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2918 trump tax cuts.jpg
Trump's vaunted tax cuts are another gift to the hyperrich

In 2018, the antics of President Trump dominated commercially-controlled media coverage, "sucking the oxygen" from discussion about more weighty topics such as the rollout of universal surveillance and a police state under the guise of the "war on terror".[1] On 5 November 2018, 'Anonymous' published leaked documents from a hitherto unregarded UK charity named the Integrity Initiative, which was to expose it, and its parent group the Institute for Statecraft as UK deep state run propaganda outfits focussed on promoting Russophobia.

Deep state exposures

The section of the IPA that admits that MI5 operatives can carry out crimes in the UK, as published on March 1st, 2018 by the Investigatory Powers Commissioner's Office after losing a 7 month legal battle

The UK government lost a seven-month legal battle and were forced to admit that MI5 operatives were allowed to participate in crimes. After being legally required to publish the document,[2] they posted a barely legible copy online on 1st March.

Integrity Initiative leak

Full article: Integrity Initiative/Leak

2018 saw leaks 1, 2 and 3 by 'Anonymous' of material from the Integrity Initiative, followed by another on 5 January 2019, which lead the group to shut its doors. It was exposed as part of the UK Deep state's "fake news" effort - pretending to be exposing Russian propaganda while actually engaging in Russophobic propaganda.

US Citizens' Fears

The Chapman University Survey of American Fears stated that fear is up from 2017, although the top fear (of "corrupt government officials" is down 0.9% from last year[3]

Skripal Affair

Full article: Skripal Affair
Skripal affair proof.jpg

The Skripal Affair saw the UK government accuse Russia of using a nerve agent, novichok, against Sergei Skripal. The Institute for Statecraft, while showing no interest in who was responsible for the attack, showed intense interests into public perceptions of culpability. It paid £12,000 for a report by Harod Associates(an IfS member's company) into media coverage and public reactions to the Skripal Affair. The 47 page report aimed "to provide an initial analysis of mainstream and social media reporting as it developed, following the poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, Wiltshire on 4th March 2018." It had numerous appendices, including a 74 people analysis of how the event played out on social media in USA.

Continuing trends

2018 was a year of expanded internet censorship and continued mass surveillance, amid talk of "fake news", "hate speech", "hate groups" and the online "radicalisation" of vulnerable people through exposure "extremist" material (including "non-violent extremism").

Universal surveillance

Full article: Universal surveillance

Australia lead the way amongst Western "democracies" in rolling back civil liberties about privacy. In December it passed laws which claim the right to compel both "local and international providers — including overseas communication giants such as Facebook and WhatsApp — to remove electronic protections, conceal covert operations by government agencies, and help with access to devices or services."[4]

Internet Censorship

Full article: Internet censorship

YouTube was increasingly aggressive in closing down channels which breach its guidelines, closing down channels with hundreds of videos at a stroke.[5] KPFA banned Guns And Butter after 15+ years due to "anti-semitism".


USA trump budget.png

In UK, the NHS was predicted to delay over 50,000 operations as funding and resources are throttled,[6] in USA trumps budget reduced funding for the EPA while prioritising the MICC and other big businesses.

CPU Design Flaws


In early January, a range of flaws were revealed, including 2 problems with the design (not the implementation) of both Intel and AMD CPUs going back around 20 years. They reportedly have great potential for exploitation to compromise data security.[7]



