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Daily Mail big red fake effort to look like exponential growth.jpg
Red was by far the most popular colour for graphs about COVID-19. Many, such as this on from the Daily Mail included simple inaccuracies (in this case, a strangely non-linear X-axis) that might have been calculated to promote COVID panic.
The enemy image of "Muslim terrorism" was dramatically replaced in 2020 by a different unseen enemy, COVID-19, an airborne coronavirus of the type being genetically engineered by the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The 2020s began with COVID-19, a disease caused by SARS-COV2, an airborne respiratory virus, commonly asymptomatic but occasionally fatal. T


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January 2020 saw disturbing reports from China, where the official narrative stated that the virus emerged zoonotically from a wet market. This contradicted a lot of evidence about the role of Ecohealth Alliance in moving US money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where so-called "gain-of-function" research was done on bat coronaviruses.

COVID dissidents were quickly followed by an unprecedented level of censorship. In March 2020, the WHO Director General declared that the virus was killing about 3.4% of those who caught it, and that it was a global pandemic. There followed a clampdown on treatment of COVID, a wave of media-stoked panic about COVID-19.

As if coordinated by The Deep State, over 90%[citation needed] of nations imposed "Covid legislation", for example COVID lockdowns, to curtail freedom of movement, and often also to limit freedom of speech, even by doctors who were questioning the validity of the dictats. Some governments held out[1] choosing instead to follow the WHO pandemic guidelines which clarified that such measures were unhelpful and/or counterproductive. Several of the leaders of these nations suffered sudden deaths, or were the victim of regime change operations, as did other prominent COVID-19 dissidents.

While repeated claims were made about following "The Science", research into the use of existing drugs against COVID was blocked, and patented drugs such as remdesivir were aggressively promoted. Intensive study was done of public opinion, and this was used to guide a global policy of gaslighting.

Experimental injections referred to as "COVID vaccines" were heavily promoted by the commercially-controlled media, and gradual moves towards mandation were made. In November 2020 Tom Tugendhat, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, floated mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for workers and travellers. He was one of scores of Bilderbergers who took important roles the COVID-19 project, as were WEF affiliates.


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The so-called "COVID vaccines" were aggressively pushed by deep state functionaries. In February 2021 Mario Draghi was made Prime Minister of Italy, in which job he promoted mandatory "COVID vaccination" for healthcare workers in Italy.[2]


The so-called "omicron" variant of COVID-19, particularly mild and fast-spreading, emerged, possibly from southern Africa. Its phylogenetic origins were unexpected, pointing to a non-natural origin. Its ability to escape the "vaccines" was used to encourage people to take additional injections, so-called "booster shots".


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Joe Rogan's early January interview of MRNA inventor Robert Malone (whom [[Twitter had deplatformed a few days previously) garnered tens of millions of views worldwide. Malone helped popularise the ideas of Mattias Desmet about "mass formation".

A growing awareness of the mildness of omicron lead to a rapid decrease in fear of COVID-19, and a concomitant rise in questions about why the COVID jabs were being so aggressively pushed, and by whom.

Canadian Truckers

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WEF Young Global Leader Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and his handler, Chrystia Freeland a WEF Global Leader for Tomorrow had declared that the US/Canada would only be open to those who took COVID-19 injections. This inspired a peaceful demonstration by a number of Canadian truckers. The Canadian commercially-controlled media unsuccessfully failed to depict them as a fringe group enjoying only a tiny support, but the support for their stance in favour of bodily autonomy, both in Canada and worldwide was widespread and palpable. Violent measures were used to try to suppress the dissent, and the bank accounts of some of those involved were frozen, further heightening concerns about lack of due process and government overreach. The convoy inspired another one in USA, but the world's attention was drawn elsewhere by the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin


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Summer defeats of pro-mandate policies

In July 2022 French President Emmanuel Macron's lost a vote on vaccine passports,[3] a defeat which "was met with wild cheering and a standing ovation from opposition lawmakers, in footage that was widely circulated on social media".[4]

Mario Draghi resigned in July 2022, and Italians were reported as "reacting with great jubilation and are already gathering in the country’s major squares."[5]




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