can't pay it – but that would really be the escalation stage," says Edtstadler. In addition to the hefty fines, vaccine refusers also risk their jobs. According to the minister, a termination for the unvaccinated is "probably possible". "With the introduction of compulsory vaccination, it is actually illegal to live in Austria and not to be vaccinated. And other consequences can also arise from this.”Karoline Edtstadler11 December 2021



Bilderberg/197927th Bilderberg, 95 guests, Austria
Bilderberg/1988The 36th meeting, 114 participants
Bilderberg/2015The 63rd meeting, 128 Bilderbergers met in Austria
Le Cercle/2003 (Salzburg)
Noricum scandal


Groups Headquartered Here

Club 4519731992Austrian gentlemen's club based around the Social Democratic Party. Place for patronage,corruption and deep politics.
European Forum Alpbach1945Conference "connecting international decision-makers from all sectors of society with an interested audience and committed young people".
IAEAThe International Atomic Energy Agency
Johannes Kepler University Linz1966Austrian technical university
Oesterreichische Nationalbank1 June 1816Austrian central bank
Organization for Security and Co-operation in EuropeJuly 1973
University of Graz1585University with significant connections to the former Yugoslavia, especially Slovenia and Croatia.
University of Innsbruck1669Third largest university in Austria
University of Salzburg1962University in Salzburg, Austria.
University of Vienna1365 JLUniversity located in Vienna, Austria.
Vienna University of Economics and Business1898
Vienna University of Technology1815Technical university in Vienna, Austria


Citizens of Austria on Wikispooks

Paul Achleitner28 September 1956Austrian banker businessman with deep state connections.
Herbert Amry21 March 193911 July 1985Diplomat whistleblower who was killed in Iran/Contra affair
Hannes Androsch18 April 1938Former Bilderberg Steering committee member, politician, banker, businessman
Heribert Apfalter22 September 192526 August 1987Austrian businessman who attended the 1979 Bilderberg. Sold weapons to Iran and Iraq. His sudden death in 1987 was surrounded by rumors of foul play.
Martin Bartenstein3 June 1953Double Bilderberg Austrian businessman and politician
Erich Becker5 October 1941Austrian Bilderberg businessman
Alexander Van der Bellen18 January 1944
René Benko20 May 1977Austrian billionaire businessman who attended the 2015-2017 Bilderbergs
Johann Biacsics195611 November 2021Leader of the Austrian Anti-vaxxer movement dies of COVID?
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe13 November 1944Nestlé executive who attended the 2011 Bilderberg. Wants to privatize and charge for all water in the world.
Ingrid BrodnigNovember 1984Austrian journalist who was at the II-backed Tackling Tools of Malign Influence meeting
Tassilo Broesigke8 June 19199 September 2003Made Austrian Court of Audit/President the year after attending the 1979 Bilderberg
Oscar Bronner14 January 1943Attended all Bilderbergs from 2005 to 2015.
Erhard Busek25 March 1941Attended the 1981 Bilderberg as chairman of the Vienna’s People’s Party. Later Vice-Chancellor of Austria for 4 years. Chairman of European Forum Alpbach.
Jane Bürgermeister19 January 1966Against the concerted opposition of Big Pharma, Jane Bürgermeister has attempted to highlight risks and malfeasance associated with vaccines and emerging diseases.
Willibald Cernko7 July 1956Austrian banker
Herbert Cordt12 January 1947"In attendance" at the Bilderberg as an Economic Advisor to the Federal Minister of Finance
Karl Czernetz12 February 19103 August 1978Austrian politician regarded as a "party ideologist" of the Social Democratic Party of Austria. Attended the 1963 and 1969 Bilderberg conferences.
Alfred Dallinger7 November 192623 February 1989Austrian politician, Bilderberg 1979, died in a small plane crash in 1989
Alfons Dalma26 May 191928 July 1999Croatian journalist in the WW2 fascist Ustaša goverment. After the war, he changed his name and resettled in Austria, and with astonishing ease became a prominent journalist and editor. Cold warrior, possibly spook.
Eva Dichand26 February 1973Austrian publisher of the largest medical online health portal Netdoktor. Married to the editor of Austria's largest newspaper. Chairwoman of university which fired COVID-19/Dissident professor.
N. Dreihann-HoleniaUnknown "in attendance" at the 1980 Bilderberg
Brigitte Ederer27 February 1956Negotiated Austria's accession to the European Union in 1994. Board of Siemens AG.
Karoline Edtstadler28 March 1981The Austrian minister who announced that it was illegal to live in Austria and not to be Covid jabbed.
Werner Faymann4 May 1960Austrian chancellor for 7.5 years
Heinz Fischer9 October 1938President of Austria for 12 years. 3 Bilderberg
Franz Fischler23 September 1946Single Bilderberg Austrian politician. European Forum Alpbach. Trilateral Commission.
Alfred Gusenbauer8 February 1960Club de Madrid, quad Bilderberger Austrian politician
Jörg Haider26 January 195011 October 2008
Erich Hampel25 February 1951Bilderberger banker
Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger1964Expert on Gender and Diversity in management
Peter Handke6 December 1942
Edith Tudor Hart28 August 190812 May 1973Austrian-British photographer and spy for the Soviet Union.
Helmut Hascheck3 October 193031 March 1993Austrian banker who wrote a working paper on Policy Toward Trade And Protectionism for the 1987 Bilderberg. Also attended the 1988 Bilderberg.
Hans Peter Haselsteiner1 February 1944Liberal Austrian industrialist and politician
Thomas Heine-Geldern19 August 1951Austrian single Bilderberger
Wolfgang Hesoun15 February 1960Director of Siemens Austria, attended the 2015 Bilderberg
Gerald Hinteregger12 November 192817 February 2013Single Bilderberg Austrian diplomat.
Adolf Hitler20 April 188930 April 1945Austrian. Former soldier turned painter turned German leader. Played a massive role in World War 2.
Friedrich Hoess7 October 19325 January 2007Austrian diplomat who attended Bilderberg/1988 as Austrian Ambassador to the United States.
Hannes Hofbauer1955Austrian author, journalist and book publisher.
Renate HolzeisenLawyer in South Tyrol fighting Corona legislation.
Adrian Hänni
Wilhelm Höttl19 March 191527 June 1999
Hans Igler29 July 19205 May 2010Austrian economist and politician. Bilderberg Steering committee
Valentin Inzko22 May 1949Austrian diplomat with deep state job as High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Peter Jankowitsch10 July 1933One of the closest collaborators of Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, ex-Bilderberg Steering committee
Dietrich Karner1939Austrian insurance executive who attended the 1996 Bilderberg meeting.
Diemut KastnerWorked for the Public Relations Department of Creditanstalt-Bankverein. "In attendance" at the 1988 and 1999 Bilderbergs
Herbert Kickl19 October 1968Leader of the Freedom Party of Austria who accused corporate media of spreading Covid fear and misinformation.
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