Danske Bank money laundering scandal
Reframing RussiaAn IfS/II discussed project about "The RT Challenge" which was publicly launched in 2019, not under the II/IfS name.
Saratov Airlines Flight 6W703
Stoneman Douglas High School shootingA school shooting in Florida in 2018
Toxic DaggerThe largest chemical warfare exercise in the UK, coinciding with the Skripal Affair.
Skripal Affair/Boshirov and Petrov in the UKOverview of what Boshirov and Petrov did in the UK
Skripal AffairA purported chemical weapons attack. The Integrity Initiative carried out extensive research into how to control the narrative of the event.
2018 Gaza MassacreA massacre of at least 135 unarmed protestors including many women and children, and the wounding of many thousands more by Israeli IDF sniper teams, during the Palestinian 'Great March of Return' and the weeks following its end on 15 May 2018
California FiresThe deadliest and most destructive wildfire season ever recorded in California.
Douma attack
2018 Brussels DisinfoLab
Clade XA pandemic/biowarfare preparation exercise by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
Bilderberg/2018The 66th Bilderberg Meeting, in Turin, Italy, known for months in advance after an unprecedented leak by the Serbian government.
2018 Riga Stratcom Dialogue
Cold War Then and Now?A free conference that appears to have been part of a broader campaign by the Institute for Statecraft to promote Cold War 2.0.
Tackling Tools of Malign InfluenceIntegrity Initiative conference about "Russian Propaganda"
Integrity Initiative/LeakA series of 7 leaks, starting on 5 November 2018, of unknown origin and veracity. After some time, the II disputed the authenticity of some of the documents, but was not clear about which.
Integrity Initiative/Leak/1
Yellow vests movementA series of mass demonstrations in France expression dissatisfaction with the political process. Subject to increasingly violent repression.
Integrity Initiative/Leak/2
Le Cercle/2018 (Washington)Dates maybe not exact
Integrity Initiative/Leak/3
Workshop on Identifying and Combating Disinformation in Big Data


New Groups

National Security Commission on Artificial IntelligenceGroup.png
LuminateLuminate omidyar.pngFoundation for funding global media and civil society groups
Independent Office for Police ConductIopc-logo.png
Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination CompactGlobal Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact.jpg
Global Preparedness Monitoring BoardGlobal Preparedness Monitoring Board.png
Brood of Holy WisdomGroup.png
Extinction RebellionExtinction Rebellion.svgA mass civil disobedience movement
Poynter Institute/ListGroup.pngThe Poynter Institute list was a list of 515 websites that it termed "untrustworthy".


New Websites

The Deep State BlogDeep state blog.pnghttp://deepstateblog.org
DisinfoPortalDisinfoPortal.pnghttps://disinfoportal.org/A "one-stop interactive online portal and guide to the Kremlin’s information war" from the Atlantic Council.
Rogue Media LabsRoguemedia.pnghttps://roguemedia.co/A website which republished all the Integrity Initiative Leak documents


Groups that were Wound Up

"Independent Police Complaints Commission"Independent Police Complaints Commission (logo).svg
UN/Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task ForceGroup.pngA part of the UN's "counter-terrorism" project.




