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The object for calendar decades.

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1810sNapoleon invaded France's neighbours to try to build a French Empire, leading to the Napoleonic Wars
1880sA decade in which The Money Trust worked to capture control of the US Dollar.
1890sA decade in which The Money Trust worked to capture control of the US Dollar.
1900sAfter J. P. Morgan's 1907 Panic, the money trust consolidated its control over Wall St, facilitating the plan to regain control of the US financial system.
1910sIn the 1910s, World War I claimed tens of millions of lives. In USA, the money trust seized control of the money supply through the Federal Reserve Act, a monopoly which they control to this day.
1920sIn USA, alcohol was prohibited, which fuelled the growth of organized crime. In Europe, Adolf Hitler was elected as leader of Weimar Germany.
1930sA military build up in Europe culminated in World War II.
1940sThe allied victory in WWII set the stage for the cold-war.
1950sThe 1950s saw an increased polarization of the nations of the world into Western, USA dominated countries and Eastern block, USSR influenced. The CIA was increasingly aggressive at fighting communism by protecting the interests of Wall Street.
1960sIn the early 1960s a cabal of ruthless, rich and increasingly desperate men organised the JFK assassination. None of them was successfully prosecuted for this coup, which quickened the group into becoming the cabal which still controls the US Presidency to this day.
1970sThe 1970s saw a big increase in the funds available to the cabal. Drug running strategies and contacts from the Vietnam War were ruthlessly applied in South America while the launch of the "War on Drugs" helped eliminate competition in the USA.
1980sThe 1980s saw an increase in the global organisation of capital, and a dramatic end to the coherence of the Soviet empire.
1990sThe first post-cold war decade, in which the Military Industrial complex transitioned to "Islamic terrorists" as the new enemy, complete with various acts of false flag "terrorism". Nevertheless, it appears to have been wrongfooted by the rapid rise of the internet as a many to many broadcasting system, which was largely uncensored and unregulated.
2000sA decade of globalised gangster capitalism in which the competing trends of media consolidation and the rise of the internet met the globalization of false flag "terrorism" as a means of social control.
2010sA decade of increasing internet usage (especially in the global south). The influence of commercially-controlled media continues its rapid decline as the internet replaces television. Accordingly, ever more people are questioning official narratives, about false flag attacks and the "war on terror". Efforts to censor the internet have been stepped up, but are being outpaced by technical innovation. Truth will out...