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Plannerssupranational deep state

It is a matter of debate, if the dwindling monetary system caused the supranational deep state to plan for a controlled demolition or the other way round, a surprise pandemic is responsible for a worldwide lock of economic activity.

Debt enslavement

Professor of economics Michel Chossudovsky states that the IMF and Worldbank are lending money to exercise global control:

“The IMF is explicit. In one of its lending windows, the Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust, which applies to pandemics, generously,

"provides grants for debt relief to our poorest and most vulnerable members."

Nonsensical statement: it is there to replenish the coffers of the creditors, the money is allocated to debt servicing.”
Michel Chossudovsky (April 17, 2020)  [1]

Economic war

The COVID-19/Lockdown accelerates the capital flight from China (halting growth), already pushed by other measures like the initiative to reorganize supply chains away from China.[2][3][4] This might give US hegemony another 30 years before China challenges it, analyst Dirk Müller says.[5]


Accusations on both sides are used as part of the ongoing economic war between the US empire and its upcoming rival China.

  • Trump and others have announced lawsuits to make China pay.
  • Wuhan lawyer Liang Xuguang filed a lawsuit with the Wuhan Intermediate People’s Court against the US Government, CDC, the U.S. Department of Defense and the US Armed Forces Sports Council, alleging that "From Sept. 2019 to Mar. 2020, the U.S. Government and the CDC knowingly disclosed the wrong public health information in the name of “influenza”, seeking around US$28,000 in damages.[6]

Monetary reforms

Dirk Müller argued that the lockdown is used to bring down the global economy in a slow and controlled fashion; this would be better than waiting for a crash (burst of the monetary bubble). A monetary reform seems inevitable in the long run. [7]

Push for digital payment methods

Sign in a German supermarket urging for "contactless" payment

The enforcement of digital money, which allows for more control (both social and economic) in unprecedented dimensions, is part of the agenda. [8]

Dr. Tedros, DG of WHO, said a few days ago, we must move towards digital money, because physical paper and coin money can spread diseases, especially endemic diseases, like the coronavirus.”
Peter Koenig (March 12, 2020)  [9]

This is obvious propaganda because the coronavirus can't be transmitted this way.[10][11]

Poverty and unemployment

By April 2020, the policy had caused a massive disruption to people's lives, huge surges in unemployment, poverty and dependence upon government handouts.

Financial fraud

The small group with foreknowledge of the lockdown could predict that the economy would crash and so cash out, selling their holdings and using the futures market to profit from the event. In this sense, the event can be compared to the 2008 Market Crash. On 26 March 2020, some 3.3 million US citizens were out of work and seeking financial help from the government,[12] a number that had doubled by 2 April.[13]


In the US, the billionaires (including Bezos, Musk, Gates and Zuckerberg) have increased their wealth by more than 60% on average (Musk +612%, Zuckerberg +135%, Larry Page +130%) since the outset of the pandemic, “from just short of $3 trillion at the start of the COVID crisis on March 18, 2020, to $4.8 trillion on August 17, 2021”. (IPC Study[14])[15]

Profiteers from crisis are among the driving forces for lobbying, censorship and social control measures associated with the deep event.

The money supply (=government debt) drastically increased in December 2020, stock prices moved largely sideways. Helicopter money measures have been instituted on a large scale. The debt created is used to fund those invested in Disaster/Preparation. Preparation seems to have included investing money with anticipation of the possibility of a global crisis and ensuing profits. This may result in a truly disastrous conflict of interests or moral hazard.

Fearmongering and data surveillance as new business models

Wolfgang Wodarg argues convincingly in a potcast that data collection, including (voluntary) genome sequencing obtained from PCR testing will be exploited by Google, Amazon and others to sell new "therapies".

The enabling factor would be intimate knowledge of individual weaknesses, such as genetic predispositions for "illnesses". By fearmongering and phobia induction - techniques central to COVID-19 - especially the elderly will be targeted to hand over large funds to prolong their lives, Wodarg cautions in his bestselling book "Falsche Pandemien" (False Pandemics). [18]

Health data seems to be viewed as the "gold of the future" by data mining companies. This fits in with global plans for a digital health passport (monitoring "immunization") connected to a central data base, including biometric data. Similar plans are announced by the ID2020 offensive.


Related Quotations

John Perry Barlow“The economy of the future is based on relationships rather than possessions.”John Perry Barlow
COVID-19/Purposes“The MOTIVE is to default on all government debts and to hide their failure, Schwab is presenting this as you will own nothing and be happy because governments will erase all debt. Pension will be replaced by Guaranteed Basic Income.
So while everyone argues over COVID, vaccines, COVID passports, and lockdowns, the real plot is never discussed. This is what 2032 is all about. It is the end of an era that began with Keynesian Economics and the Great Depression. Part of Schwab’s 2030 agenda is to end democracy they call “populism” for we are too stupid to know what is best for us, when it is all about them retaining power.”
Martin Armstrong17 December 2021
Christine Lagarde“We are emerging from this pandemic, with economies that are stabilized, with, in a way, little sustained disruption. When you look at the unemployment levels in advanced economies, not much damage has remained from the pandemic.”Christine Lagarde1 September 2021


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