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Herman Sandberg19182018Journalist
Philipp Jenninger10 June 19324 January 2018Germany
Spooky german politician
Peter Preston23 May 19386 January 2018Author
Peter Sutherland25 April 19467 January 2018Dublin
Deep politician
A deep politician who held some key posts including Chairman of Goldman Sachs, WTO head, Attorney General of Ireland ...
Luc Beyer de Rycke9 September 193318 January 2018ParisJournalist
Cercle visitor.
Franz Lütolf6 June 192418 January 2018Academic
Deep politician
William McDonough21 April 193422 January 2018New York
Deep state operativeCFR, TLC, 7 Bilderbergs, Group of Thirty, NY Fed Chairman..
Robert Parry24 June 194927 January 2018JournalistVeteran US investigative reporter
John Perry Barlow3 October 19477 February 2018California
San Francisco
Henri de Monpezat11 June 193413 February 2018
John Orr3 September 194519 February 2018Police officerDCS John Orr led the Lockerbie investigation (1988 to 1990)
Nils Wilhjelm17 June 19365 March 2018Denmark
Nykøbing Falster
Danish Minister of Industry, businessman and multi-Bilderberger
Peter Peterson5 June 192620 March 2018Financier
Deep state functionary
Long time CFR chair
Robert Forrester4 May 195322 March 2018Spook
Dagfinn Vårvik8 June 192425 March 2018Politician
Peter Munk8 November 192728 March 2018BusinesspersonSuspected Canadian deep state operative
Arthur S. Hulnick1935April 2018Spook
Milagro de MierApril 2018Washington DCDrowningActivistAn anti-GMO activist who reportedly drowned in 2018.
Winnie Mandela26 September 19362 April 2018South Africa
Mete Sozen22 May 19305 April 2018London
Deep state functionary
A professor of Structural Engineering who wrote a series of official government reports after "terrorist" deep events.
Maksim Borodin15 April 2018Russia
FallingJournalistRussian journalist who fell to his death from his apartment in unclear circumstances
Vittorino Chiusano27 February 192517 April 2018Italy
PoliticianItalian politician who promoted a unified Europe. Attended all the Bilderberg meetings from 1963 up to 1967.
Bernard Lewis31 May 191619 May 2018US
New Jersey
Joseph Recarey5 June 196725 May 2018Police officer
Epstein Affair/Premature death
A Palm Beach detective who was active in breaking open Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking/sexual blackmail activities. Died, aged 50, "after a brief illness."
Mārtiņš Bunkus30 May 2018Latvia
GunshotLawyerAssassinated lawyer who had worked on suspect financial institutions in Riga
Razan al-Najjar11 September 19961 June 2018GazaNurse
Frank Carlucci18 October 19303 June 2018Virginia
Deep state actor
A Princeton roommate of his fellow US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.
John Thomson27 April 19273 June 2018Diplomat
Charles Krauthammer13 March 195021 June 2018CancerJournalist
Single Bilderberger Washington Conference on International Terrorism visitor
Şarık Tara22 April 193028 June 2018Billionaire
Turkish single Bilderberger billionaire businessman
Peter Carrington6 June 19199 July 2018Politician
Deep politician
UK Deep politician. Bilderberg chairman. President of the Pilgrims Society. Secretary General of NATO. Chairman of the UK Conservative Party. Busy guy.
Ron Dellums24 November 193530 July 2018
Stephen Goodson4 August 2018Author
Mark Minnie14 August 2018GunshotAuthor
Police officer
VIPaedophile/Premature death
A paedophile investigator shot dead nine days after publishing a book about a 1980s VIPaedophile network involving members of the South African government
Uri Avnery10 September 192320 August 2018Author
John McCain29 August 193625 August 2018Arizona
Brain tumourPolitician
Deep state functionary
Alexander Zakharchenko26 June 197631 August 2018Donetsk
Donetsk People's Republic
Lars Wohlin24 June 193324 September 2018Politician
Viktoria MarinovaOctober 2018
Jamal Khashoggi13 October 19582 October 2018Turkey
assassinated journalist
Saak Karapetyan3 October 2018Spook
"Russian deputy attorney general" who reportedly died in a helicopter crash
Pik Botha27 April 193212 October 2018South Africa
Donald MacDonald1 March 193214 October 2018Canada
Canadian Bilderberg Steering committee member
Walter Huddleston15 April 192616 October 2018Politician
Cornelius Gallagher2 March 192117 October 2018
Lisbet Palme14 March 193118 October 2018
Robert Faurisson25 January 192921 October 2018France
HistorianEurope's foremost Holocaust revisionist scholar
John Taylor Gatto15 December 193525 October 2018New York
Heart attackAuthor
Probably the most famous teacher in USA, who became an unschooling activist, having turned up irrefutable proof that the forced schooling system was never intended to benefit children, but quite the reverse.
Whitey Bulger3 September 192930 October 2018West Virginia
Preston County
Deep state functionary
Crime boss
MKULTRA connected US Crime boss assassinated in prison aged 89
Alain Chevalier19311 November 2018Businessperson
... further results