2021 British Ministry of Defence leaks

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Event.png 2021 British Ministry of Defence leaks(Leak,  deep event) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
MOD LEAKS 21 June 2021.png
The soggy folder containing the soaked documents.
Date22 June 2021 - Present
LocationKent,  England
ExposedUK/Ministry of Defence
DescriptionA pile of 50 sensitive MOD documents are leaked.

On the morning of 22nd of June 2021, a member of the public found 50 pages of classified information in a soggy heap behind a bus stop in Kent, England. The person, who remains anonymous, contacted the BBC afterwards.

The documents contain heavily sensitive information from the UK/Ministry of Defence about the HMS Defender Crimea controversy, which started one day later.