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Interest of• Gilad Atzmon
• Alison Chabloz
• Jews for justice for Germans
• Archibald Maule Ramsay
• Ernst Zündel
The power of world Jewry and its national organisational subsidiaries including the nation state of Israel
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Throughout the 2,000 years of the Jewish Diaspora, there has been specifically Jewish influence and involvement in pretty well all historic events of significance. Oft-times that influence/involvement has been of great - even determining - importance. For most of this time, the role of Jews in these events has been well understood and openly discussed by both the elites and populations of their host countries. But since the end of World War II any such discussion, other than in the context of the Jews as history's eternal victims, has become taboo. One of the effects (and thus by inference a purpose) of this taboo, is to protect the victor's history of the war as "The Good War" from academic research and inquiry that does not rigidly conform to the taboo.

"Don't mention the Jews"

The taboo arises from the victor's "Good war" history of WWII which is the fundamental and indispensable foundation of Anglo-US claims to legitimacy in pretty much all post-war foreign policy alliances and initiatives. In other words it is analagous to a creed which can be questioned only on pain of excommunication. It is policed by an uneasy alliance of Guido Preparata's "Anglo-American Fraternities" and those of "Occult Judaism", with the latter having enjoyed increasing ascendancy throughout the 20th century and especially since the end of the war.

The Holocaust - validator of WWII as 'The Good war'

The principle validator of WWII as "The Good War" is "The Holocaust". For those like Guido Preparata who "...do not dispute the standard facts of the Holocaust" or Norman Finkelstein who confines his critique to the post-war "Holocaust Industry", life is made difficult enough; but for those who raise evidence-based questions/problems with the dogmatic-trinity itself (ie numbers-killed, primary-execution-method, state-policy - See The Holocaust), outer-darkness awaits and they become "Holocaust deniers" - a term of opprobrium greater even than "Antisemite" or "Conspiracy theorist". No academic or politician who values his career prospects dares to question this orthodoxy. And so it is with the mass of western populations, and especially of that quintessentially occupied country Germany - The Tätervolk. [1]

Official narrative reasoning

The following are brief paraphrasings of the reasoning provided by the two principal defenders of the "Don't mention the Jews" taboo. The first, patently absurd and itself unique in the annals of historical research since the enlightenment; the second, self-serving which puts its dependents in-debt to the first -ie the time-worn standard relationship of Gentile Master to occult Judaism:

Judaic reasoning

".... all such questions have already been definitively answered per the official history and narrative. It is therefore hateful and an insult to survivors and their descendants to raise them further, other than to confirm and invoke them in a whisper of hushed reverence for the victims and hatred for the perpetrators".

So say AIPAC, ADL, UK Board of Deputies, French CRIF, German ZJD, organised Hasbara and the multitude of venal politicians whose careers are increasingly beholden to them.

Non-Judaic Establishment reasoning

Since, per the above, "The Holocaust" was an "evil unique in history", its perpetrators - Hitler and Nazi Germany - are thereby confirmed as uniquely evil too. It follows that any alleged allied war crimes were justified as, at worst, regrettable but necessary to rescue the world from unique evil. The victors are thus vindicated as defenders of civilised world order against the forces of evil.

So parrot the massed ranks of the non-Jewish Anglo-American Establishment.

The dominance of Occult Judaism

The term Occult is here used in its classic sense of hidden and controlling. Applied to Judaism, it is analogous to "Masonic" and primarily comprises the Jewish masonic organisation B'nai B'rith and the Jewish orthodox rabbinate of the Talmud ie the leadership of Pharisaical Judaism .


Judaic power victims on Wikispooks

Gilad AtzmonJazz saxophonist, novelist, political activist and writer - mainly on the subjects of Israel and Judaic power
Pedro BañosA Spanish soldier and academic scheduled to become Director of the Spanish Department of Homeland Security but who was passed over after influence was applied by the Integrity Initiative.
Alison ChablozProfessional musician harassed and prosecuted in the UK for publishing satirical songs about 'The Holocaust'
Jeremy Corbyn
Robert FaurissonEurope's foremost Holocaust revisionist scholar
Norman Finkelstein
Roger Garaudy
Michael HoffmanNotable revisionist historian and Gentile scholar of Judaism and 'The Cryptocracy'
David IrvingHaving personally interviewed most of the senior NAZI Party members who survived the victor's justice of Nuremberg, plus many of the secretaries, wives, children etc of those that did not, David Irving is probably the most distinguished and knowledgeable English-speaking historian of World War II
Fred Leuchter
Walter LüftlA prominent Austrian civil engineer who, since 1992, has been victimised for preparing and privately circulating a report which concluded that the Official Narrative of alleged extermination gas chambers in World War II is not technically possible.
Kevin MacDonald
Ezra Pound
Germar RudolfA German chemist turned revisionist historian.
Wilhelm StäglichWorld war II army officer,judge, historian and important revisionist writer
Georges Theil
Udo Walendy
Ingrid Rimland Zundel
Ernst ZündelNicknamed the "Revisionist Dynamo" for his dogged revisionist truth campaigning. Perhaps more than any other Revisionist he has caused the veracity of the official narrative of The Holocaust to be scrutinised and discussed.


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