Climate Action Against Disinformation

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Group.png Climate Action Against Disinformation
Formation27 May, 2021
Membership• Conscious Advertising Network
• Centre for Countering Digital Hate
• Stop Funding Heat
• Influence Map
• Institute for Strategic Dialogue
• Climate Disinformation Coalition
• Climate Nexus
• Friends of the Earth USA
• Purpose
• Media Matters

Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD) is a coalition of "climate and anti-disinformation organisations" across Europe, Australia, Africa, and North America working together to influence "platforms, governments and regulators" to implement a "zero tolerance approach"[1] "climate mis/disinformation in public life".[2] CAAD intends to "eliminate the spread of climate disinformation"[1] by creating "strong policies from both governments and tech platforms"[3].

In an open letter to the CEOs of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and Reddit, it called for implementation of "climate misinformation and disinformation policies and enforcement that extend to content, algorithms and advertising, similar to the robust COVID 19 policies that have been published over the last 18 months".[1]

Items to be censored

CAAD defines mis/disinformation as items that:

  • Undermines the existence or impacts of climate change, the unequivocal human influence on climate change, and the need for corresponding urgent action according to the IPCC scientific consensus and in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement;
  • Misrepresents scientific data, including by omission or cherry-picking, in order to erode trust in climate science, climate-focused institutions, experts, and solutions; or
  • Falsely publicises efforts as supportive of climate goals that in fact contribute to climate warming or contravene the scientific consensus on mitigation or adaptation.

CAAD points out that "climate denial" no longer "has as much traction in mainstream media", but continues to flourish across social media".[4]. To stop this loophole, as a first step, CAAD "need acknowledgement and transparency about mis/disinformation of all forms from the platforms, and to support international and national government legislation that would enforce this."

CAAD claims that the mis/disinformation should be censored because it is "industry-backed"[5]. But noticeably missing from CAADs criteria for what it wants censored, is any mention of "industry-backed". All climate denial will be censored.


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