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2918 trump tax cuts.jpg
Trump's vaunted tax cuts are another gift to the hyperrich

In 2018, the antics of President Trump continue to dominate commercially-controlled media coverage, "sucking the oxygen" from discussion about more weighty topics.[1]


CPU Design Flaws

In early January, a range of flaws were revealed, including 2 problems with the design of Intel/AMD CPUs going back around 20 years. They reportedly have great potential for exploitation to compromise data security.[2]

Internet Censorship

Full article: internet censorship

If the 2017 moves towards internet censorship continue, 2018 will be a year of expanded internet censorship and continued mass surveillance, amid talk of "fake news", "hate speech" and the online "radicalisation" of vulnerable people through exposure "extremist" material (including "non-violent extremism", which is likely to be included in legislation passed to try to stifle free speech).

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USA trump budget.png

In UK, the NHS is predicted to delay over 50,000 operations as funding and resources are throttled,[3] in USA trumps budget reduced funding for the EPA while prioritising the MICC and other big businesses.



Saratov Airlines Flight 6W703

A New Group

Independent Office for Police ConductIopc-logo.png8 January 2018 - Present

A Group that was Wound Up

Independent Police Complaints CommissionIndependent Police Complaints Commission (logo).svgApril 2004 - 8 January 2018